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DeltaGjennomsnittlig score basert på 29326 vurderinger
Fordeler: "The crew’s positive energy and great service were truly amazing. Kudos Delta!"
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Fordeler: "The crew’s positive energy and great service were truly amazing. Kudos Delta!"
Fordeler: "The crew was very friendly and it was a day fast flight."
Ulemper: "No back of seat entertainment."
Ulemper: "Turn on the lights before landing graduallyb- noone likes bright fast - too nasty;"
Fordeler: "Well organized and easy to check in."
Ulemper: "No"
Ulemper: "Seats are tight"
Ulemper: "The boarding process was awful. The gate agent was extremely rude - was shocked she was representing Delta. There was police on board arresting two passengers and crew was not saying anything."
Fordeler: "On time, comfortable flight. Great crew and service."
Ulemper: "Nothing. Everything was great."
Ulemper: "Late"
Ulemper: "Not cancelling our flight"
Fordeler: "The free movie/entertainment system"
Ulemper: "Leg room limited, but seats were ok"
Ulemper: "food options"
Fordeler: "Crew was nice and welcoming"
Ulemper: "Well, if our plane had been leaving on time it would've been superb."
Fordeler: "Crew was friendly, cabin was clean."
Ulemper: "No Tvs"
Ulemper: "Choice of healthier snack"
Fordeler: "Flight attendant in first class was amazing."
Ulemper: "Too much delay - departure was planned on March 15 @ 7 pm and take off happened on March 16 @ 12pm - a complete failure!!!!"
Ulemper: "The flight was 2 hours delayed.. this cause a lot of inconvienece.."
Fordeler: "Arrived on time and smooth flight though it was completely full"
Fordeler: "Great service!"
Ulemper: "N/A"
Ulemper: "Rude to passengers and then went to the back and loudly complained about other passengers. Very unprofessional."
Ulemper: "The crew was terrible & rude."
Fordeler: "The flight itself was fine, boarded on time and arrived on time."
Ulemper: "A pet peeve of mine is having to check my carry on. They said the overhead bins were all completely full, so I checked my bag at the gate. Come to find out, there were a few spaces left and it wasn't necessary. Really annoying."
Fordeler: "Boarding was on time; flight departures on time and arrived earlier than expected! Pilot told us exactly what was the status and gave us updates; cabin was well air conditioned; flight attendants were friendly; bags came out very quick! Very nice flight"
Fordeler: "I arrived safely."
Ulemper: "Space on board was horrible. Diffenately not enough room and I'm an average guys."
Fordeler: "It's a fast flight and boarding was quick."
Ulemper: "The terminal at LGA airlines is terrible."
Ulemper: "Hour late"
Fordeler: "They had available seats on an earlier flight and I was able to get home super quick! My checked bag also made it which was great!"
Ulemper: "insufficient overhead luggage space"
Fordeler: "Flight attendants were excellent!"
Ulemper: "That's the flight is clean"
Fordeler: "Customer service"
Fordeler: "We were treated very well and it was a short, sweet flight. Nothing to complain about."
Fordeler: "Flight was on time, boarded quickly and efficiently. Staff were nice enough but all business."
Fordeler: "Seats were comfortable, choose your own entertainment has new and classic films. Snack selection and quantity were low compared to JetBlue."
Ulemper: "Took too long to board the plane. Wifi never connected."
Fordeler: "Very clean plane and comfortable. Great friendly crew and very good service."
Ulemper: "Wifi service was slow but acceptable. Not a big issue."
Fordeler: "Arriving in 2 hrs from Orlando to laguardia!"
Ulemper: "no tv .. I didn't like that we had to use our own electronic device to access the entertainment system."
Fordeler: "The Gogo Inflight wifi and entertainment did not work for even a minute. I choose flights based on their amenities and this one had offered full WIFI service which swayed me to choose to fly with Delta. I'm not sure who is to blame about this issue but I'm pretty frustrated that it was completely dysfunctional."
Fordeler: "We were traveling with a 4 month old lap infant, and the crew went out of their way to warm bottles and be friendly in general. The plane was clean and comfortable, and on this leg of our trip the entertainment system actually worked!"
Ulemper: "The only bad things were those that were totally out of Delta's control: weather delays and absolutely nasty and rude TSA agents who seemed to understand neither the concept of their Pre-Check system (no dedicated lines and no priority) nor the fun of traveling with an infant."
Fordeler: "No fee to get on an earlier flught"
Ulemper: "When I tried to rebook online this flight was not an option"
Fordeler: "Got lucky, and got an upgrade!"
Ulemper: "Good staff on the plane very sweet like. Actually arrived early. Thought we would get breakfast on the flight from Madison Wisconsin to New York City."
Fordeler: "the plane crew were nice"
Ulemper: "ok wont fly delta if i can avoid it"
Fordeler: "Smooth flight"
Ulemper: "The entertainment on the app, bring back the good old tv's on the flight"
Ulemper: "Delayed and crews attitude. Also being seated next to someone when the plain is half empty"
Fordeler: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "I did not like the fact that I have been with Delta for years and their response to me about booking my flight and using the payment method was they are working on it and there is nothing they can do. They would not even offer to hold my flight for 24 hours in case they fixed the issue within that time frame. It was very disappointing."
Fordeler: "service. Thank you."
Ulemper: "comfort seats were uncomfortable"
Ulemper: "No in flight entertainment"
Fordeler: "The customer service of the middle aged White frmale FA"
Ulemper: "The seats were small"
Fordeler: "Clean, modern plane, friendly crew, great service"
Ulemper: "I liked it all!"
Fordeler: "Friendly crew"
Fordeler: "Friendly crew,boarding is fast and easy."
Ulemper: "I needed wheelchair assistance due to a back injury. The person that picked me up at the aircraft from London was terrific, l was taken to the terminal and told that another team member would take me to the aircraft. No one showed up until the aircraft was fully boarded, then he left me at the beginning of the ramp instead of wheeling me to the aircraft. I was very disappointed! I was so disappointed I didn’t wait for a pickup at the airport in Amsterdam. I regret it, because I’m in so much pain!"
Fordeler: "Crew was good. Seats comfortable."
Ulemper: "The ear plugs connection to the screen was not working 100%. Overall good flight, better than any of the American carriers,"
Fordeler: "It was OK experience. Nothing special."
Ulemper: "I was overcharged for luggage. Was not given the chance to pay when checking in online so was charged top rate for 1 piece of hold luggage at the check in desk. A flight that was a reasonable cost became expensive."
Ulemper: "staff Attitude could be better. Also no milk for toddlers but free vine for people to get drunk, be loud on overnight flight, then snore and stink drunk. My table was all in some snort when I opened it to put my meal on. Dirty lavatory floors."
Fordeler: "Short flight"
Ulemper: "No WiFi."
Ulemper: "Actually not bad - had to wait a few min at terminal 5 for gate to be free - but pretty good overall"
Ulemper: "Too many delays including leading the gate due to ground staff leaving equipment behind the plane .... really ?! On the upside - announcements from 1st officer was good"
Ulemper: "Premium economy amenities were outdated, specifically the seats. My tray table was unable to lie flat so food/drink kept sliding off. Quite unacceptable. I’ll fly American next time in premium economy, much better at the moment."
Ulemper: "Ingen underholdning - men bra magasiner"
Fordeler: "The crew were above friendly, calling you by name and were very accommodating."
Ulemper: "Plane was older, seats were grungy and the onboard entertainment was not updated, i.e: small screens with poor visibility, some screens did not even work for some passengers, limited amount of movies/entertainment for a 10 hour flight this was disappointing and seriously makes me reconsider flying British Airways ever again."
Fordeler: "My flight was over four hours delayed and I appreciated that when I got to the airport and found that out, I didn’t have to ask for anything but was immediately greeted with a food voucher. I lost an entire days worth of vacation in Germany, so well I do feel the British Airways should have done better and should’ve compensated me better, the fact that they immediately took steps to make the situation better was greatly appreciated. That level of customer service was beyond any I’ve received with an American-based airline. Also, the crew on the plane was fantastic and a great choice of movies. I flew American on the way home and was shocked at the lack of customer service and rudeness, I will happily fly British Airways again and again."
Ulemper: "A plane that was over four hours late costing me an entire day in Germany."
Ulemper: "No beverages? Not even water or coffee?"
Fordeler: "Vi kom frem til slutt. mer enn 4 timer forsinket."
Ulemper: "Ingen informasjon om hva som skjedde hverken på info table eller ved henvendelse til informasjonen. Stadig oppdatering av avreisested både frem og tilbake i tid Minst 4 ganger endret. Måtte betale for alt ombord selv etter å ha sittet i flyet nesten 2 timer. Meget dårlig service både av bakkepersonalet og ombord."
Fordeler: "Økonomi + var bra med god benplass og god service."
Ulemper: "Dårlig med informasjon og stadig endring av avgangstid"
Fordeler: "The flight attendants were very nice and tried to accomodate everyone. The food was pretty good for airline food. The snacks and beverages were plentiful. The tea they serve is delicious! Good movies, online games etc."
Ulemper: "I did not like the very tight seating with basically no leg room. Very uncomfortable. Unless you can afford 1st class or the pod type loungers. There is no room in the economy section."
Fordeler: "On time, very pleasant and helpful staff"
Fordeler: "For a short flight it was very good. The crew were very accommodating. On time. No delays"
Fordeler: "The flight was delayed due to a thunderstorm, something out of the control of BA or LHR Airport, but the crew never seized to deliver a superior service with a warm smile on their face even when the heat was unbearable coz the AC wasn’t working. The captain frequently gave us updates and even walked around the plane to answer our questions! Superior customer service..."
Ulemper: "My biggest complaint was that there was no AC while we were stuck for almost one hour on plane! BA should ensure that their planes are properly prepared for similar situations"
Fordeler: "it got there"
Ulemper: "how it got there"
Fordeler: "I did not order food I liked the new safety Videos"
Ulemper: "Checked-in baggage got mishandled and haven't got any response from British airlines after 24 hrs of complain filed."
Ulemper: "No WIFI"
Fordeler: "Friendly and helpful crew"
Ulemper: "My wife and I having to sit in separate seats when there were seats available next to each other. Being charged excess baggage when one suitcase was weigh under weight"
Fordeler: "Left on time and arrived on time."
Ulemper: "Boarding was a bit sloppy"
Fordeler: "The crew was very friendly and helpful. The pilot offered a look at the flight deck which made my husband so happy."
Ulemper: "I wanted a little more leg room. When the chair in front of me was declined I could barely move."
Fordeler: "There should be free food in the plane. It's a stupid concept. You can increase the prize of the ticket but food and drinks on plane should be free!"
Ulemper: "The same"
Ulemper: "Opportunity to purchase snacks and have wifi available."
Fordeler: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "Late flight It’s become like s budget carrier, you pay for drinks and food"
Fordeler: "it was very good I enjoyed the trip from midland to London and oslo And back through the same route it was very good . Thank you/"
Ulemper: "what I don't like is when the captain Announce that we should put off our cell phone and other devices some people still live theirs on that is not good at all please take note"
Fordeler: "Flt attendants. Esp the english guy."
Ulemper: "Once again just some measly pretzels."
Fordeler: "Flight on time. Baggage out quickly."
Ulemper: "No seat lights or entertainment due to fault. Food only available for purchase. Even sparkling water cost £1.80. Leg room minimal."
Fordeler: "I had an entire row to myself, the flight was on time, and the crew was great. The views of the Alps below were entertainment enough."
Ulemper: "N/A."
Fordeler: "The size of the airplane. Very spacious!"
Ulemper: "2 hour delay"
Ulemper: "Short haul flights food not served and need to be purchased"
Fordeler: "The food was tasty."
Ulemper: "flight was 1 hour and 40 minutes late. We sat on a hot plane waiting for take off and the temperature remained too high during the flight. Very little water was offered. Seating in coach was very tight."
Fordeler: "Got a window seat ad requesyrd"
Ulemper: "Nothing to comment upon"
Fordeler: "always friendly and helpful"
Ulemper: "The boarding in London. They did not call numbers or rows so people just squeezed...and pushed ... drinks If I sit on a window seat I sometimes do not notice the serving of liquids. I would appreciated it very much if they talk to me when they serve water and juice. Otherwise I get dehydrated. Happened last year on my flight back to the US, too.I had to get up and walk back to get water(2016). breakfast Breakfast used to be better with fresh fruits and cheese.and roll The pizzas are like cardboard, I do not care about. Other wise I am satisfied. Thanks"
Fordeler: "Just so comfortable and friendly. I'll fly them again next time!"
Ulemper: "Nothing."
Fordeler: "On Time"
Ulemper: "Seat Spacing Boarding and check-in was unnecessarily long"
Fordeler: "Courtesy, professionalism, cleanliness."
Ulemper: "Food was pathetic. We used to get 2 meals on a transatlantic flight. This time we got a mini marshmallows bar for the second meal and no choice but curry for the first."
Ulemper: "Went to the wrong place and then had to have wheelchair service to get me to the gate on time! Which he did for which I am most grateful! Am not familiar with European customs for travel!"
Ulemper: "Breakfast was pathetic"
Ulemper: "The plane was an hour late and there was no snacks served, you had to pay even for water."
Fordeler: "Airbus 380 - smooth and quiet"
Ulemper: "nothing it was good"
Fordeler: "The gate agent"
Fordeler: "NOTHING!!!"
Ulemper: "Although it was clear already around 9:30 that this flight (scheduled to depart at 10:25) would be severely delayed sue to fog in CDG and LHR, the local British Airways staff adamantly refused to assist in rerouting us either from Paris or from London to our final destination in Chicago. Their complete lack of cooperation was stunning and quite offensive. A different tune was played by the airport staff for international connections who helped us expeditiously and kindly to be rerouted on an United Airlines flight."
Ulemper: "Cancelled with no opportunity to rebook. I missed my entire trip!"
Fordeler: "The food was acceptable and served in a timely, efficient way. The entertainment options were very good and the system easy to use."
Ulemper: "The seats were extremely uncomfortable due to being so narrow and also very little leg room. I was in the second seat in a 4-seat row and had difficulty getting through the space to seat myself. I'm a person of average size. On a six hour flight this becomes very irritating."

Forferdelig trangt og elendig beinplass for en lang flyvning.

Ventet i tre kvarter på at catering skulle komme ombord. Gjorde at mange passasjerer hadde problemer med å rekke flyforbindelse. Ellers en fin flyvning

Fordeler: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "A tv on plane"
Ulemper: "No personal entertainment system. Has to use my phone."
Ulemper: "Seats are narrow and no leg room"
Fordeler: "Seats were pretty comfortable. We were allowed to deplane down a staircase off the back of the plane. Very cool."
Ulemper: "N/A"
Fordeler: "CLT to LGA Airbus expérience was as pleasant as ever. The flight attendant on the regional EMB from LGA to YUL was exceptional."
Fordeler: "Everything. The entertainment was ok. I think a movie would be better than the shows"
Ulemper: "if I would’ve been in first :)"
Ulemper: "Delayed"
Ulemper: "The seats could be bigger."
Fordeler: "Comfortable seats and snack / drinks service"
Ulemper: "Delayed flight departure and bumpy landing"
Fordeler: "Plane too cold hard to sleep, no blankets or pillows"
Ulemper: "late cold plane"
Fordeler: "Free tv to distract me from my state of misery"
Ulemper: "Too warm on flight. Was so nauseated the whole time."
Fordeler: "Wi-Fi was adequate"
Ulemper: "I paid extra for a better seat, but it still felt cramped. The tray was crooked and I had no priority boarding."
Fordeler: "Easy check in and Boarding"
Fordeler: "Legroom"
Ulemper: "Snacks, non usable Wi-Fi"
Fordeler: "Courteous man at baggage drop off. Of Danish heritage and we enjoyed talking about this as we prepared bags."
Ulemper: "Unfortunately the nice man at the bag drop off managed to give mark down that I was the owner of two bags, and my wife none. I asked specifically if my carry on bag was ok to bring into the plane, to which he said yes. Then as we get to the gate and boarding I have to argue with the boarding flight staff regarding my carry on. The final result, after being promised a additional cost of 35 usd( second bag) is That when i sit down in my seat I look at my bag tag and see that I’ve been charged 150 usd for my carry on bag that’s in addition to the 50 usd I payed at the bag drop off for our regular luggage. Happy? Don’t think so"
Ulemper: "X"
Fordeler: "Good flight attendants"
Fordeler: "Pleasant and helpful staff"
Fordeler: "On-board staff were professional and kept everything running smoothly and with great communication from the pilot."
Ulemper: "Claiming baggage at LaGuardia was an hours-long process for everyone on the flight leading to raised tension and lots of tired folks on what was already a late (and delayed flight)."
Fordeler: "Immigration in Dallas was amazing, so quick and no fuss."
Ulemper: "If you are running late you might struggle to get from terminal to terminal"
Fordeler: "We had to wait in the airplane upon arrival in La Guardia NY because wheelchair was not ready."
Fordeler: "All service once on board was lovely"
Ulemper: "Surprised by a snarky employee at gate check for my connecting flight home today. I fly with AA nearly every week for work. They grabbed my bag from me and insisted it be checked. I said I didn’t want to pay for checking and that it contained fragile items. It was a little over-stuffed for the scale. When I went to open it and remove some bulky items to put in my purse, they snatched my suitcase away and refused to let me touch my bag. I find this to be completely unacceptable. They had the gall to suggest I go to an airport store, buy a “suitable suitcase,” and take a later flight home. They made a scene and called a supervisor who kindly and promptly let me in my suitcase. The employee then spoke negatively about me loudly to nearby colleagues and refused to make eye contact. After the supervisor let me in my bag, I got on the plane with my suitcase. At one point, this employee made me feel like I was going to be kicked off of my flight; this was so unnecessary and extremely unprofessional. AA - your employees are better than this."
Fordeler: "Attentive and friendly crew."
Fordeler: "Great flight. Nice airplanes and friendly hostesses."
Fordeler: "On time take off"
Fordeler: "Everything was on time and great."
Ulemper: "Ever thing was fine."
Fordeler: "Just being able get home."
Ulemper: "After madly rushing to get to the gate, we found out 5 minutes before scheduled boarding time that there would be a 15 minute delay in boarding. After that, we were told there would be another 30 minute delay. Once we were on board and the cabin doors were closed we were told there would be another 55 minute delay. Also, LGA is such a mess these days due to construction and would have been nice to get an email notification beforehand about it. We barely made our outgoing flight!"
Ulemper: "Everything was great."
Fordeler: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "Both flights, to and from around had to go search for my baggage and on the return flight I even had to go to a different terminal. The service is unacceptable. I will never fly with AA again."
Ulemper: "Older plane"
Fordeler: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "Poor customer service and late departures."
Fordeler: "A short flight that was even shorter because we arrived early. Luggage arrived promptly at Baggage Claim, too. American has flights between Chicago and New York practically every hour, which is very convenient. They might as well have a shuttle. Gate staff and flight attendants friendly and helpful. Love the upgraded individual consoles for the entertainment."
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordeler: "Also quick and painless flight"
Ulemper: "Flight attendants where kind of rude."
Ulemper: "I paid extra money to sit in the front of the plane due to traveling with my dog... when I looked at my boarding pass I realized I was sitting in the last row of the plane ... the cabin was booked and they could not move my seat! Really upsetting and frustrating!"
Fordeler: "On time departure/early arrival"
Ulemper: "Boarding g process a bit chaotic"
Ulemper: "No gluten free snacks"
Fordeler: "the flight was on time coming and going"
Ulemper: "Itthe ground staff (red coat agents) at MIA extremely unhelpful and arrogant. I am visually impaired, asked for assistance to check luggage, asked for assistance and was simply tol to go to end of the line at a counter that was at least fifty yards away. Upon my. O planning of the lack of service as simply to go talk to the manager."
Ulemper: "Baggage claim took extremely long time. It took a while before the baggage crew even became aware of situation."
Fordeler: "The gate crew in Roanoke were professional and helpful. The next day's flight was on time and uneventful."
Ulemper: "The flight attendant was unfriendly at boarding. He did not say or play any pre-flight safety announcements. We were told the flight might have to refuel in Richmond due to major weather delays in LGA. When we were landing they said they expected a refuel and a quick turnaround in Richmond. On the plane after landing, I learned via my phone's internet the flight was cancelled. They never announced it on the plane. At the final moment before we disembarked, the crew told us to be sure to take our belongings. When we landed, Flightaware showed delays of 45 minutes at LGA. AA never took responsibility for the problem though the gate crew mentioned they canceled the flight because the crew was going to be over their maximum hours. AA really couldn't plan to allow for up to an hour delay? I feel disrespected and even deceived. Although it was clear that flight attendant really needed to get off that plane. At the gate, we were told there were no available flights to NYC and were stranded overnight in Richmond. AA did offer a hotel pretending it was a courtesy since they claimed the problem was weather related and not theirs. We chose to stay with relatives and were told AA could only provide transportation from the airport which we did not need. We often have problems and cancellations on this route from when it was branded a US Air route to the present, but this was egregious."
Ulemper: "Refer to above. Both flights were horrible."
Fordeler: "Volare con American"
Ulemper: "No snacks offered! No alcohol drinks offered!"
Ulemper: "Everyone excellent"
Fordeler: "boarding was in time, and comfort."
Ulemper: "comfort was very good"
Ulemper: "Not flying."
Fordeler: "On time"
Ulemper: "No refreshments"
Fordeler: "It was comfortable"
Ulemper: "The wifi wasn't working"
Fordeler: "Everything fine"
Ulemper: "No complaints"
Ulemper: "Delayed flights flight"
Ulemper: "Flight was delayed"
Ulemper: "I had a very large man in the middle seat next to me. I was in the window seat. He leaked over into my seat which made it very uncomfortable especially when he fell asleep. I know the airlines can't do anything about this but he should pay for a larger seat."
Fordeler: "Once we got going, everything was great."
Ulemper: "2 hour delay on the plane due to mechanical issues."
Fordeler: "We landed in NYC -- although it was first announced as Dulles."
Ulemper: "This flight was on Canadian Air under the auspices of United. I was not allowed into the United Club lounge despite the fact that I had business class ticket. I was informed that a business class ticket isn't sufficient for using the lounge when flying domestic. It is only good when flying international. They call that customer service. I generally avoid domestic airlines because of the customer service. The flight attendants were not happy to serve you. It's a small flight but they didn't even offer a snack -- you had to ask for it. And then they brought over a small basket with nuts, chips, candy bars, and a muffin. I took a muffin and it stuck to the roof of my mouth -- very poor quality. When I asked for a snack the flight attendant replied cocktail or soft drink never saying whether or not a snack was available.. She said this a couple of times before I could repeat that I wanted a snack to which she replied you want something to drink with that. I've been on many short flights in Asia and they will deliver a full meal and you don't have to ask for it. There was no entertainment but United did send an email explaining how I could purchase entertainment to play on my own device."
Ulemper: "We were forced to use another airline and we landed in NYC about 5 hours later."
Ulemper: "Non existent"
Ulemper: "Very delayed"
Fordeler: "Nothing. I didn't take the flight."
Ulemper: "They didn't get me to New York. Our original aircraft was stolen to use for another flight. So we needed to wait for another plane that wasn't due until 90 minutes after our scheduled departure. This second plane had maintainence issues. After 4 hours waiting I got on a Delta flight."
Ulemper: "The flight was slightly delayed on departure and arrival."
Ulemper: "Old plane----moldy and smelly."
Ulemper: "Every thing"
Fordeler: "flight was fast"
Ulemper: "No media in-seat is frustrating."
Fordeler: "I got upgraded to first class and I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent service. Flight was on time. Crew was very nice. Food was great too."
Fordeler: "Outstanding service. On time very nice employees"
Ulemper: "No complaints at all."
Fordeler: "The crew did a good job with the sick woman."
Ulemper: "You better get rid of basic economy."
Fordeler: "My legs were very uncomfortable to sit"
Ulemper: "seats were too close"
Fordeler: "I enjoyed the comfortable seating"
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "NA"
Ulemper: "I prefer an entertainment console and monitor in the seat in front of me."
Ulemper: "Very scary flight"
Fordeler: "Luggage storage was large"
Ulemper: "Metal rails of seat in front and couldnt fit carryon below seat in front, bcharge for entertainment"
Fordeler: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "Delays, no tv, uncomfortable seats"
Fordeler: "The crews were accommodated"
Ulemper: "The flight was delayed on so many occasions."
Fordeler: "Seat was ok in stiffness and padding"
Ulemper: "Don't like sitting with my knees propped on the seat in front of me when I'm only 6' tall. feel like you could give a touch of extra legroom for times like when you want something out of your bag crammed below the seat and you have to jar your neck sideways to reach it and try not to be in your neighbors lap while doing it."
Fordeler: "Everything went smoothly"
Ulemper: "Good options are terrible"
Fordeler: "Excellent and content flight."
Ulemper: "No complaints"
Fordeler: "nothing"
Ulemper: "it was disgusting service. We never got to make it out to Denver. Our flights kept getting canceled even though we didn't buy tickets to be on stand by. Never flying with this company ever again!!!!!"
Fordeler: "Flight attendants were helpful, courteous, and welcoming."
Ulemper: "My seat didn't recline"
Ulemper: "Flight was delayed a few times , learned once i got to the airport flight was delayed .. and delayed 2 more times while on the plane .... They didnt know which way the bags were located ...(baggage claim or at the door way of exit of the plane )"
Fordeler: "Nice comfortable seating. Fell straight to sleep"
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordeler: "Little- only plus was bulkhead seating but I was yelled at for having that when flight staff tried to take my seat."
Ulemper: "Rude staff, no help with my baby, flight attendant repeatedly yelled at me instead of simply talking to me like a Human. Check in attendants almost gave my seat away to a person with a dog, even though there were four other passengers without baby's flying. Then flight attendant yelled at me for "picking" the bulkhead seat- a seat that was given to me after united had taken my seat away earlier that day. I could go on and on. We won't be flying united again and I'm telling my friends with children to do the same."
Fordeler: "Pretzels is not enough I pay a lot to travel"
Fordeler: "It was great"
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "There was no gate agent until about 6 minutes before the flight was scheduled to take off and when got there they were rude to customers and dismissive."
Fordeler: "The comfy seats"
Ulemper: "The fact that I had to pay to watch tv. Maybe people should have to pay for movies, but not for watching tv. Flights and till we takeoff can take a while. It would be nice to have some free entertainment. The plane was very hot when we were boarding."
Fordeler: "Boarding was a mess..."
Fordeler: "Comfortable seats and lots of leg room. I was not crowded at all. It was so nice to not feel cramped and to have plenty of room around me. It was one of the most comfortable flights I have experienced in years!"
Fordeler: "United spokesperson was able to get me on another flight out of O'hare. She was awesome."
Ulemper: "Nobody at the gate was helpful. They just kept saying check the board."
Ulemper: "The delays"
Fordeler: "The crew was friendly"
Ulemper: "Delays"
Ulemper: "I spent 4 hours waiting for a connecting flight the scheduled wait was 45 min"
Ulemper: "Everything! Even worse than my previous flight. Delays were inexcusable, staff ridiculously unfriendly and just bad attitudes all round. Very unpleasant experience, won't be using this airline ever again."
Ulemper: "Bad"
Ulemper: "My flight from NY to Houston was delayed, then my flight from Houston to Austin was delayed, then was cancelled without any communication, leaving everyone on the flight stranded at the airport at 1.30am when we were supposed to leave at 8pm."
Ulemper: "There was confusion on where to go check luggage and what duty free items could be carried on board."
Ulemper: "Old plane. An almost two hour delay taking off once we had boarded the plane. Terrible in flight entertainment options. 30 minutes straight of turbulence just before and while landing."

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2 stoppFlere flyselskaper
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28t 50mLGA-OSL
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22t 55mOSL-LGA
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20t 20mLGA-OSL
3 994 kr
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2 stoppDelta
13t 55mLGA-OSL
4 004 kr
2 stoppDelta
16t 29mOSL-LGA
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14t 05mLGA-OSL
4 014 kr
2 stoppBritish Airways
18t 00mOSL-LGA
2 stoppBritish Airways
26t 35mLGA-OSL
4 083 kr
2 stoppFlere flyselskaper
17t 36mOSL-LGA
2 stoppFlere flyselskaper
25t 21mLGA-OSL
4 193 kr
2 stoppUnited Airlines
31t 27mOSL-LGA
2 stoppUnited Airlines
20t 41mLGA-OSL
4 203 kr
2 stoppUnited Airlines
17t 57mOSL-LGA
2 stoppUnited Airlines
25t 01mLGA-OSL
4 213 kr
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25t 21mLGA-OSL
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17t 28mOSL-LGA
2 stoppFlere flyselskaper
20t 15mLGA-OSL
4 233 kr
2 stoppUnited Airlines
17t 27mOSL-LGA
2 stoppUnited Airlines
24t 01mLGA-OSL
4 253 kr

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30t 11mOSL-LGA
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30t 27mOSL-LGA
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