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SWISSGjennomsnittlig score basert på 8951 vurderinger
Fordeler: "About as good as they come."
Ulemper: "Nothing."
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Fordeler: "About as good as they come."
Ulemper: "Nothing."
Fordeler: "Crew was amazing. Good food. Comfortable seats"
Ulemper: "Music options along with the movies"
Fordeler: "Seating was good. Crew was good"
Ulemper: "Food could be better"
Fordeler: "Crew was great, food was great, timing was great! (Got to LAX about 45min prior to scheduled arrival), however seats are very narrow!! Good enough for a short (2-5 hour) flight but definitely not for a transatlantic one!"
Ulemper: "Everything great but the seats..don’t expect too much of a leg room in the 777 Boeing...unless you get the exit row in economy or you book a business class!"
Fordeler: "Crew was very nice and attentive"
Ulemper: "Leg room on my first flight (longest leg of the trip) was not much and when the person in front of me leaned their chair back, my knees were touching the chair."
Fordeler: "Everything was just dandy!"
Fordeler: "Crew was kind and gracious."
Ulemper: "Hand carry was checked 3 different times. Goes to show that Swiss staff doesn’t trust its colleagues to determine if the bag passes muster."
Fordeler: "Swissair seating is cramped with 10 across in coach in Boeing 777. The only reason for not giving "poor" rating on this particular ZRH-SFO flight, was the empty seat next to me."
Ulemper: "Next time, I will give Turkish Airlines a chance, because their aircraft seats only 9 across in Boeing 777 coach. On the SFO-BUD flight, the connection is through Istanbul, but the flight time is the same 15 hours, as on the SFO-ZRH-BUD route. In addition, two checked bags are free in coach."
Fordeler: "Great staff and air flight attendants"
Ulemper: "I wanted to get some work done on my flight but I couldn't even open my laptop screen more than a few inches."
Fordeler: "They have a policy of letting kids under 5 board early which was a boon to us! The veggie pasta was really delicious."
Ulemper: "The delay to fly was the only issue"
Fordeler: "The crew for the most part were courteous."
Ulemper: "1. The economy seats were extremely uncomfortable and tight, unlike other Int’l flights we have been on, ie, Virgin and British Airlines 2.Food was the worst we have ever had on an Int’l Flt. 3. Main meal selection ran out. Staff said there was nothing they could fo. 4. Our suitcase arrived really beat up. It looked like it was dragged along the tarmac. There were several large rips. To make it worse, this was the first trip we have used the suitcase."
Fordeler: "Great cabin crew!"
Ulemper: "While waiting to board SFO-ZRH flight Swissair personnel walked around and randomly pulled out passengers from line to check luggage dimensions. Since manufacturers adhere to airline baggage standards, no violations were found during checks. This misguided effort only resulted in publicly humiliating Swissair customers. Boarding process was pure pandemonium...this was the first time in recent memory, where all coach passengers were invited to board at the same time! Very inefficient! Crowded seating in coach,with ten passengers sandwiched in across Boeing 767 aircraft. Competing airlines flying identical aircraft have nine across seatings Thin seat cushions cause leg cramps after a few hours."
Fordeler: "The crew , comfort"
Ulemper: "The long delay on take off (4 hours +) in Zurich"
Fordeler: "Crew was great. Ice cream was fun. Swiss chocolate was a nice surprise!"
Ulemper: "Short flight with no entertainment, no means to charge devices."
Fordeler: "Checkin was smooth, cabin crew and service was great. Absolutely no complaints."
Ulemper: "Nothing. All was exceptionally good."
Fordeler: "Our flight on Swiss was excellent. On time, courteous crew, and loved the morning Croisant and the chocolate. As my wife and I are both retired flight attendants with TWA and American, we tend to notice customer service at all levels of an airline’s operation. Both our flight out of LHR to GVA and our return were smooth as can be. Nice job, Swiss!"
Fordeler: "Everything! Very professional, great food"
Ulemper: "Excelent"
Ulemper: "Need to make it more clear that it is necessary to complete a second passport controle at the boarding gate....causing confusion for some travelers who are not aware of this extra step"
Fordeler: "Flight was fine"
Ulemper: "Check in at Nuremberg terrible"
Fordeler: "All went fine and the crew friendly. 12 hours from Switzerland to Sao Paulo is extremely long time to sit in an airplane, but temperature and air were fine and the flight was without delay."
Fordeler: "Comfortable flight. The crew was very nice and amenities were fine."
Ulemper: "My luggage was lost. I had to wait in line forever to file a report. Luckily it was sent to my hotel later that evening."
Fordeler: "The crew took very good care of us with food and drinks"
Ulemper: "Updates by the captain about the situation were too few, too infrequent."
Fordeler: "Crew was courteous."
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordeler: "Everything. They are in their own class."
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordeler: "Everything was fine"
Fordeler: "Good food!"
Ulemper: "N/A"
Fordeler: "typical Swiss quality"
Ulemper: "Delay. Missed train connection. Business class went to row 15 To then leave it empty"
Fordeler: "Very little legroom, food was excellent"
Ulemper: "My seat did not recline and my tv did not work"
Fordeler: "staff were very helpful"
Fordeler: "You treated me with respect. That was appreciated compared to the many other airlines I traveled on during the past two weeks. I was not just someone herded into the airline."
Fordeler: "The staff was just fabulous! Very nice and sincere. Beautiful smiles. I admired the lipstick on one and she came back and had the name of it written down for me. MAC here I come."
Fordeler: "punctual and friendly enough staff."
Ulemper: "entertainment and food options were poor and because of the long haul flight once we had a first round of service it was then self serve. I was in a window seat - cld not wake the people beside me and getting up to get water was difficult. Pushed the call button to be told that I cld get it myself!"
Fordeler: "smooth flight, comfy seats"
Fordeler: "We had two flights with Swiss and the first one left half an hour late, meaning we only had about 10 minutes to connect to the next one. Instead of sprinting through the airport, a man was waiting for us immediately outside the plane. He got our luggage right from the cargo, drove us to another man who stamped our passports, and then drove us to the plan just in time for takeoff. It was incredible service and everyone was super friendly. We so appreciated them making sure we caught our connecting flight!"
Fordeler: "One on the plane service and food were very good. In flight movies limited in number of choices"
Ulemper: "Flight delayed over an hour because they couldn't fuel the plane and had to wait for trucks. Did not update the board at the gate with boarding times and people waited on long lines unnecessarily because they did not update the boarding times. Very frustrating."
Fordeler: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "My luggage being lost both from Toronto to Zurich and from Zurich to Toronto. Air Canada took nearly 4 days to get my baggage to me in Toronto, as a result of which I was unable to attend a funeral in Chicago. I was lied to over and over by air Canada. The entire experience was horrible."
Ulemper: "Hi, my flight was delayed for more then 20 minutes and I had next connection flight in short period of time. Even that they now that I will lose next connection they didn't wanted to change my flight to previous flight and they DID had extra seat in a plane."
Fordeler: "Same as above, we were really pleased with the service and the food, and the crew was great!"
Ulemper: "Seats a little close together but not terrible."
Fordeler: "The trip thank God was not a long flight."
Ulemper: "Crew was not very nice unfortunately."
Fordeler: "Great kosher food! Very kind attendants."
Ulemper: "not enough foot room."
Fordeler: "Fantastic flight attendants, good food. I felt safe throughout the whole travel."
Fordeler: "The food, the crew, and the smooth landing"
Ulemper: "The seats. Kind of uncomfortable"
Fordeler: "Best entertainment package of Movies/TV/Food available on commercial airlines."
Fordeler: "Real silverware. Great crew presence. Ice Cream and chocolate."
Fordeler: "The staff was friendly and accommodating. I LOVE that we were given ice cream and chocolate - only wish I'd been given more chocolate. They came by with drinks often and made sure that we were well hydrated."
Ulemper: "The boarding process took a long time. I had to go through customs, then at the gate they checked my passport again and the line was VERY long. The process just did not seem to be managed very well. There were issues with the tv monitors; however, the crew handled it very well. I wish we had been given an option with the calzones - I don't like red peppers or tomatoes, and was not offered another option."
Fordeler: "The flight was quick. Overall a smooth and pleasant one. I didn't have any real interaction with the crew except to exchange the usual pleasantries of saying hello and goodbye. So to be fair, I can't rate the level of service provided."
Ulemper: "The flight was fine, unfortunately, there was nowhere to sit at the gate. The majority of passengers stood about waiting or sitting on the floor since the few seats located at the gate had been taken. A five or 10 minute wait would have been one thing, but a 45 minute wait is another, particularly if there are older passengers or small children who have to wait."
Fordeler: "Professional Staff; best food on international flight ever."

Ingen underholdning eller litteratur ombord.

Avoid Frankfurt airport; sat on the tarmac for 5 hours waiting for luggage to be loaded on to the flight. On arrival at Mumbai found our luggage did not arrive with us and was delivered 2 days later

Could have rebooked us with a comparable flight instead of a red eye. You could have also notified us of all the changes in our return flights. You never contacted us once for the changes, in fact your my trip often showed the wrong flight.

Flying First Class with Lufthansa is something special, in every aspect of the word. It just has to be experienced!

Helt grei businesspakke fra Lufthansa på en kort flyvning

Check in working effective. Kind cabin personnel . Not too note storage place inside for carry on luggage .

Fordeler: "Loved this flight, crew was amazing!"
Fordeler: "I had a connection flight which would not be for another 11 hours so I left the airport to get some sleep coming back the same carry-on I have with me now cannot come with me they want me to pay 40euro. In the meantime the flight is 40% empty and plenty of over head and yes is the same size of plane I came in the first place. However the agent was nice after I explain my situation she not charges me."
Ulemper: "Same airline coming from one place have different methods it’s a bit confusing."
Fordeler: "Crew"
Ulemper: "More direction once crew knew the connecting flight would be lost, especially to minors"
Fordeler: "Airplanes, crew, entertainment on Lufthansa airplanes"
Ulemper: "Leaving Frankfort on-time"
Ulemper: "I was traveling with my 5 and 10 year old kids. Lufthansa got us three seats in three different locations. When I asked to help us get seats together flight attendants told us that I should ask passengers if they could switch seats. Apparently Lufthansa staff doesn’t ask passengers to do it."
Fordeler: "Crew excellent...seats small and not too comfortable for business class."
Ulemper: "Due to a delayed flight the night before, we were rescheduled and consequently missed another flight. Nothing was done about this since it was a separate trip. We had to pay another $1300 for new airline tickets to get back to the US."
Fordeler: "I was traveling with a baby alone and crew was very supportive"
Ulemper: "Food"
Fordeler: "Cabin crew was very helpful and polite"
Ulemper: "I’m not sure how I feel about the embarking and disembarking in the “presidential” style. (the use of the stairs outside of the planes, and the shuttle rides)."
Fordeler: "Crew seem competent, airplane was fairly clean and not too old, food not awful, ac outlets in economy, headphones not the worst."
Ulemper: "I hate that there's no free checked bag anymore! Two mile walk with heavy bag in Frankfurt. Provide carts in FRA! Crowded: seat pitch small, seats narrow, flight totally full, toilets filthy by the end. IFE: English options boring (German options not subtitled), touch screen not responsive."
Fordeler: "Crew was nice. I will go again with Lufthansa."
Fordeler: "Nice crew."
Ulemper: "Very cold. Always very cold in premium economy section on LH 747-8."
Fordeler: "The issue is not with Lufthansa but with the Berlin Airport. First of all, It is not clear that you have to do the checkinn at terminal B and then come back to the gate where you have to go pass security. This is when it gets even more complicated, the line is long and slow, there is only one security arch and xray machine, is took us almost an hour to go through."
Ulemper: "The issue is not with Lufthansa but with the Berlin Airport. First of all, It is not clear that you have to do the checkinn at terminal B and then come back to the gate where you have to go pass security. This is when it gets even more complicated, the line is long and slow, there is only one security arch and xray machine, is took us almost an hour to go through."
Ulemper: "Tight seating"
Ulemper: "Meals not very good either way. Only movies that were not hits. Need more classic movies"
Fordeler: "the flight from Frankfurt to Chicago was delayed by an hour. we have missed our connecting flight to Omaha. We were at the gate 8 minutes prior to departure, but United closed the gate right before our noses. Not cool. Horrible experience. My guess is that United has given our seats to someone else. After all United did the same thing to use once before. We will not travel United/Lufthansa again."
Ulemper: "nothing"
Fordeler: "Enjoyed the legroom even though we flew Economy class. Good selection of free movies. Crew was friendly and accommodating."
Fordeler: "Nice crew, good food, good choice of movies. Good beer. :) We will fly again with Lufthansa!"
Ulemper: "Nothing to complain about."
Fordeler: "The whole trip went smoothly. The price was right. There was a very bad storm in Charlotte before departure. Lufthansa made a delay, and I was very happy about that decision. They were very informative about connections, and emailed important information. Friendly, competent staff!"
Ulemper: "N/A"
Fordeler: "Crew was very professional, seating comfort excellent, flight very little turbulence, close to estimated arrival time, overall a good experience."
Ulemper: "Luggage waiting time too long, my suitcase was badly damaged rendered unusable, came to a compensation agreement which was acceptable to me at the time since I was pressed for time to catch the train I had a reservation for. But still will not buy me a new suitcase."
Ulemper: "So there was a 2 hours delay in Dallas which resulted in 11 hours delay in Frankfurt .. this trip was horrible how did they dare do that to the passengers.. they should have gotten us a place to rest but we were left on the chairs in the airport.. will never fly Lufthansa anymore"
Ulemper: "Boarding process was a bit unorganized"
Ulemper: "There was no entertainment in the flight , which was totallyfine for me as it was a short flight; I downloaded one magazine prior to my initial flight in SFO but was unable to access it."
Fordeler: "Gate and schedule alert"
Ulemper: "None"
Ulemper: "Break between the 2 flights of mire than 6 hours."
Fordeler: "Crew"
Ulemper: "N/A"
Fordeler: "It was NOT Lufthansa. It turns out it was a United flight. Fortunately they now have individual screens with individual options of what to watch like on other airlines. They did have my special meals as I ordered them. I sat next to a wonderful young couple from Finland. That made the journey interesting and pleasant."
Ulemper: "I really thought I booked a flight with Lufthansa,which I far prefer than United. They do better with beverages, (Perrier, Pelegrino instead of club soda, better special meals, better model airplanes). I am going to have to figure out how to get a Vegan eal that is not spicy. When I order Hindu Vegetarian it is always too spicy. United also doesn't get it and still gives people cheese or something like potato salad obviously made with mayonaise, and some spread that is either butter or margarine on a sandwich."
Ulemper: "Food on flight Detroit - Frankfurt was terrible."
Fordeler: "Very professional crew.efficiently run. I spent extra for additional legroom in economy class and would have been comfortable but it I was seated next to a very large person which created a seating space reduced by a third. I was miserable the entire time by the man leaning into me. Not exactly the airlines fault."
Fordeler: "Like food and stagf"
Fordeler: "Upgraded from premium to Business class. Very good service and a good night slep."
Fordeler: "On time."
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "Needed more option in sports. Specifically Cricket"
Fordeler: "Good food and movies"
Ulemper: "seat had problems mechanically"
Fordeler: "They waited for those who were running late due to a previous flight delay. The crew was super friendly and there was great movie suggestions."
Ulemper: "There was a lot of turbulance which made a lot of the passengers sick. I think also that they collected the headphones too early like 45 mins/1 hour too early before landing. Also landing felt like it was the longest landing in my life."
Fordeler: "Friendly staff, on-time flight, and an AMAZING LANDING into Munich. Kudos to the pilot and his team."
Ulemper: "N/A"
Fordeler: "Everything was perfectly on time. Pilots were excellent and crew very attentive."
Ulemper: "Food was ok"
Fordeler: "Boarding was fast Crew was polite"
Ulemper: "There was no entertainment on board!!!!!!"
Fordeler: "on time, many toilet rooms available. not too much noises from other passengers."
Ulemper: "Boarding system was quite chaotic and unclear. Food was horrible. Premium Economy Class seat was just similar to economy class. Sound system with provided earphones don't work well."
Fordeler: "This was one of the most aggravating flights. I had a connection. Both flights were delayed and i had to run through the enormous frankfurt with my carry on cat. When i got to the next flight it was delayed 30mins and there were little updates. When i arrived in oslo i was late and so missed my connecting train. I had to wait 6 hours in the station for the next train. An exhausting and frustrating experience. There was one helpful steward on the lax frankfurt flight but the rest of the staff was not helpful."
Ulemper: "Food was salty, couldn't eat it. No replacement available Luggage disembarkment took forever"
Fordeler: "process of online check-in - fully automated so just few clicks on link (without entering booking number etc) which I received by email and I was ready to go"
Ulemper: "bus in Frankfurt"
Fordeler: "Nice plane and crew"
Ulemper: "Really? They took my new expensive lighter from my checking luggage? A can of hair spray is just as deadly, are they going to not permit those?...stupid idiots!!!"
Fordeler: "Very friendly and accommodating crew, efficient service, nice breakfast pastry for the short flight to Frankfurt"
Ulemper: "Would have been nice to have an entertainment option, but I had a book, so the 2.5 hrs went fast enough."

Not sure why the gate information would show "boarding" and then "gate closing" before anyone had actually started boarding. Was ultimately sat before the scheduled takeoff time, although takeoff was after the schedule. Favourable flying conditions allowed us to land 5 minutes early, although as there was another plane still sitting at our gate on arrival meant we were ultimately late to the gate (giving gate / disboarding times would be more honest than just the scheduled landing time). Somehow, even though there was a plane sitting at our gate on arrival, when we were allowed to taxi to the gate, there were apparently no ground staff there. What? Even though there was an incoming plane, they went elsewhere? Staff on the plane and the meal service were fine.

Reisen ble kansellert begge veier pga streiken. Snakk om sevice

Billettene våre ble kansellert pga streiken. Nye billetter tur/retur Barcelona kom på 19.500,-

SAS er i ferd med å bli håpløst utdatert for business reisende, dessverre. Man kaller det Plus og selger det inn som en business class, men det er jo bare tull... Reise fra CPH til Island var med Icelandair, full business og topp service, reise fra Reykjavik til Oslo, med SAS, var et svært gammelt fly, gamle og dårlige seter, fullt av mennesker som sild i tønne og dårlig mat. Mens flyet fra Oslo til Stavanger var nytt, alt var bedre men det burde vært motsatt; lengre distanser, bedre komfort, for fullt betalende passasjerer, men det tenker ikke SAS på. Jeg faser ut SAS fra nå av og vil fly mest mulig med andre selskap ut fra Stavanger, så det blir nok mer KLM fra nå av..

Fordeler: "The plane was nice and comfortable. The flight was only about 40 minutes."
Ulemper: "Everything was fine. A very quick, easy flight at the end of a long day for me."
Fordeler: "The crew was very nice , and very comfortable seats ."
Ulemper: "Everything was great"
Ulemper: "."
Ulemper: "Late departure for that most meaningless of excuses - the late arriving aircraft. And so late arriving at destination. On arrival at Berlin, there was also noone at the gate to allow us to leave the plane. All in all meant missing pickup time at the airport, and extra cost."
Fordeler: "SAS oversjøisk er nesten alltid veldig bra"
Ulemper: "Don't remember this flight"
Fordeler: "Service"
Fordeler: "On time. Good hardware."
Ulemper: "Priority passangers cannot board with their non priority partner, even on the sane reservation. Congratulations sas, only airline workdwide to prohibit this. Otherwise, also forgot my duty free bag at the gate and the crew refused to have me return for it or get it for me."
Ulemper: "Spørsmål om underholdning og mat bør få et valg med «ikke relevant»"
Fordeler: "Alt"
Ulemper: "Ingenting."
Fordeler: "Timing is good"
Ulemper: "To craody"
Fordeler: "Everything about the flight was wonderful except baggage claim, in BOTH directions."
Ulemper: "It could have been the perfect trip, but I am not sure why SAS baggage handling is so mediocre. In both the flights from EWR to OSLO and back, every aspect of the trip was super, except for the wait for baggage. In Oslo, I estimate having waited at least a half an hour at the carousel before the bags started showing up, and the same in Newark. We had long cleared Immigration, which normally is not a speedy process, and yet still had to wait at least 20 minutes for the FIRST bag to appear on the carousel. Most annoying, particularly after a relatively long flight, and especially for transfer passengers who needed to recheck their bags to continue to other destinations."
Fordeler: "Very helpful staff."
Fordeler: "on time polite staff comfortable flights with free coffee"
Ulemper: "charging for bags"
Fordeler: "Terrible"
Ulemper: "Everything"
Fordeler: "Easy boarding. Friendly staff"
Ulemper: "N/A"
Fordeler: "Flight was on time. Boarding was simple and easy. Staff were excellent in handling the boarding process and very prompt in getting people seated/luggage put in to overhead lockers, free tea and coffee was provided which assured that extra comfort, would definitely recommend."
Ulemper: "This has nothing directly with SAS, but since I experienced it during my flight there, they are responsible of it. I was waiting for the flight at the OSLO airport waiting for the flight to LONDON. I had ample time to work on my computer. In the big room by the gate there was only one spot where I found three electrical sockets hanging from a pillar or post. To my dismay none worked. My plug would fall off from each. To document, I took the pictures of the useless sockets... I complained to the lady at the boarding desk (she left before the SAS staff moved in), she did not even care... This experience frustrated me and turned an otherwise pleasant trip into a bitter one. Please install some working sockets in your waiting room! Flight SK 809 Confirmation: LN9M6O Departure: Oslo & other airports (OSL) Arrival: Heathrow (LHR) Time: Sat Dec 2 2017 3:05 pm CET - Sat Dec 2 2017 4:25 pm GMT Peace, Edip Yuksel +1 520 481 1919"
Fordeler: "Food was good and so was the entertainment on board"
Ulemper: "Issues with boarding due to problems with brakes so flight was delayed by 3 hours. No food or drinks were offered"
Fordeler: "Efficient processing of passengers onto aircraft."
Fordeler: "premium economy"
Ulemper: "nothing, it was great!"
Fordeler: "On schedule,great crew"
Ulemper: "Didn't make connectingflight due to a bomb alert at airport. sAS didntgive any support with either food or hotel. Stuck in Copenhagen for a day and night."
Fordeler: "Plane was quite empty"
Ulemper: "Plane wasn't in the best shape"
Ulemper: "I was really disappointed at finding out at luggage check-in that I had to pay extra (£60.00) for my one regular-size suitcase. On the return flight I was told that this amount would be - as it turned out in my case - less than half, if I called SAS a day before departure. Why did I have to pay for the checked luggage at all?"
Fordeler: "I have no complaints. Will recommend SAS to all my friend. Thank you."
Ulemper: "I do not like the way they conduct their business from the office never returning phone calls as we are trying to get our questions answered. Would also be nice if the airline would use JFK instead of Liberty in Newark. Thank you."
Ulemper: "flight was delay for 30 mins. then another 30 mins because there are 15 passenger that miss their flight due to delay or there is not enough flight to transport them to Longyearbyen the next day. We are force to wait a total of more then a hour to board them and stuck on plane. And ofcuase when we landed. My SAS go luggage is last to come out because the late arrival passengers luggage all come out ahead. It is a most terrible experience I ever had with a SAS flight. Might as well consider flying norwegian airline!"
Fordeler: "All good with SAS. Not good with me. I forgot to ask for a window seat."
Ulemper: "I makes down for food and entertainment but food could be bought and provided entertainment is not necessary for short flights with such good views of beautiful Norway."
Fordeler: "Comfy seats. Good good service. Great video options."
Ulemper: "SAS staff seems sort of cold and cranky."
Fordeler: "Setene er behagelige, og selv i SAS Go er det mulig å legge setene lenger ned enn jeg er vant til hos en del andre flyselskaper i samme seteklasse."
Ulemper: "Det er ikke mulig å bestille spesialmåltid samtidig med billettene, man må ringe. Dette virker unødvendig tungvint, spesielt med tanke på at det var ekstra lang ventetid hos kundeservice i den aktuelle perioden. Heldigvis var det mulig å få hjelp via Facebook, men det er visst ikke vanlig."
Fordeler: "Ok friendly"
Fordeler: "This was one of the best airlines we've flown. Great food, plenty of room, friendly stewardesses and good service overall. We will definitely try to book with SAS again."
Ulemper: "Nothing. There was nothing to not like. In fact they fed us too much!"
Fordeler: "Nothing to be honest"
Ulemper: "Checkin was a disaster, girl was not aware of anything she was doing and after over ten minutes of explainatiin she still put me and my bags on a wrong flight. Lady at the boarding gate tried to help and finally managed to send me and my bag in the same flight. Even bigger disappointment was that I booked a business class seat and paid three times more money then a normal economy ticket, there wasn't any business class seat and all seats were occupied in the front rows. Staff was generally rude and not willing to help."
Ulemper: "Forsinkelse Lite utvalg av mat"
Ulemper: "Planes are getting old. Seats are not the most comfortable."
Fordeler: "The plane was neat, clean and well maintained. The food was very good. The crew was professional and friendly. Based on my experience this is a top-notch airline."
Fordeler: "The crew was lovely"
Ulemper: "No entertainment or any special difference between business and coach except you get a meal. Seats are the same as economy and the bathrooms are shared. Why bother paying extra?"
Fordeler: "SAS tilbyr forutsigbart god o tilstrekkelig service i alle avseende."
Ulemper: "Der var alt for litt mat å kjøpe ombord, tok slutt ... unødvendig irriterende på morgenfly."
Ulemper: "Terrible service and they lost my sons car seat. Ruining my whole vacation here since we can't drive anywhere."
Fordeler: "the plane arrived"
Ulemper: "booking Boarding comfort Food service"
Fordeler: "passed out i-pads loaded with movies, magazines and music food was good"
Ulemper: "very small plane for trans-atlantic flight (17 rows) only one free soda, then they charge you"
Ulemper: "I understood I could check one bag. Nope. Checking one bag cost me $67. So much for saving money."
Fordeler: "The cleanliness"
Ulemper: "I Had checked several times to make sure I had 2 bags included ( standard for US-EU flights) and every time. At the airport I had to pay an extra charge for my second bag which made the flight very expensive and just ruined the whole experience for me"
Fordeler: "New airbus with good entertainment screenset clean"
Ulemper: "Delays on boarding (on departing as well as returning home) Damaged luggage"
Fordeler: "No problems, great crew, easy check in and on time!"
Ulemper: "Spørsmål om mat og underholdning bør få et alternativ med "ikke relevant" eller lignende, siden det mat evt må kjøpes og siden underholdning ikke alltid er et tilbud."
Fordeler: "Flight was cancelled and had to be rebooked, pushing our travel home back a day. No positives."
Ulemper: "Work around the flight cancellation better to keep people on schedule."
Fordeler: "Not crowded."
Ulemper: "Food! I’ve never been on a 6+ hour flight where they didn’t serve any food!"
Fordeler: "The crew was good but this seating was very tight."
Ulemper: "Boarding should be done from the back of the plane to forward which would get rid of the bottle neck when trying to get on. It was not an Iceland plane and there was no entertainment available."
Fordeler: "The crew was nice and boarding was quick."
Ulemper: "The plane was extremely hot. There were children running up and down the aisles the entire flight (a little play time is fine, but someone should've asked them to quiet down at some point). The seat in front of me reclined so far back, it was inches from my face for the full six hours."
Fordeler: "Crew is great. Comfortable seats."
Ulemper: "You have to pan ahead because there’s no meal or even snack service, and items available for purchase on board are quite limited."
Fordeler: "Crew was adaquate,"
Ulemper: "plane was 1 hr late boarding You changed my seat on BOTH legs of my flight . Suurely NOTHING to get happy about !"
Fordeler: "The crew was very professional."
Ulemper: "Legroom was nonexistent on the first leg (Amsterdam to iceland) of our flight"
Fordeler: "Nice crew"
Ulemper: "Seats are so uncomfortable"
Fordeler: "The seat has minimal cushioning"
Fordeler: "Crew was very friendly! Flight was very comfortable"
Fordeler: "The seats were great"
Ulemper: "The films were to old"
Ulemper: "I never took my flight, the customer service to cancelling my ticket would have been a huge help."
Fordeler: "Overall a pleasant experience"
Ulemper: "The lack of advance knowledge regarding Passport control in Keflavik on the return flight from Europe"
Fordeler: "Crew and food was nice If you are a Saga class passenger like my wife and I left something to be desired"
Ulemper: "Boarding procee in Iceland for Saga class means you get called up first to wait in line for bus to plane. There you wait for others to check in the gate. Then you proceed to board the bus. Saga class was with everyone. By the time we got on board waiting to climb the stairs we were soaked from the rain. Our bags were marked priority yet to our dismay it took 20 minutes for our bags to come on the carosill after others started getting there bags. Glad We had those priority stickers as we were clearly in the last of the bunch. 0"
Fordeler: "Pleasant crew"
Ulemper: "My wife and I wen business class called Saga class we have flown first class on other airlines and know the drill. In this case we were wrong The Saga class passengers were in line when we were told we would need to wait for 55 members of a high school soccer team to board. Did not have a lot of time to settle in Saga class once they were on"
Fordeler: "All was fine: economy seats with great legroom; helpful, nice crew; efficient updates from icelandair - had a flight delay, which resulted in an overnight in Iceland that turned into a mini vacation."
Ulemper: "Delay and missed connection caused getting back to work a day late but it was a fun interruption."
Fordeler: "At least IA has great entertainment system with many movie options."
Ulemper: "Iceland Air has no self baggage check area. It appears that SAS has a monopoly here and handles everything, which means waiting in multiple lines even if you self check and print bag tags at the kiosk. What’s the point if you have to go the service area to check your bags?"
Ulemper: "Icelandair does not serve food, flights are very hot, get very little to drink"
Fordeler: "Plane boarded and left mostly on schedule. The price was pretty incredible, I paid a fraction of what I expected based on previous trips to Europe."
Ulemper: "Arriving in Reykjavik, we needed to bus to the terminal. Weather was fine so it wasn't a big deal, but it involved additional waiting and the buses fill up quickly."
Ulemper: "My first flight was canceled due to lack of available aircraft. My connecting flight was then 2 1/2 hours late due to a mechanical issue. That made me miss my flight to Denver. The fact that they had a flight scheduled that didn’t have an aircraft available is very poor planning and caused a great deal of issues"
Fordeler: "The staff are good, but the plane is older and not very comfortable. Even if it is clean it is hard to tell. It’s the last flight to our area, but it as on time at 12:20a, and the wait for baggage was short."
Ulemper: "I was cold, but it was as a short flight, so I didn’t suffer long."
Fordeler: "It was the fastest route from Washington DC to Helsinki."
Ulemper: "Staff a bit cold (no pun intended). Aircraft are well maintained but old. Business class is not at all on par with the competition. It's called premium economy on every other airline. Outdoor disembarking and boarding in Iceland... Yes, it's true... Even with open gates at the airport. Contrary to the staff, passport control is in Keflavik... With the one hour layover... Expect to be stressed trying to make your connection. No partner airlines means no credit for using this airline. Overall... Unless I'm going to Iceland, I think I'll forego using this airline in the future. Rather be in another carrier's premium economy than their business class."
Fordeler: "They provided a pillow and blanket which was very nice, and the crew were helpful in finding space for items during take-off and landing. The boarding and exiting were fairly quick."
Ulemper: "Everything on board costs extra, including basic drinks and snacks, but that's to be expected on cheaper flights. I assumed that the inflight movies cost money as well, although I didn't watch any because I didn't have headphones."
Fordeler: "Well organized. Good smooth flight."
Ulemper: "No food beyond water or coffee unless you pay extra. Not enough room for 183 cm person."
Fordeler: "seating was adequate"
Ulemper: "very limited choice for vegetarians -salad only. very limited choices for entertainment-most movies outdated."
Fordeler: "Service was good and they took good care of me and my family."
Ulemper: "Could not hear what the Captain said on the intercom."
Fordeler: "The entertainment and ability to charge your phone was awesome. The flight attendants were professional. The flight was on time to Oslo and from also, as well as to and from Reykjavik from Kennedy and Boston."
Ulemper: "There was no one at a desk to welcome you. No boarding children or the back rows of the plane first. I almost missed my flight to Boston from Reykjavik because the gate was actually an unmarked door with a flight of stairs. I have never been on any airline with such an inferior boarding experience. Just swipe your boarding pass and wait with the other miserable looking passengers. No nice facilities to sit either. Many people just on the floor."
Fordeler: "This 767 was a very nice and spacious plane"
Ulemper: "No snacks, no meals offered"
Fordeler: "Clean. Moderately comfortable. Entertainment ok."
Ulemper: "Crews did not communicate much, they flew past with the water cart and somehow we missed them. When we asked for water they just glared at us. Not very friendly at all."
Fordeler: "Nice and confortable flight, which is rare now days.."
Ulemper: "Small.seats, could be a bit bigger.."
Fordeler: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "Was surprised to learn that the meal and headset are not included in the economy price. Competitors charge less, feed and entertain you! Not planning on travelling on this airline anymore."
Fordeler: "Employees very friendly, helpful, professional. Comfortable newer plane."
Ulemper: "Lack of food on the about even a cookie or two that you don't have to pay for?"
Fordeler: "Service was great, plenty leg room, restrooms were kept clean for the entire flight."
Fordeler: "Crew was good once we finally got going"
Ulemper: "We had a 9 hour delay overnight in the Oslo Airport where there was no explanation as to why. Technical difficulties isn't a clear explanation and 9 hours of technical difficulties, which also happened to earlier Oslo flights and would happen to Copenhagen and Glasgow flights the next day, is more than a technical difficulty. It is a breakdown of a plane or several in an overbooked and maxed out fleet that is overburdened, so call it that and be clear. There was far too small compensation (a $10US meal voucher in Oslo buys you nothing and the further $20 for what amounts to a night on the floor is pretty poor) for this very significant delay as well. The airline did not apologise or offer anything for this significant inconvenience to its customers. I was actually in better shape than most because I had purposely planned a longer layover in Reykjavik, but did not get to use to see some sights, because of this. Just know that this is a risk with Icelandair before making plans."
Fordeler: "Clean airplane, comfortable seats. Pleasant, courteous and professional crew. Excellent in flight food services and entertainment."
Ulemper: "Plane take off delayed at Newark making us late for connecting flight to Zurich at Reykjavik. Although we made the connection and the plane was held, it made the transfer very stressful. I believe that the delays were caused by Newark ATC and not the fault of Iceland Air."
Fordeler: "reasonable choice of films"
Ulemper: "The incoming aircraft was over an hour late arriving, but there was no prior message that the outbound flight would be delayed. The boarding area was too small to accommodate all the waiting passengers comfortably. Most airlines flying from Schiphol arrange for more gate space."
Fordeler: "Pleasant flight."
Ulemper: "I wish Icelandic had better food choices."
Fordeler: "We had a most wonderful flight attendant named Axel Arnason on our flight who was great and made the flight not only bearable but actually very good. We were very unhappy at boarding and he recognized this, took the initiative, and went out of his way to insure that we were happy. One of the other flight attendants also gave us a free meal. I thought the airline should have given everyone a free dinner due to such lousy service at the gate. I would highly recommend that your executives take a plane ride in economy. It may open your eyes!"
Ulemper: "We had a two hour delay before leaving in Oslo. We walked into the most chaotic scene i've ever experienced at a terminal. Despite having a two hour window, nothing had been done to prepare for all the people arriving and needing to connect. There were no lines, no signs, no people to tell us where to go or how to board. It was a big fat mess! There was no time to go to the restroom, get something (less expensive) to eat or take with us. Very poorly handled. Once on board the plane, the very least that should have been done as to give everyone a free dinner. If we hadn't had such a nice flight attendant I would be requesting reimbursement for the meal we had to buy on the plane. I don't know if we will fly with you again. The seats are tiny, no snacks provided, and not a very good food menu."
Ulemper: "Brutally rude"
Fordeler: "-Price -Service -The technology of the aircraft. -How easy it was to do the web-check in (and the overall website)"
Ulemper: "Didn't like that you had to pay for food on long/overnight flights."
Fordeler: "Our seats barely reclined-same as economy Couldn't stretch legs due to bulkhead. While purpose of Business Class was to enable sleeping. Without stretching out, that didn't happen"
Fordeler: "Oslo airport was great., spacious, good food and shopping, clean, well signed, plenty of places to charge electronics"
Ulemper: "long flight, no snacks."
Ulemper: "On a trans-atlantic flight, a flight that is more than 4 hours, food should not cost, nor should the cost of food be exorbitantly expensive."
Fordeler: "Great crew, pleasant, courteous and serviceminded"
Fordeler: "The crew was very friendly and accommodating."
Ulemper: "The temperature on the flight to Iceland was excessively warm. I am typically a person who enjoys the warmer temperatures but most passengers were uncomfortable with the temperature. This being the only exception to our experience with our flights to Iceland and Norway."
Fordeler: "I love Icelandair. Quirky and comfortable"
Fordeler: "comfortable."
Ulemper: "No food is offered. Old movie choices."
Fordeler: "Getting to the airport via train was very easy. Airport was large and had a lot of accommodations. Flight was smooth and quick. Entertainment options were plentiful."
Ulemper: "The boarding process was somewhat confusing. We had trouble finding the bag drop and there were not many employees around to ask. Getting on the bus to get to the plane was very crowded. The headphone jack in my husband's seat did not work so we shared earbuds through my jack."
Fordeler: "Warm chicken order was forgotten by attendant. Food should have been free or ticket less expensive. No place to sit at airport Reykjavik and long lines for food. See"

The airline ran late and I almost missed this connecting flight to LGW. The airline didn't act very sympathetic to my situation. I wished that didn't happen as my experience I'm sure would've been much different.

One flight has delayed, but connecting flight ( the same company) has another plan for us. And left TO TLL. Instead Finnair.Who waiting pax from BRUSSELS. GREAT EXAMPLE OF COOPERATION. 👍

Fordeler: "Helpful"
Ulemper: "Better reading material"
Fordeler: "Not much to say here. It was a short flight, and it went smoothly."
Ulemper: "I’ll say the same thing about almost every flight I have, and this is mostly for the airlines. People might fly more and pay a bit more if you give us more room. Being crammed into a tiny seat with a bunch of strangers is never pleasant. Same in this flight. Nothing terrible, just the usual. Also, to the other passengers, sit down until it’s your turn to exit. What is wrong with you that you can’t sit five more minutes? Be polite and let the people in front of you go first, let them have room to grab their bags instead of having your elbows in their face."
Fordeler: "Everything except the delay"
Ulemper: "No delays, took bag crew forever to load the plane, they were extremely late....waited over 35minutes"
Fordeler: "Clean and neat aircraft with nice crew"
Ulemper: "Find a way to serve at lease water. Some crew members were uptight. Need to be friendly"
Fordeler: "Clean airplane nice pretty stewardess in short dress."
Ulemper: "Probably private jet whit hot tub."
Ulemper: "The crew might be greeting passengers onboarding."
Fordeler: "We made it safely to our destination."
Ulemper: "There was no WiFi. Comfier seats or at least a pillow and blanket."
Ulemper: "Sēdvieta neērta un nepiemērota gulēšanai."
Fordeler: "Arrival in time"
Ulemper: "Compartment for hand luggage was full, no space"
Fordeler: "Food offered on flight even though short trip"
Ulemper: "Was delayed so being on time"
Ulemper: "Announcement At the airport and the plane needs speak English more clearly. Thanks!"
Ulemper: "Baggage was broken and two items inside also broken. Was overcharged for baggage."
Fordeler: "Small compliment from Air France was lovely and unexpected"
Fordeler: "Simple no frills airline"
Ulemper: "Ок"
Fordeler: "Yes"
Ulemper: "Trips"
Ulemper: "Short flight and unmemorable (that's a good thing)"
Fordeler: "My checked in bag did not arrive to HEL... Nedless to say I did check the bag tag was properly labeled RIX to HEL... oh well ... bad score for Baltic Air ... truly hope to see my bag in CGK when I arrived. Qatar airways pls come to the rescue."
Fordeler: "Modern airplane"
Ulemper: "Long delay on first flight leg Staff provided little help with transfers, made us run through airport but then decided to close the next flight anyway without the transfer passengers Next flight offered was 9 hours later, only offer was a 10EUR meal voucher - ridiculous"
Fordeler: "Newer plane for this stretch."
Fordeler: "Short flight"
Ulemper: "They charged me 35 dollars to check in and the reason I did not check in was because their other flight was running late and was not sure I will make to that flight. It took forever to get bags in Riga. In the empty flight the way they were seating people was crazy. I'm lifetime gold with American Airlines so I do fair share flying and can tell you it's not a good Airline."
Ulemper: "flight was delayed, missed connecting flight. new flight they gave me was also delayed, almost missed connecting flight again"
Fordeler: "Quick boarding, pleasant crew"
Ulemper: "Small propeller plane with very limited room, no in-flight service,"
Fordeler: "Nice crew"
Ulemper: "Please give out water for free"
Fordeler: "Did not have food, so not able to rate that. Comfortable for sure! Plane ain't that big and one side had only 2 seats next to each other."
Ulemper: "We were told upon check in that there was a charge to check in. I have never heard of such rubbish in 43 years of air travel. We were told we could check in online but we only had 4 minute in which to do it. We were charged €150 for 5 people. The check in Sgent was sour faced as well. Once aboard the plane (a nice new aircraft) we found the stewardesses sour faced as well. Overall not impressed by air Baltic!"
Ulemper: "Charging 30 Euros to check in at the airport is lunacy."
Ulemper: "This is an airline that has perfected the art of nickle-and-diming customers. One example: I asked for a glass of water. The smug flight attendant told me, “We only sell bottled water,” with a look that dared me to complain."
Ulemper: "bag measure frames in Riga airport used for aB are smaller than in most airports, as a results we were asked to check some bags in at the last moment. we have had connecting flight through Riga with two hand bags. lets call them big and small. judge by yourself: flight, aircraft, small, big ->Riga CS3, on board, on board Riga-> DHC 8-400, on board, check in ->Riga DHC 8-400, on board, on board Riga-> CS3, check in, check in as you see, the same bags on the same aircraft were allowed or disallowed by the same company based on weather one flies to Riga or from it. i believe there is absolutely no purpose for doing last second interruptions of such kind"
Ulemper: "We had to pay for 3 pieces of luggage, including my hand luggage. It came to about $150 dollars. When i booked the flight, it did not indicate anything about this extra change so be ware of this. The flight itself was quite inexpensive."
Fordeler: "The helpful ground person at check-in."
Ulemper: "This airline company looks a like person who is begging for money. First time in my life I paid for the luggage. 40 Euros!!! what for? Apparently Air Baltic has no clue about how to run a service business. Somebody has to teach them this naked reality: IN SERVICE BUSINESS YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE YOUR MAJOR MARKETING ASSETS! They don't even serve a glass of water, apparently they could not manage to integrate it in the ticket price. But they dare to get thirsty and unhappy customers on the plane. Anyways: This airline company is charging extra for luggage. And I could not see this anywhere when I was buying ticket online. If I knew I'd never buy the ticket from Airbaltic. "Not writing it clearly and visible at the time of ticket purchase" is certainly tricking and misleading us. This is a crime!"
Ulemper: "I was flying transit, but I had to go through the check-in in Paris. At the check-in they started to make problems about my carry-on luggage. I had just two flights from the United States behind me and no problems at all and suddenly I can't fly with my carry-on luggage? I didn't like the AirBaltic check-in service."
Fordeler: "It got me from point A to point B."
Ulemper: "Seat was uncomfortable and next to an odorous toilet."
Ulemper: "Who charges for coffee, jeez"
Fordeler: "It was very easy to print boarding pass."
Ulemper: "The scanners did not accept my boarding pass. 40% of the passengers had to have boarding passes reprinted. It was chaotic."
Ulemper: "Check in staff at Riga airport were rude. Check in Maine issued the same boarding pass twice, so one of us had no boarding pass. Security line was insanely long--30+ minutes! On board you pay for everything, even a glass of water. Tiny seats and the person behind me kept pushing on the back of my seat. Very uncomfortable! Will never fly airbaltic again."
Fordeler: "Quick boarding once the plane finally arrived. Planes are new."
Ulemper: "Flight was delayed approximately 45 minutes as a result of late arrival of aircraft - surprising since it was a morning flight.. I am 6ft2, leg room is VERY tight. I slept most of the flight so cannot speak to food or entertainment. Watch out for the fees! 5 euro per leg for a seat assignment 60 euro to check bags."
Ulemper: "For people who have Airbaltic as a connecting flight this might be very inconvenient. We paid 40 Eur/person each way for our luggage . That brings the price that you pay so much higher than you expect at first. Also if you don't print boarding pass ahead of time which we didn't (plus still needed to drop off checked luggage and check our passports) they want to charge you 30 Eur a person to print that drinking piece of paper. If you don't want to pay that get out of the line with all of you luggage, go to kiosk and print it, then come back to the line. But that's companies rules , employees just have to follow it. Another problem was their attitude. The guy who got our luggage was so weird. Showing off and talking to us like a boss. After giving us boarding passes he said we can go to the screen and look up the gate ourselves. I never write long reviews but man! they got me mad that day. Never say never - but I don't want to fly with this airline again"
Fordeler: "Friendly crew, tons of meal options, good price."
Ulemper: "Checked in luggage is only 20kg, there's no entertainment in flight."
Fordeler: "New Planes, crew"
Ulemper: "Entertainment cost !!!"
Fordeler: "Modern aircraft. Quick flight. Quick delivery of baggage at terminal. Relieved that baggage from BKK-KBP-RIX was not lost nor delayed."
Ulemper: "It was cold and I was not dressed for the bus to the aircraft, but instead for the tropics where I had been. The toilet was not centered for stand - up use for men. Thus had to kneel in order to use. This booked by UIA, but the carrier was Air Baltic, which led to some confusion as to which airline to go to for boarding."
Fordeler: "Fine, left on time, short flight."
Ulemper: "No complaints"
Fordeler: "Things moved along fairly well, especially once I was in Riga. The hour layover stressed me out because I wasn't sure if I'd make it to my connection in time, but the airport was not crowded so I managed to get through passport control fairly quickly and made my flight."
Ulemper: "Flight left a late, which was stressful with an hour layover in Riga where I had to go through passport control. Was very stressed, but made it with ten minutes to spare before my connection boarded because the airport happened to be not crowded."
Fordeler: "Booked on kayak and wasn't clear at all about check in or tickets, I looked many times. No way of checking in or getting boarding passes had to pay an arm and a leg at the gate. Also had to pay to check my bag on a half full flight. Have never had to check same bag with Ryanair on over 10 flights now. Will never use this airline again."
Fordeler: "The flights were on time, and the Riga airport was efficient."
Ulemper: "The planes seemed very old and rickety. One was an old propeller plane that looked like it had a large patch. The second plane was so old that It was very difficult to open the overhead storage compartments. Both planes rocked side to side during takeoff and landing. I couldn't figure out how to check baggage online through Kayak, and it cost €40 at the airport. It got me where I needs to go, but with the baggage fees, it turned out to be about the same price as other airlines, and I wouldn't recommend the planes for people with any flying anxiety."
Fordeler: "Efficient"
Ulemper: "A free cup of tea or coffee would have been nice on a flight almost 2 hours long"
Fordeler: "Very efficient, quick"
Fordeler: "All good"

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