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  • Ser du etter billige flybilletter til Dubai? 25 % av brukerne våre fant billetter til Dubai til følgende eller lavere priser: Fra Bardufoss 3 748 kr tur/retur, fra Stavanger 2 675 kr én vei – 4 134 kr tur/retur, fra Narvik 4 142 kr én vei – 6 505 kr tur/retur
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Turkish AirlinesGjennomsnittlig score basert på 23094 vurderinger
Fordeler: "The crew was attentive"
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Fordeler: "The crew was attentive"
Fordeler: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "Worst ever airline in the world charged me for Cary on bag $430 for weight 8.7kg from Oslo Norway to adiss ababa Ethiopia I recommend no one has to fly with Turkish airline poor customer service"
Ulemper: "thanks for all from kayak"
Fordeler: "Crew was nice & didn’t wake me (but once or twice squished by me in the aisle without saying “excuse me,” which I found a bit weird). Food was good. Not too many announcements or interruptions."
Ulemper: "I would prefer more vegetarian options for meals (one of them had only one [chicken] option, & I don’t think it was because they had run out of vegetarian food)."
Fordeler: "Everything was awesome!"
Ulemper: "Nothing really."
Ulemper: "Flight was delayed - missed connection in Istanbul"
Fordeler: "All the pieces to have provided an excellent experience were there, but they didn’t come together. It was nice to get some food, and the movie choices were pretty good."
Ulemper: "Hot, like super hot, in the aircraft. It was horrible."
Ulemper: "They ran out of the food option I preferred. When I asked if another Food cart might have one, I was told they were completely gone. A few minutes later o heard my preferred meal choice offered to another guest."
Ulemper: "Connecting flight wss unreasonably late and they lied about luggage being loaded onto the flight. One of the bags is completely missing in the system. Waste of time and too much trouble"
Fordeler: "Entertainment was good."
Ulemper: "Seat was moved into a middle seat. I was very uncomfortable for the flight. Crew member granted someone else seat change before mine and i asked first. Very upsetting flight."
Ulemper: "It took over an hour for Business class bags to come out. Not sure why I paid for business class if they don't know to offload them first in Dubai. Really ruined the first experience with Turkish Air."
Fordeler: "Great service, incredible food. To give it a quick one: we ate the fish. ON AN AIRPLANE. I never eat the fish on a plane, but the chefs were great. Everything we ate was exceptional. Oh, beyond the food? The seats are great and the lie-flat worked perfectly. The entertainment system was great as well, and the live TV allowed me to catch the NBA playoffs while in the air. All-in-all, I couldn't recommend this flight more."
Fordeler: "Getting Home"
Ulemper: "Everything the seats were so close to the other seat forget it they Reclined. No service at all one bottle of water for about 6 hours they never passed by once. Flt. Att.’s were nice but no training no customer service. Like cattle I just want to forget the trip"
Fordeler: "This was my first time flying Turkish Airlines and they are exceptional! The crew was very friendly and helpful and their food! It was delicious! They also have a way of making you feel like a first class passenger in economy! Will definitely fly with them again!"
Ulemper: "For a long international travel, there is nothing bad to say. They are superb!"
Ulemper: "nothing"
Fordeler: "I enjoyed the flight!"
Ulemper: "Not applicable"
Fordeler: "Never got the chance to actually try it."
Ulemper: "I was penalized because of a political issue between USA and Turkey. I couldn't get the visa to travel there, and despite that I couldn't get a refund. I am 1k with united air, and will never include THY in my plans."
Fordeler: "I have travelled internationally many times and this was my worst flight to date."
Ulemper: "They broke my $1000 vintage musical instrument. Check-in counter lady assured me that it would be well taken care of, but they totally broke it. I went to airport to file property irregularity report and their staff denied to file it and said that it was my mistake. I am not going to fly Turkish airlines anymore. Even the food was bad."
Fordeler: "Food."
Ulemper: "Flights delayed, crew members from the plane need to speak better english and be more helpful with passengers."
Fordeler: "great entertainment, good service, middle chair was empty so very comfortable"
Ulemper: "extreme delays! sitting in the plane for 2 hours can be very frustrating"
Fordeler: "they do really their best- they have a good standard."
Ulemper: "english is hard to understand"
Fordeler: "nothing really special"
Ulemper: "Food is very Poor Seats are cramped and uncomfortable"
Ulemper: "More service with flight attendants walking around to offer drinks would have been better"
Fordeler: "Comfort, food, staff, everything"
Fordeler: "All went well with security and boarding."
Ulemper: "Rough air and turbulence"
Fordeler: "Professional and friendly staffing, comfortable flight."
Ulemper: "We realized when boarding to first flight that they did not included my son on next connection flight...oops when it was addressed they fixed it in a professional matter with appologies at boarding."
Fordeler: "The flight didn't take too long"
Ulemper: "The staff at the airport is really rude and just tries to push you off to another person. When you do finally talk to someone they will give you a short blunt answer and try to get rid of you. The WiFi is horrible and hardly works. There aren't any quiet places to sleep and many of the phone charging stations cost money."
Fordeler: "Start from online checking, baggage dropped and boarding flight is a hidden tradition of high class hospitality experience. My first time ever to use Turkish airlines succeeded my expectations. food is great, the onboard seat is comfortable and the crews they're wonderful."
Ulemper: "Quietness and simplicity looks of high quality of crews presentation is a high class professional experience."
Fordeler: "Crew accommodated at seat change so I had a space between me and the next passenger and I got a row seat."
Fordeler: "Good food, very polite and attentive staff."
Ulemper: "Seat cushions lack comfort and the legroom is not sufficient for a average size person."
Ulemper: "Delayed yet again"
Fordeler: "Everything!"
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordeler: "NOTHING"
Ulemper: "Absolute chaotic experience. Seized all electronic equipment which I anticipated ahead of time and left my iPad home - but they took my camera - which is NOT on the list or a digital device. They had ONE person handling what had to be well over a thousand iPads and laptops. Flight left hours late. NO legroom, Food was horrible and inedible. The entertainment system draped out and locked up 4 hours into a ten hour flight. The WORST flight experience I have had in a very long tie and I have flown all over the world. Will NEVER fly Turkish Air again. STAY AWAY from this airline."
Fordeler: "Boarding procedure was not organized. Boarding of business class and special needs passengers was not prioritized and were boarded along with economy passengers. Good choice of movies."
Ulemper: "TV screen very far from the seat and could only interact with it via the remote control."
Fordeler: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "They lost my baggage. And i have all my medicine in it."
Fordeler: "Everything"
Ulemper: "Everything"
Fordeler: "Very friendly service. Ground staff and excellent cabin crew. Excellent onboard entertainment. Good quality wines and multiple selections."
Ulemper: "On Board food offerings, seats are a little tight"
Fordeler: "To small area for passengers after security before boarding"
Fordeler: "Good Food, Nice Accommodations, Great in flight entertainment options. Would do again for longer flights to other destinations."
Fordeler: "Crew works very hard to provide good service."
Ulemper: "Once again, there was a bathroom out of order.... this puts too much use on the others and it showed. Late start again, too."
Fordeler: "Brand new aircraft. Onboard wifi and live TV. Good food. This is one of the routes where Turkish feels need to compete."
Ulemper: "Chaotic boarding procedures in Istanbul airport."
Fordeler: "Same as above"
Ulemper: "Same as above"
Fordeler: "Crew were exceptionally warm and pleasant, and made me feel more than welcome onboard."
Ulemper: "This was one of the worst days of my life, health-wise, so it could be that my observation of the passage of time was somewhat distorted, but Turkish did everything either slowly, or more slowly on this day. First, name two things on a flight line that are wheeled, movable objects. Did you answer bus and plane? Well done. So if both bus AND plane are theoretically mobile, why then must I endure a long walk AND a long bus ride? Boarding was an hour-long event, probably due again to inefficient ground services. I fell asleep and woke up twice before it was over."
Fordeler: "Everything"
Fordeler: "THENK YOU!"
Fordeler: "The food and crew service"
Ulemper: "The leg room is really limited in the economy cabin"
Fordeler: "The food and empty seats to move away from a screaming child. The crew were polite and helpful."
Ulemper: "The flight was 45 minutes late and we were glad we did not have a connecting flight. We stood in the boarding line for a long time."
Fordeler: "All"
Fordeler: "Up to date movies!"
Ulemper: "Crew need to smile a bit."
Fordeler: "The entertainment part."
Ulemper: "It wasn't comfortable. They never give you a gate number in your ticket and I had to go and ask for it many times.No Internet, you had to pay to get access, why should I when you pay a lot of money for your ticket. Food choices sucked because they said sorry we only have one item from the menu...really? You are making me eat something that I don't want to eat.."

Typsik tursitklasse som på ethvert flyselskap; greit nok, liten plass, mat som forventet (ikke noe særlig) men turen gikk fint og uten overraskelser. KLM er alltid ok å reise med.

Fordeler: "I liked how generous they were with food and drinks"
Ulemper: "Free WiFi could have made the flight a lot better"
Ulemper: "De trenger å ha bedre kontroll på at passasjerer overholder smittevernsregler og sikkerhetsregler."
Fordeler: "the crew was wonderful, we got a nice Wrap and water, wine or coffee for free, not all airlines serve it anymore, we were on time and I got whatsapp message with updates of the flight"
Fordeler: "very nice crew"
Ulemper: "my bagfage was lost"
Fordeler: "Yes"
Ulemper: "Everything was good"
Fordeler: "Onboard crew were nice and polite. Flight was on time (a rarity)."
Ulemper: "The boarding crew was rude and unpleasant, the plane was boiling hot."
Ulemper: "Don’t be late"
Fordeler: "Food and service"
Ulemper: "Working wifi would be good. Better A/C. More comfortable seats"
Fordeler: "Slow service."
Ulemper: "Better communication!"
Fordeler: "Seat was uncomfortable. There was nothing to like. In past I have traveled by KLM but this time it was worst."
Ulemper: "No proper food service. Even to the passenger of Amsterdam no dinner was served. No inflight service. It looks like domestic flight. I will think twice to travel by KLM. The check-in staff at counter was absolutely arrogant. Staff ar boarding gate was nice."
Fordeler: "Crew was fantastic, seats and entertainment was great. Very good food choices."
Ulemper: "Everything was very good."
Fordeler: "Crew was very engaging and service was good."
Ulemper: "My seat was horrible. Right at the door, crammed, and no place to store my carry-on luggage."
Fordeler: "Service is awesome. Food is great."
Ulemper: "People with short connection are affected by the 15 to 25 minutes delay."
Fordeler: "The crew was attentive and the seat at economy comfort was comfortable at the “ok” level. It needs much mor3 to be super comfortable. The plug for the headphones was a mess! It was NOT possible to watch a movie and hear the sound too! I gave up! Not a great offering for the extra dollars..."
Ulemper: "So many things! Starting with the way assistance in the airport is offered to travellers with mobility issues! This is an important issue that needs to be revisited and changes for better service to be made!"
Fordeler: "The crew was great but the seat wasn't as comfortable and didn't have much leg room."
Fordeler: "KLM staff is great"
Fordeler: "I love the food"
Ulemper: "Lost all our bags so couldn’t ski"
Ulemper: "lost baggage"
Fordeler: "They considered my reguest of vegiterian food."
Ulemper: "I have no complaints."
Fordeler: "Entertainment options."
Ulemper: "Service was poor, seat did not recline, and the food was terrible."
Fordeler: "Very personable staff. Food acceptable for airline fare. Ticket price was outstanding."
Ulemper: "Paid for extra legroom, but very narrow seats not comfortable. Very difficult to sleep. Old plane--could not hear movies and unclear screen. Music sounded OK and choice was good."
Ulemper: "My suitcase didn't come with the airline."
Fordeler: "Everything is alright"
Ulemper: "Trouble checking in regarding a visa issue?.. no other trouble at the other airports.."
Fordeler: "Crew was awesome"
Ulemper: "."
Fordeler: "Shirt flight but well catered, boarding was efficient and quick."
Ulemper: "Not lots of legroom but adequate for an hour long hop. It was cold on board and also had to board via steps from outside"
Fordeler: "Easy flight; loved the crew and their friendly customer service. Great food, kept everyone hydrated and fed."
Ulemper: "The movie options, as well as music and TV options were limited. There were no electrical outlets."
Ulemper: "You are almost always late!"
Fordeler: "Everything excellent. Comfortable seats in business."
Fordeler: "Wifi on Board"
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordeler: "Friendly in-flight personell"
Ulemper: "Approx. 1 hour delay, which was not the airline's fault (construction on runways)"
Fordeler: "Nice crew; clean plane; decent dinner"
Ulemper: "No entertainment system; insufficient knee space"
Fordeler: "The food service was good and the flight attendants were friendly."
Ulemper: "The plane was very uncomfortable. The seats were small, you felt on top of the person next to you, and there was no leg room. I am a pretty small person- I can't image how uncomfortable all of the taller passengers must have been."
Fordeler: "Pleasant flight"
Fordeler: "The staff was extremely pleasant. Food was good!"
Ulemper: "Have no complaints"
Ulemper: "Bag was lost"
Fordeler: "Nice seats, comfortable."
Ulemper: "Again, no aisle seat for SkyTeam Gold member. Also, my baggage was lost. First bag arrived a day late, second after I had left Billund and it was six days before the bag with my clothes reached me. I was told I will have 100 euro credit for clothing, but in the winter and for 6 days, this was not even close to the amount I needed for clothing and necessities, to have my time here."
Ulemper: "una valija se perdió. Eso desató el descontrol que tiene KLM para seguir el equipaje. No hay como hacer tracking. No hay un teléfono a donde hablar, la web está desactualizada y con información equivocada. Direccionan a usar canales de twitter y facebook que no responden. Primer experiencia en KLM y no pienso nunca más usar esta aerolínea. Llevar el equipaje o resolver un problema sobre valijas es de lo más básico de una aerolínea y no lo hacen."
Fordeler: "Professional, welcoming and very friendly crew, well-maintained aircraft, comfortable seat and good food. Keep up the good work, KLM."
Ulemper: "Not much to comment on here."
Fordeler: "great choice of entertainment content, friendly crew"
Fordeler: "Free wee cake."
Ulemper: "Nothing in particular."
Fordeler: "Crew was friendly, and the food was better than the usual KLM fare."
Ulemper: "The "new" seats were hard and uncomfortable. Avoid any kinds of seats near the bathroom in a configuration with 3 abreast next to the windows. The "aisle" seat is essentially a "waiting area" for the rest room."
Fordeler: "Alt"
Ulemper: "Kommer ikke på noe"
Fordeler: "The crew were very friendly and accomodating, plane was clean and boarding amd disembarking was efficiently handled."
Ulemper: "55 minute delay was not welcome."
Fordeler: "Alt gikk greit så totalt sett fornøyd, dro før tiden og landet før så da fikk vi bedre tid i Amsterdam før neste avgang. Hyggelig besetning."
Ulemper: "Helt grei mat men ikke noe mer enn det."
Ulemper: "hadde sete 3C rett bak economy plus der satt det bare 2-3 mennesker men jeg fikk ikke lov å bruke toallette fremme på tross av at der var serveringsvogn som blokkerte midtgangen, helt uforståelig!"
Fordeler: "Much more civilised for the same cost (or less) as the budget carriers. Proper food and drinks included as is the norm with international flights even though it's a very short haul."
Ulemper: "The stinky guy behind me, but that's not the airline's fault."
Fordeler: "Almost missed flight due to line at customs and having to pick up suitcase and check in again, they did wait for me though"

Avoid Frankfurt airport; sat on the tarmac for 5 hours waiting for luggage to be loaded on to the flight. On arrival at Mumbai found our luggage did not arrive with us and was delivered 2 days later

Flying First Class with Lufthansa is something special, in every aspect of the word. It just has to be experienced!

Helt grei businesspakke fra Lufthansa på en kort flyvning

All good. Boarding was on time and everything was well organized. The flight was on time so overall I had a good experience.

I paid over $1500 for the flight. I requested a refund, but all they gave me in return was $100.

Multiple cancelled flights ended up cancelling the whole itinerary. Went on my own and booked directly the day of flight and am demanding full refund.

Check in working effective. Kind cabin personnel . Not too note storage place inside for carry on luggage .

Fordeler: "Crew excellent"
Ulemper: "Need to invent seat u can lay flat in"
Ulemper: "We had a three hour departure delay in Munich"
Ulemper: "Service desk personnel at the gate were very helpful and attentive. The plane was only 1/2-2/3 full, which made boarding quicker. The food was tasty and coffee was great! We were also offered juice twice during the flight. Bathrooms were clean. Since the plane wasn't full, they weren't dirty even at the end of the flight. I brought my own headphones, but the stewards provided them if you need them. My one big complaint was that our seats did not recline, thus making any kind of shut-eye near impossible. Our plane left and hour late, but the pilots stepped on the gas and we got in on time!"
Ulemper: "Excelente fly"
Fordeler: "Awfull!!"
Fordeler: "Crew very friendly"
Ulemper: "Lufthansa continuosly treats repeat customers like milk cows. The new ‘light fare’ is a genius way to charge the same as before with ZERO customer support."
Fordeler: "Great crew, food, entertainment and drinks."
Ulemper: "Only thing that could be improved is comfort. They provide a small pillow and blanket, but even with those, it is very difficult to sleep."
Fordeler: "Crew was wonderful very friendly"
Ulemper: "Room 9 hour flight and horrible seat. You guys should say before I buy how big seat are I could not even fit my underseat bag and be able to move , I would choose different way to purchase tickets next time to make sure I get any room to move hopefully sleep"
Fordeler: "Nothing except the crew were very efficient and helpful"
Ulemper: "Economy seats. No recline. THAT IS NOT BUSINESS CLASS - This is a joke! Putting an empty seat in the middle does not make it business class. Mis-leading seat image when selecting seats. Shows Buisness class large and 2X2 and Economy at 3x3. When you get on the plane it just a one large economy plane with a mark in business "Extra space for you in the middle seat". Food was cold food - no hot food on the whole plane - only hot coffee. I am not paying 4 times the amount to get economy seats that I can get and most probably get lucky and have an empty seat next to me. STAR ALLIANCE IS REALLY GOING DOWN AND LUFTHANSA IS THE WORST. Will never travel Lufthansa business class every again."
Ulemper: "Delayed flight - but it’s ok since I got to my final destination safely. It wasn’t a very long delay."
Fordeler: "Worst ever"
Ulemper: "Poor service"
Fordeler: "Nice crew."
Ulemper: "Very cold. Always very cold in premium economy section on LH 747-8."
Fordeler: "everything was great. Crew was very nice. good service. good food. Even bathrooms were located in the basement separately, nice and bigger than usual airline bathrooms."
Ulemper: "my TV screen didn't work. Long 9.5hr trip without entertainment."
Fordeler: "Good service overall. Great crew."
Ulemper: "Nothing in particular."
Ulemper: "The crew were not very friendly. They were snappy and were irritated by requests. Often walked past us instead of offering drinks, felt ignored. The TVs did not work properly for many people."
Ulemper: "Sittinf in the middle"
Fordeler: "The flight was very pleasant. The flight attendants were also very nice."
Ulemper: "Waited in Luftansa line 9.5 hours to rebook flight after Munich airport shut down for 7 hours. Lufthansa totally unprepared for this situation. Understaffed and unhelpful with directions. Finally got to Los Angeles after 48 hours. Still haven’t gotten luggage 2 days later and no communication on when to expect it."
Fordeler: "Overall good, except one of the crew members"
Ulemper: "Crew very rude, one of them. I fly LH quite often, usually nice but this one was exception. Wanted to memorize the name, but forgot :)"
Fordeler: "Very comfortable flight with plenty of food, drink, entertainment and good service. Flight left on time."
Ulemper: "The flight departure time was too close to the arrival time so we ended up running thru the Frankfort airport."
Fordeler: "I enjoyed food and drinks"
Ulemper: "Very cold, I understand that is possible being in airplane a lot, my tv screen was not working and I asked a flight attended for help and was told, “we’ll fix it later.” 8 hours later the plane landed and did not get a chance to use the tv screen features. Should not have to ask again when i have been assured the problem will be handled by an attendant."
Fordeler: "everything"
Ulemper: "The flight was 100 percent full. So it was very difficult to move around. And on a 10 hour flight that is tough."
Ulemper: "Delayed"
Fordeler: "It’s nice that Lufthansa still gives food onboard"
Ulemper: "My Lufthansa flight left with 1hour delay"
Fordeler: "cleanliness, timely arrival and departure"
Ulemper: "poor service - surly crew bad food - havent been served worst food uncomfortable seats bad entertainment, sound distortions, small screens, limited selections and to top it all is the FRANKFURT AIRPORT - one of the worst transit points which makes you walk for miles and miles."
Fordeler: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "Horrible experience. Stranded for 3 hours inside stationary flight, 4 hours in a long queue. Very very poorly managed. I slept on a chair in the cold weather. Atleast make arrangements for bad situations, apparently I was booked on another flight but they made me stand in a 4 hour long queue to find that out. Kiosk outside showed I was put in no flight. One of my worst experiences and rest assured if I’m given a chance I will never choose Lufthansa again."
Ulemper: "It was cancelled and I had to wait in line for over one and a half hours to speak with someone to find a solution."
Fordeler: "The good think is that it reaches on time . The crew staff is very good food is good to overall it a good exprenice to travel through this airline . I like it"
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordeler: "Upgraded from premium to Business class. Very good service and a good night slep."
Fordeler: "The movie selection"
Ulemper: "They ran out of food- I didn’t have dinner on that flight. We were almost 2 hours late to Dubai. I was irritated to say the least."
Ulemper: "Flight was a little late to depart, but did make up most of the time over the Atlantic."
Fordeler: "Comfortable seats, good variety entertainment"
Ulemper: "Every time LH lands in Bangalore, the priority bags are never given priority. Secondly, my bags were opened and items from inside the bag were taken, like pants and shoes. The luggage strap around the bag was removed and stolen."
Ulemper: "Seats in business very uncomfortable and there was no entertainment"
Fordeler: "Attendants were impressive. kind and so willing to serve."
Ulemper: "Entertainment was horrible. Those movies were not the best selection but the poorest selection as the cheapest probably."
Fordeler: "Comfort"
Ulemper: "Food"
Ulemper: "The legroom was awful, especially for a nine-hour flight. The video screen kept rebooting."
Fordeler: "Was no flight"
Fordeler: "Comfortable"
Ulemper: "Food"
Fordeler: "The crew moved as quickly as possible, and this made bathroom access easier."
Ulemper: "The small size of the plane made the long-lasting turbulence near the point of landing impossible to ignore. I don't consider this the fault of the pilot, more the size of the plane."
Ulemper: "No special dish for kids food or atleast wasn't offered on the flight to us"
Fordeler: "Excellent service. Everybody from the crew up had smile. Very good atmosphere. I would definitely fly with up guts again"
Ulemper: "I'm 6'2 230 seat was tight for me but that is it"
Fordeler: "I am 6'1 so I wish could have afforded 1st class, but I am grateful to the desk staff who made sure I was as comfortable as possible. Great movies. Good food."
Ulemper: "The tightness of the seats!"
Fordeler: "Everything is good"
Ulemper: "😍"
Ulemper: "I paid for a certain seat before the flight, and at the check-in my seat was changed to a back row. Because of that by the time I was offered the food, there was no choice, only one food (beef) was available. I was unhappy with that!!!!! The crew tried to solve all the issues on the plane. They were excellent!!!"
Fordeler: "Flight was serviced by High Fly, which seem to provide temporary replacement services including very old plane with no onboard entertainment."
Ulemper: "Flight serviced by LOT"
Fordeler: "Did not like barking dog behind me, at all!"
Ulemper: "Food was bad, by far the worst I had ever eaten."
Fordeler: "The Crew"
Ulemper: "Free food"
Fordeler: "Direct fly"
Fordeler: "I liked dinner menu. Not so much breakfast...."
Ulemper: "USB not power outlet under the seat was charging my kindle.... why? When i plugged in the light on my kindle was “on” but kindle never got charged up. My seat was not reclining...."
Ulemper: "Food was almost cold.... I was in the back section of the planet...."
Ulemper: "3.5hours delay"
Fordeler: "Crew, food, boarding, entertainment was great."
Ulemper: "Polish airlines have their issues, but this was perfect."
Fordeler: "Everything and everyone from the crew was very professional, food, entertainment, above my expectations."
Ulemper: "Polish airlines have some problems, but this flight was perfect. Great job."
Fordeler: "The flight was deleyed and they lost my baggage."
Fordeler: "Great crew, fantastic entertainment. Spacious leg room even in economy."
Ulemper: "N/A"
Fordeler: "Everything was excellent"
Ulemper: "The check-in opened a bit late from Israel and I did not plan on it at all but I look at what I had better things so I think there were a lot of good things here so I do not look at check-in"
Fordeler: "Quick Flight"
Ulemper: "Faster service"
Fordeler: "The food, crew, entertainment"
Ulemper: "Boarding was completely awful"
Ulemper: "The LOT ticket counter personnel is in need of some serious professional etiquette re-training. Always displeased expressions on their faces. Hence why alot of their own people opt for other airlines when booking."
Ulemper: "Lines for checking in and for boarding were very disorganized and people were butting in front of people who were there longer. The plane seating was too close to each other. More room is needed."
Fordeler: "I liked the flight was short and not so bad but could been better in comfort and some entertainment to see"
Ulemper: "No entertainment to see and do. You have to have your own music and movies or read a book"
Fordeler: "Flight attendants were very kind and pleasant. Meal service and entertainment were more substantial than expected."
Ulemper: "Extreme delay supposedly as a result of a lightning strike to the plane. About 9 hours delay and a missed connection. The only compensation given for this dealy was a voucher for a 20 Euro meal at the airport restaurant of my choice. I know planes get hit by lightning on average of once a year, but it typically does not take 3 to 4 hours to inspect and confirm the safety of the plane's electrical system. But perhaps better safe than sorrry!"
Fordeler: "All in all, the seats had more legroom than I expected for economy. Much more than American airlines (AA, United, Delta). Love the direct flight as it saves so much time."
Ulemper: "This was the 4th flight I have taken between LAX and Warsaw...but was the first time that there were no beer nor wine available in between meal services. On a 12-13 hour flight, this was a definite disappointment compared to my other experiences on LOT. The other concern was there were only two meals, and no snack service on a very long flight. This again stood out in contrast to the previous flights I have taken on LOT."
Ulemper: "The ticket agent was really grumpy, they were late taking off, I am not crazy about prop planes, too much vibration."
Fordeler: "Scheduling"
Ulemper: "No food options without meat Food options.they didn’t let me check in in advance. Said there was a technical orooblem. They also didn’t let me choose a special meal in advance or save my selections. There was no option on board without meat. Unacceptable."
Fordeler: "Delayed. Moved gate without notice. Babies crying all the way"
Ulemper: "Too noisy."
Fordeler: "יעעכגידכידכגעגכ ה בעבנידגנ הכ נגכאעקרכב כברנקרכ בקרנרא רא"
Ulemper: "כגיכגכגע ראמר א מעכרה רא מראמארמ ררא ררע רא 'ע ער ר'ע"
Ulemper: "they canceled my flight, they put me in a new one that was delayed 1hour. They way the crew reacted gave me the feeling it was completely normal. I received a coffee and 1 cookie for the trouble."
Fordeler: "The crew was hospitable and warm. All the in-flight service was attentive and high-quality. We had a wonderful experience with LOT and would reccent them."
Ulemper: "The only potential difficulty was the short layovers. We made our connection boarding with only 20 minutes to spare."
Ulemper: "Delayed"
Fordeler: "Interior seats in Premium Economy class."
Ulemper: "Employees at the WAW airport. They hired new people. Young people. And they act like Gods. From shaking heads to improper comments to the passengers. Quality of sound at the airport sucks. All announcements hard to understand."
Fordeler: "I am not sure where to start from but each lot employee I talk with had poor English and not the tinyest willing to help just to move , I had a flight back from cezh republic to JFK with a stop in Warsaw When I got to the front desk in the air port to print my ticket the Liady ( work at Sation 236 ) was very rude and anti costumer service she print me only my first fly ticket and when I ask why she " I don't know " I said ok so when u get there you know which get I go or where I will print the other ticket she say I don't know Ok and then I ask her can u check if it a room I. My flight from Warsaw to JFK in business it this moment she tell me I can switch sit and ask me to go I was shocked but this was only the bigining when I got to Warsaw I ask in the gate counter where should I go to print my ticket after I try to explain him 10 times what I mean ( he didn't speak English at all ) he told me to go pass the passport check and in gate 21 they will print it to me I fly a lot so I ask him if he sure becuse I am petty sure I will need my ticket the guy at the desk repeat imhim self so I want and waited 25-30 min in the line so the police officer in the passport check will tell me I need to go print my ticket So after the officer from the passport desk call someone he direct me to go to hate 26 and there they will print my ticket I want them and again wait for 15 min to print my ticket ( it was only me this is the sad thing I don't know what tool 15 min to print a ticket ) and it amazing how unsocial and 0 in customer service the lot polish employees I meet And this is without talking about the delay in my coming flight for 2-3 hrs ( a delay it something that happen a lot yes but the way they handled it again 0 in costumer service )"
Ulemper: "The flight attendant was very nice and professional but it was business class so u can't really compare I will definitely will not recommend ppl to fly with them"
Fordeler: "Crew was polite and efficient."
Fordeler: "Crew nice, polite"
Ulemper: "Fly time allways not on written agreed"
Fordeler: "The flight and lending was nice and smooth"
Ulemper: "Plane delayed 2:30 hours! ! Checking again for the size and weight carry on baggage before boarding ! Only Polish Airline do that ! What a shame! Not a good reputation for them !"
Fordeler: "Actual flight was good & glad to get snacks & drinks at no extra cost"
Ulemper: "frazzled getting through all the controls & gate distance in such a short connection time"
Fordeler: "Professional crew."
Ulemper: "Late boarding, aircraft was full and the seats had very narrow width making the trip very uncomfortable for the passengers. Food was only served for extra payment (I didn't buy budget airline ticket at least the price didn't reflect that!). Parking in Frankfurt far away from the terminal, the busses were waiting long till start fully packed with people very frustrating."
Fordeler: "A pillow..."
Ulemper: "Hughes delays"
Ulemper: "It was connected flight and was delayed had to run through the entire airport with no chance to buy a butltle of water. I'm over 60 years old and this was horrible. The flight and crew were excellent."
Fordeler: "Ground crew did a good job rescheduling and arranging hotel"
Ulemper: "The flight was cancelled"
Fordeler: "I liked that I was given an opportunity to change my flight to business class before leaving Poland but opted out in favor of economy that would get me home sooner."
Ulemper: "What I was transferred to was Lufthansa and their flight was late at arriving and taking off. This transfer changed my destination to Frankfurt. I was stuck in Frankfurt with no compensation. Only a changed flight for the next day and a dinky hotel room. Lufthansa was very disorganized and wildly incompetent."
Ulemper: "Flight was late by an hour"
Ulemper: "Flight was cancelled 1h prior to schedule, as people were already checked in at the gate. With no advance warning or explanation. " Awesome" experience. Do NOT fly LOT."
Fordeler: "I don't miss the connection. Hopefully plane was delayed"
Ulemper: "I don't no what to say.."
Ulemper: "Delayed by 2.5 hrs"
Fordeler: "Food movies"
Ulemper: "Crew"
Fordeler: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "The flight and the food All complete horror"
Fordeler: "It is the first time I flew with Lot airline. I am flying a lot and have 2 million miles with United I never flew LOT before.Now Lot is on the top of my list for my future flights.Everything was superior to many other airlines from the Plane,the crew,the food,the service,etc."
Ulemper: "no Wi-Fi..."
Ulemper: "no Wi-Fi..."
Fordeler: "Service, space, friendly, good company"
Ulemper: "The lia St of movies a bit small, menus could be better but they offe the essentail"
Ulemper: "Nor enough beverage for such a long flight Ice cube?"
Fordeler: "On time"
Ulemper: "We got sanatizer when boarding which was so small like a stamp, useless"
Fordeler: "The crew was very professional and I cannot complain about that."
Ulemper: "Budapest airport has tricky terminal for the Wizzair planes. You have to go outside the main terminal to get to the Wizz terminals and then you have to go outside again to get to the plane. It was really weird but I understand that as it is a low budget flight provider. The thing that made me really upset was that we all (passengers) left the terminal to get to the plane and we had to wait outside till we could start entering the plane. I really don’t understand why someone made us to wait outside while it’s freezing cold when the doors are not open or plane is not ready. That was unreasonable and ruined my trip."
Fordeler: "Absolutely nothing"
Ulemper: "Everything"
Ulemper: "Flight was over booked"
Ulemper: "Staff could of been friendlier. They would not give me a cup of water and said i had to buy a bottle."
Fordeler: "The seat not so comfortable but good"
Fordeler: "I did not had a seat"
Ulemper: "I did not had a seat"
Fordeler: "Kind stevards clean plane no delay"
Ulemper: "More comfortable seats but this is low cost company :)"
Fordeler: "The crew was really nice"
Ulemper: "1h30 delay for no specific reason is unacceptable"
Fordeler: "The flight arrived ten minutes early at our destination."
Ulemper: "Extremely small and uncomfortable seats even for a small person."
Fordeler: "On time, cabin crew, ease of boarding and amount of bags I could take with Priority Boarding"
Ulemper: "My seat hadn't been cleaned prooerly before I got there and if I hadn't done it myself, I would have someone else's chocolate all over the seat of my trousers. Also, the bathroom floors were really gross, to the point I had to roll uo the legs of my trousers so they didn't get wet when I needed to use the toilet."
Fordeler: "All and all great value for the money"
Fordeler: "Everything was ok"
Fordeler: "Smooth flight"
Ulemper: "No terminal connection"
Fordeler: "Staff was nice and felt bad for their company’s policy."
Ulemper: "I was charged $45 US dollars to print my boarding pass!!! I’m used to only being able to check in 24 hours before my flight. I found out that I cannot print my boarding pass within 48 hours of my flight. I was monitarily RAPED and will be disputing these charges! Boo on you Wizz Air....aka f*ckwads."
Ulemper: "You have to inform the customers, that company needs you to have a visa"
Ulemper: "Horrible web/check in experience, 2hour delay. Inexistence of entertainment or comfort. What else can be said ?"
Fordeler: "Nice crew"
Ulemper: "Both flights were Delaid. It was unorganized in every point, felt like chaos. Ryanair sells same services for cheaper price, so I thought it was overpriced."
Fordeler: "Cheap flights, priority boarding."
Ulemper: "No meal included, no entertainment provided"
Fordeler: "Pilot flew well Cup Noodles available to buy"
Ulemper: "1h+ delayed No information from the staff or crew (only one apology from the pilot) Left waiting in multiple places including outside the aircraft No updates whatsoever on estimated departure and arrival"
Fordeler: "Space. Priority Boarding"
Ulemper: "Strong bad smell. One hour late for departure."
Fordeler: "Excellent pilot"
Ulemper: "It a good option, a good price, i will fly again"
Fordeler: "Quick to board, smooth take off and landing"
Ulemper: "On night flights woken up to serve drinks and given flying details from the pilot. Great in the day but would rather be left and not disturbed at night!"
Ulemper: "long time wating in bus to get plane"
Fordeler: "Flight was on schedule"
Ulemper: "No free drinking water"
Ulemper: "Не понравилась старшая стюардесса. На лице было написано, что она совершенно не рада видеть всех присутствующих."
Fordeler: "grea air line always on time staff are friendly"
Fordeler: "was on time"
Fordeler: "Crew were friendly! The app for the journey is good."
Ulemper: "announcements a little muffled. A delay caused us to wait on the bus for a good half an hour which was somewhat uncomfy, and the plane was very warm. couldn't take my shoulder bag on as well even though I could've put it under the chair, which I feel like is a sneaky way of making you pay for the speedy boarding thing."
Ulemper: "I wasn't to bucharest because on the phone the laidy said to me i can travel with my driving license because my id was lost and at the gate they stop me i lost all money from ticket plus transport to airport and back you should refound my money this company is the most worst company in the world"
Ulemper: "Extra fees for baggage and tickets that were not disclosed. The check in was incredibly disorganized. No help was provided with problems."
Ulemper: "Before bording a man ask me to gollow him to mrsire my bag and let me pau 40 pound because its litle bit biger than he want and let others pass woth biger bag ."
Fordeler: "Facilities are terrible! It was like stepping back in time! To use this as a stopover, is a poor decision because this airport does NOT meet the brief and does NOT warrant being used for passengers. I’ve been very polite here, I have more choice words I could use"
Ulemper: "Nothing! To learn that Wizz Air ‘allowed’ cabin size is so tiny was really shocking! With All the other budget airlines, easyJet, Monarch & even Ryanair my cabin would’ve been fine. This is the same hand luggage I’ve been using using for many years."
Fordeler: "Well organised."
Ulemper: "Charging for light refreshments."
Fordeler: "Everyone was really friendly and accommodating to my needs"
Ulemper: "40 minutes late taking off - sitting on the plane"
Fordeler: "Nice clean plane, friendly airline staff (as friendly as they get, we all know how they have that teflon attitude), OK food, I sat between 2 Bulgarian passengers which were very well behaved, one screaming baby nearby (as there always is) and no-one playing football with the back of my seat all the flight (you know who you are - hope someone does it to you), and no-one fidgeting all flight so all in all a good experience."
Ulemper: "Bit slow in opening the gate for people to get on. They expect to cram you like sardines on a hot staircase with no where to go when there is other people being checked in to board behind you, really stupid and possibly sadistic."
Fordeler: "Staff aboard the aircraft were very nice and so was the passengers."
Ulemper: "Bought a ticket two weeks ago to travel to Romania. Didn't have internet to check in, so I went to the airport to check in. When I got there because I was within 3 hours of boarding they had given away my ticket and made me a last priority boarder. I happened to get really lucky otherwise I wouldn't have gotten to fly on a flight I had previously paid for and was on time to."
Ulemper: "Never ever gonna choose Wizz air ... not a frist time I had to pay extra because of the suitcase ... But this is happening always on Hungary not in London."
Ulemper: "Late"
Fordeler: "No food or entertainment on this flight,"
Ulemper: "I found the luggage allowance confusing"
Fordeler: "Actual in-air flying experience was smooth."
Ulemper: "Due to technical issue with plane, passengers were delayed about 15-20 minutes on the tarmac in a crowded, hot shuttle bus with ineffective air conditioning and almost no fresh air coming in."
Ulemper: "I didn't eat No entertainment"
Ulemper: "Long wait in line to get on the airplane, No bathroom availability!"
Fordeler: "Price"
Ulemper: "Despite long delay, there were no announcements by the staff about the delay until we were already almost 40 minutes past our original departure time. No water or food was distributed to the passengers despite the delay. Delay was not wizzair's fault but there was no customer service to speak off."
Fordeler: "I like the bubbly upbeat attitude of the flight attendants interacting excellently in English and other languages and also how they dealt with an angry passenger."
Fordeler: "Brand new planes - on board crew was pleasant and the flights were smooth and on time."
Ulemper: "Ridiculous size restrictions on carry-on. If you can pack your clothes in a wallet, then you should be able to carry on at no cost. Only the smallest of bags will meet the "free" requirement. Website is awful to attempt to online check in. Crazy that they charge for check in at the airport if you cannot get their site to work. Customer service phone call also costs a quid a minute. It's almost as if they are proud that they screw you if you encounter any difficulty or you've made a mistake in the complicated boarding pass emailing procedure."
Fordeler: "It was simple, every thing was fast in the airport."
Ulemper: "Small airplane it was a bit choked."
Fordeler: "Nothing at all... They were unfriendly and I missed my flight because of them. Lot money and time is gone"
Ulemper: "How they organized everything in this day!!!! 4th of July 2017 TERRIBLY Terrible"
Fordeler: "They charged me for not checking in 3 hrs prior and didn't really make that clear before when I purchased the ticket. Even if they did, I never seen a airline do that. It's a borderline scam. Then the flight attendant continued to swipe my card when it was declining since I had restrictions on it. In which in return had my card shut off. Never will I fly Wizz Air again."

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