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LufthansaGjennomsnittlig score basert på 28712 vurderinger

Flying First Class with Lufthansa is something special, in every aspect of the word. It just has to be experienced!

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Flying First Class with Lufthansa is something special, in every aspect of the word. It just has to be experienced!

Helt grei businesspakke fra Lufthansa på en kort flyvning

Check in working effective. Kind cabin personnel . Not too note storage place inside for carry on luggage .

Fordeler: "yes great"
Fordeler: "Premium class is awesome. Nice size and comfortable seats with a foot rest. Food as tasty and hot. Attentive attendants."
Ulemper: "Honestly can’t think of anything!!"
Ulemper: "The seat didn’t recline and the entertainment didn’t work"
Fordeler: "Great food. Nice staff."
Ulemper: "Make a rule that people cannot put their seats back. People in front of us were rude and kept their seats back the entire flight, even after we nicely asked them to not have the seats back so far. Would prefer that seats did not move at all. I would never recline my seat in consideration for the person behind me. On an 11 hour flight, this is a big deal."
Ulemper: "Excelente fly"
Fordeler: "The crew were truly great as I had an extremely difficult flight due to tremendous pain in my knees. Coach economy are way too narrow, even if I paid for preferred seating. A joke. Cldnt move. So uncomfortable."
Ulemper: "Boardingvwas delayed so we left a good 50 minute late. Ran out of meal choice so we had to eat what they had left which was pasta that was too spicy for me anyway. I was very disappointed bec I preferred chicken but there were none left."
Ulemper: "The travel has bien good"
Ulemper: "Only reason I chose Lufthansa was that I was informed that 23kg of checked in luggage was included. It was NOT. I don't care whose fault it is. Lufthansa still says that this is included on their website. I demand reimbursement."
Fordeler: "The crew was wonderful and as far as airplane good goes, it was great."
Ulemper: "Leg room"
Ulemper: "Passenger in next seat was so big that his fst hung over the armrest and he took up 3 to 4 inches of my space. Lufthansa should not let passengers this big fly in economy class. I appreciate my space in economy will be limited but I should be able to use all of my allotted space."
Ulemper: "The arm rests on either side of my seat where closed so I had limited mobility in my seat (by closed I mean they didn’t move and had no open space between where your arm sits and the top of the chair)"
Fordeler: "Nice crew."
Ulemper: "Very cold. Always very cold in premium economy section on LH 747-8."
Ulemper: "Missed my flight by 2 minutes and couldn’t find any representatives to help me determine my options. Was left to figure it out in my own."
Ulemper: "Didn't like the fruit dish or the liverwurst type meat."
Fordeler: "We were treated very well by all staff. Very nice crew"
Ulemper: "The food was not good at all. The economy seats are uncomfortable and you should be able to walk around the plane, especially on a 9 plus hour flight."
Fordeler: "Excellent crew, provided beverages constantly, meals were very good for airplane food, seats were comfortable for most of the 9.5 hours. Entertainment selections were more than adequate. Even the babies were quiet !!!"
Ulemper: "TV screens did not function consistently, had to be reset a couple of times. Plane was late boarding (but made up most of the time). Had to go through security a second time even though it was a connecting flight. Luggage got crushed in a carousel pile-up and took a long time to come out."
Ulemper: "Need AC outlets and better WIFI"
Fordeler: "Lufthansa and SAS. A great combination."
Ulemper: "Nothing to not like."
Fordeler: "The crew helped my mom very much with her ansiery and were with her at all times."
Ulemper: "I bought the flight for my mom and she is handicap, the flight got delayed and they wanted to leave her in Frankfurt for 2 days because there was no more flights to the States, in the end they found a flight to Washington DC, she was coming to Miami. She is an old woman who gets lost and I had to order assistance for her, in Washington DC they opened her bags after that they lost the bags, she had medication on them and it was a nightmare to get them back. Im really upset and I don’t think That I’m going to book with this aero line again."
Fordeler: "all"
Ulemper: "nothinh"
Fordeler: "5 Star: Comfort 4 Star: Crew 5 Star: Boarding 5 Star: Entertainment 5 Star: Food.. One of the best flights of 2017 by far. Premium Economy will deliver the basics of luxury comfort."
Fordeler: "Upgraded from premium to Business class. Very good service and a good night slep."
Fordeler: "Smooth ride. Almost made up some flight time......"
Ulemper: "No entertainment, Two hour delay......almost missed our connecting flight."
Fordeler: "Quick loading and departure."
Ulemper: "The gate changing 3 times."
Fordeler: "The same"
Ulemper: "Nothing to be mentioned everything was good"
Fordeler: "The flight attendants were always friendly and attentive. No comparison to some other airlines I have flown with. Food was excellent and entertainment as well. Boarding went great especially when considering that the capacity of the plane is for 440 passengers."
Ulemper: "The seats are very close to each other, so when the person in front of me move their seat back I had to ask him not to."
Fordeler: "The crew was nice and boarding was efficient."
Ulemper: "Entertainment was dated and with few choices. Food was awful."
Fordeler: "I liked the food and courteous staff. Our flight was on time in order to connect to our next flight. They assisted us to our waiting wee Lchairs."
Ulemper: "Everything was ok. Nothing I did not like on that flight"
Fordeler: "Short flight, not much to say about it."
Fordeler: "The flight crew were very friendly and helpful. Excellent service."
Ulemper: "The entertainment interface us slow and kludgy."
Fordeler: "This leg of light was good. Service on board was very good."
Ulemper: "no complaints."
Fordeler: "excellent service"
Ulemper: "entertainment selection"
Fordeler: "It was on time :)"
Ulemper: "I booked wheelchair at Oslo airport, but my father did not get it at Frankfurt."
Fordeler: "Very friendly staff!"
Ulemper: "Monitor was very slow and at some moments not working at all (even after restart)"
Ulemper: "The crew was quite unfriendly and rude. Also not very attentive. The crew on the first trip from Miami to Frankfurt in contrast was outstanding. I'm disappointed because this was not up to Lufthansa's standards."
Fordeler: "There were lots of out of the ordinary (read annoying) behavior. Of other passengers and the cabin crew responded patiently and professionally."
Ulemper: "Boarding did not proceed by rows as customary so boarding was a bit chaotic with everyone rushing to the gate. The reclining seats aee an issue. Although comfortable for the ones reclining they are uncomfortable and at times painful ( taller people) and makes watching the screen impossible when fully reclined."
Ulemper: "Entertainment system was very slow."
Fordeler: "Apart from the turbulence everything was perfect. Flight attendants were very hospitable. Love the aircraft design. Great movie choices for the kids. In addition to that we all reach our destination safely. That's all that matters."
Fordeler: "I loved being upgraded to premium economy"
Fordeler: "Our flight from Frankfort to Munich was late. Luftansa sent a representative to our flight to make sure we and others from our flight got on to the flight to Charlotte. How awesome! Plane needs more leg room."
Fordeler: "Top of the line service on a very long but smooth ride"
Fordeler: "Very kind professional and accommodating crew"
Fordeler: "After so many domestic flights of being shuffled around and interacting with flight attendants that seem to not like their jobs much and passenger's are just an annoyance, flying abroad on Luftansa was quite a different experience! The flight attendants were polished, professional, and actually wanted to provide a service. Their interactions made me feel like I was cared about and that they wanted my unique needs to be met. This made a 10 hour flight an enjoyable experience which I certainly didn't anticipate."
Fordeler: "very little"
Ulemper: "lousy food. poor movie selection. uncomfortable seats."
Fordeler: "flight crew was very nice,"
Fordeler: "I like that everything is done fairly quickly and efficiently."
Ulemper: "It may be a cultural thing for some, but two of the flight attendants did not smile at all. Not even really an acknowledgement when I said hello to them. And I tried throughout the flight to see if it was just because they were too busy or simply did not hear or notice me. It's not a big deal now, but it can be if the whole staff were to become silent and non-interactive."
Fordeler: "Fell asleep and didn’t even realise. Finnair is very friendly and the staff are super nice. I was very thirsty and asked for two cups of water instead of one and the lady was not hesitant to give me two cups in quick succession. Very good air company"
Ulemper: "Nothing really too bad, you get what you expected. May of been nice to have a free sandwich as it’s a non stop flight - this is because Lufthansa has one stopover and offers a free sandwich and drink."
Fordeler: "Departed and arrived on time"
Ulemper: "Stop the sardine can treatment of passangers"
Fordeler: "Everything! I never knew Finnair was such a great airline."
Ulemper: "Other than maybe the lengthy layover time, which probably can't be helped, nothing could have been better."
Fordeler: "The crew was helpful and polite, food was good"
Ulemper: "Would have preferred to watch one comedy movie. The crazy rich Asians was on a lighter side of a movie but I had seen that one already."
Fordeler: "Automated scanning for boardin* at gate area. Food in business was exactly what was needed( breakfast) Attentive staff"
Ulemper: "The slow boarding once entering the aircraft, it seems the passengers don’t know how to take their seats quickly."
Fordeler: "Pleasant and friendly crew. Attentive and professional service."
Ulemper: "Late inbound flight made our flight delayed. No info at gate, until a few minutes before boarding. Small, crammed seats. Very worn seatbelts gives a less than favorable impression."
Fordeler: "God og personlig service ombord. Her ble man tatt godt vare på."
Ulemper: "Forsinket avgang, enda alle passasjerer var ombord i tide og boarding var «completed» før avreise."
Fordeler: "Time schedual"
Ulemper: "Over duty for extra weight"
Fordeler: "The flight did eventually take off, unlike a few others leaving around the same time."
Ulemper: "We were delayed several hours and were never told why. Mostly there were no Aeroflot staff at the gate to ask. When there was, they said they couldn't help us because our flight was a codeshare with FinnAir. At the last minute they switched gates, sending us all scurrying."
Ulemper: "Missed my connecting flight from Helsinki to Miami because the flight from New Delhi, India was delayed by more than 4 hours."
Fordeler: "If you picked the wrong line then check in took 40 minutes, arrive early!"
Fordeler: "The original flight was canceled, the stroller was taken away when boarded the airplane, and not seen until final destination. With a 1-year-old and 2 and a half year old, this was the worst ever flight. Take us 35 hours total travel time to get home with 2 small kids, it is a nightmare."
Ulemper: "The flight was cancelled and changed to 2 stops from one. We purchased a 1 stop flight because of the kids. In mid season a week before departure, we were notified about the change and it was impossible to get a same priced ticket so close to departure. We bought insurance but even with that was impossible. Looks like a scam. Very upsetting, messed up the whole thing."
Fordeler: "The employee at the checkin counter in Oslo set everything up for us regarding our wheelchair and walker. She was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and kind. She arranged for a pick up in Helsinki with the airport's crew. They helped us unload the plane and then had a personal accessible bus to take us from where we landed (outside of terminal) to the gate of our next departure. The crew were all extremely professional and efficient."
Ulemper: "The leg room is never enough on the long flights. The flight from Chicago to Helsinki at 10:00pm was not nearly as good as the flights from Oslo to Helsinki to Chicago. The crew was not as pleasant, the lights were not turned off until after 1:00 am and then turned on hours before the light "breakfast" was served."
Fordeler: "The crew was friendly and helpful. There were multiple runs for drinks and the meal was delicious. The entertainment tablet offered good movies and tv shows."
Ulemper: "The lights where not lowered down to make it easy for people to rest and make it easier to fall sleep."
Fordeler: "Crew professional."
Ulemper: "Everything ok."
Fordeler: "Typical service and level of attention you'd expect in business class. Great food and wine selection. The amenity kit has exactly what's needed and not more."
Ulemper: "Only 1 hour of Wi-fi included - seems strange for business class."
Fordeler: "Check-in process very efficient. Boarding uneventful. Flight attendants are engaged and present as humans (does it have to do with being well rested?). Blueberry drink was a nice "ethnic" touch."
Ulemper: "Check-in counters opened only 2 hours before departure. These days most European airlines counters are open 6-24 hours in advance. Was not really an issue for this small aircraft and lines moving fast once opened."
Fordeler: "I'm so happy to be able to travel with my small dog in cabin. I've travelled from Miami to Helsinki and back with a dog at least 30 times in the last 16 years. The service has always been very good. I choose the airline always based on what's best for my dog."
Fordeler: "Yes, in general I like American Airlines so I was happy with flight in general"
Ulemper: "the flight was 2 hours delayed."
Fordeler: "Liked this flight had exit row with lots of leg room for my 6'6' husband. As we requested"
Ulemper: "I ended up sitting in the last row although arrived at the airport early, but was placed on standby."
Fordeler: "The option of having a direct flight between Helsinki and Miami. The plane was clean and the seats comfortable."
Ulemper: "The flight was 1 1/2 hrs late!!!! This seems to be a regular pattern from what I understand from others who have travelled the same itinerary. Not good if this becomes your reputation. The crew was not very attentive during good service. It was more of a routine / rush job rather than making sure that everybody was served and got what they needed ( had to ask for my dinner as my row was skipped and was never offered coffee before landing). The crew seemed rather young and inexperienced. The food was below average!!!! Especially the chicken patty before landing - seriously!!!!! Why not include a little bit of Finnish / Scandinavian cuisine to emphasize the Finnair brand!!! Entertainment was also below average. There needs to be more variety - especially for the TV selection, which had only 2 options!!! No music and no games?? Also, it would be nice to have access to a flight map. Too few accessible WCs"
Fordeler: "direct flight from Helsinki to Miami was good"
Ulemper: "Only few movies, announcements were very quiet, the pilot barely spoke English, flight was 2.5 hours late."
Ulemper: "There was no reason given why the flight left Helsinki 35 minutes from schedule. Boarding aircraft seem to take a longer time than usual for a full flight. The flight crew during boarding in economy didn't have the push needed to get everyone seated in an efficient manner. The tv screen does not move out far enough to view when the person in front has their seat all the way back. Selection is limited compared to the non stop flight previous from Miami to Helsinki. There isn't an option to view the flight details in flight which is interesting to some passengers. At least have the option."
Fordeler: "Finnair was tolerable for a 1.5 hours flight. I tried blueberry juice for the first time and quite liked it. There was no food on this flight."
Ulemper: "Nothing to complain about for the short leg."
Ulemper: "Food, no option asked just served from Helsinki to Miami. Entertainment system was not working and later had only limited options."
Fordeler: "Good food, two hot meals."
Ulemper: "Unfortunately the flight was done by HiFly , not Finnair. Boarding took almost two hours, the whole flight crew behaved is if they were doing everybody a favor by being there. Entertainment options included like 6 movies and 2 tv shows, only 2 movies were more or less new, not much for a 10.30 hour flight. We really enjoyed our experience on the outbound flight with Finnair and were looking forward to this flight also, but Finnair didn't service this flight."
Fordeler: "Staff was friendly and accomodating. The food service for the long international flight was better than I expected."
Ulemper: "Movie entertainment options were not consistent from plane to plane. On the arriving flight, the plane had an impressive offering of movies and tv shows for passenger viewing during flight, however, on the return flight, there was much less available."
Fordeler: "..."
Ulemper: "...."
Fordeler: "Upgrade to business class was fantastic given my then physical condition. Wheelchair assistance to and from airplane smooth and courteous, food and all of service on board fantastic."
Fordeler: "Flying out of Chicago we had a 3 hour delay. Caused me to miss my connection. The cause was "plane availability". What? It wasn't weather related in the least. Once the flight left the ground, the trip was very pleasant. But, Finnair should have made some sort of compensation to the passengers. They did not."
Ulemper: "See above"
Fordeler: "Flight attendants were courteous and efficient, boarding flowed smoothly."
Ulemper: "I never get that flight."
Fordeler: "The flight was spacious, on time and everything went smoothly."
Ulemper: "-"
Fordeler: "Food and crew"
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordeler: "The crew members were very helpful and kind. Seats are okay. The music selection was pretty good."
Ulemper: "If you are not planning to sleep, bring your own book, tablet and earbuds! The airplane has no individual screens for entertainment, only tiny drop-down screens."
Fordeler: "Punctual and very good service from friendly crew"
Ulemper: "They don't give you options about what kind of food you prefer like carne / pasta , there is just one menu option. Any kind of snack between the two meals in a 11 hours flight. If you get hungry you will have to buy snacks on board . No legroom"
Ulemper: "Had to rush to my next flight and the gates were far apart."
Fordeler: "Crew was accommodating, entertainment movies was good and food/snacks was not bad for transatlantic flight from NY to Paris. Seats are cramped, but it is expected."
Ulemper: "Didn't appreciate the additional charge to select basic seats (not upgraded), not sure if justfly.com is affiliated with Kayak. I found it absurd but read reviews that if you don't select seats you might get bumped off your flight if it's oversold. I didn't take any chances so I paid the additional $29 and yet both my fiancee and I sat way apart. Arriving at the airport to check in, I saw options to select seats which made me upset even though there was nothing next to each other but way more options than online."
Fordeler: "Direct flight"
Ulemper: "Service onboard was terrible. Very rarely saw the crew, constantly had to go up and and ask for a drink. 11 hour flight only offered drinks with the meal service..."
Fordeler: "The crew was awesome , the food, the capt. Was the best didn't feel take off or landing overall. Except for room in coach I give it a 9 out of 10"
Ulemper: "No room in coach"
Fordeler: "Entertainment choices were good."
Ulemper: "The flight attendants were noisy, walking back and forth, so it was hard to rest, more like stomping. Was not pleased with flight attendant who served me, was kinda cocky and not friendly, which spoiled the customer service experience. Not enough leg room, cramped. Wish they had decaf tea. Other than that we arrived safely, so I'm very appreciative."
Fordeler: "it was fine"
Ulemper: "First of all, though this was booked as a Finnair flight, Finnair was never part of the process after the booking. We rec'd an email from Kayak saying we could check in 36 hrs early - not so. Even at the 24 hr mark, we were unable to check in via Finnair - had to go to British Airways. Finnair was not represented at either airport - British Airways. On the return, British Airways canceled our flight (2 hrs before takeoff), and we could not get a non-stop flight home. This meant that we had to change terminals, retrieve our bags at the layover, recheck, etc. which of course, added 3 hrs to the original length of the trip. Where's our compensation? We paid for a round trip non-stop flight."
Fordeler: "Is old aircraft. Few tv in all the airplane. My system didn't work"
Ulemper: "I will not fly again with this American airline"
Fordeler: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "I booked this trip thinking it was with a European carrier - I had specifically wanted to avoid an American carrier. I was unable to confirm my flight online and had to ring because at NO POINT was I sent info that it was AA and not Finnair. I was charge almost $60 for this service because I did not have the right references sent with my confirmation email. T he seats were cramped and uncomfortable, I was unable to pick my seat on any flight and despite my request could not change it. Boarding at Chicago was a farce, none of the ground crew seemed to be in charge and we barely started boarding with 20 mins to takeoff. Needless to say the flight left late and we had to wait to take off, and of course had to wait to land in London."
Fordeler: "The crew went above and beyond to cater to everyone during this long long flight, they were really sweet, moving people around for more comfort if needed. Hadn't seen such a caring crew in a long time. Thank you to the Miami based crew, they were amazing !"
Ulemper: "Inflight entertainment....AA NEEDS to get individual screens in economy."
Fordeler: "Good American Arline's crew"
Ulemper: "Operated by American Airlines. This was a different filght than was in our tickets because we were late for our connection flight. There were no help from Finnair to find a "replacement" flight."
Fordeler: "I was feeling very comfortable, the hospitality was excellent, the flight was great Thanks very much on everyone"
Fordeler: "Crew were impressive bcos they looked fresh after 11 hours. Seating was very comfortable as whole rows were empty so you could stretch, and no waits for the loos. Entertainment monitors were the updated kind, also a plus, I really enjoyed switching from movies and tv to the flight graphics."
Ulemper: "The tv news on BBC was 1 week old."
Ulemper: "Food service was awful. They ran out of options and only had one choice by time got toward middle /back of the plane. This happened both ways. So if your seated toward the rear bring your own food and snacks if needed."
Ulemper: "The plane was older and the screen was very small."
Fordeler: "Service and food"
Fordeler: "The crew was brilliant. They were so cordial and helpful. Every one of the, was attentive and cheerful. Well done"
Ulemper: "The filet I ordered was so tough that it was inedible. On the whole, the food was not very good, ev n the tea service which was weird. Also, the business class seat are poorly designed. If one is in a window seat and the person on the aisle is using the foot rest, one is trapped in place."
Ulemper: "Seats and entertainment"
Fordeler: "Treats and details"
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "Ingen underholdning - men bra magasiner"
Fordeler: "The entertainment is great, food okay but nothing special, upper deck nice and quiet"
Ulemper: "Crew, they worked as they were robots, they did the service and that was it, we had much better crew in the past, somehow it looked almost if they were bored.... economy class pitch seats, cramped if you are over 185cm"
Ulemper: "No beverages? Not even water or coffee?"
Fordeler: "Vi kom frem til slutt. mer enn 4 timer forsinket."
Ulemper: "Ingen informasjon om hva som skjedde hverken på info table eller ved henvendelse til informasjonen. Stadig oppdatering av avreisested både frem og tilbake i tid Minst 4 ganger endret. Måtte betale for alt ombord selv etter å ha sittet i flyet nesten 2 timer. Meget dårlig service både av bakkepersonalet og ombord."
Fordeler: "Økonomi + var bra med god benplass og god service."
Ulemper: "Dårlig med informasjon og stadig endring av avgangstid"
Fordeler: "The flight attendants were very nice and tried to accomodate everyone. The food was pretty good for airline food. The snacks and beverages were plentiful. The tea they serve is delicious! Good movies, online games etc."
Ulemper: "I did not like the very tight seating with basically no leg room. Very uncomfortable. Unless you can afford 1st class or the pod type loungers. There is no room in the economy section."
Fordeler: "I liked everything. The crew was polite always with a smile. They liked there job and did a great job. If you where a sleep they left you alone. Always had a smile. Super polite and happy."
Ulemper: "Nothing to not like the crew was Great!!!!!!"
Fordeler: "They gave you anything u needed"
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordeler: "Nice new plane, great flight staff, great entertainment"
Ulemper: "Checking in at the gate took a lot of time and no food or bathrooms available"
Fordeler: "Great crew with Laura, Luke and the team in Club World."
Ulemper: "BA lounge in Heathrow Terminal 3 had it's days and needs upgrade."
Fordeler: "That was my first experience with the Airbus 380. The plane is an excellent ship and the takeoff and landing was surprisingly smooth. Flying is very stable as well. Although it has two decks you are just in one and it looks like any other long distance plane. Seats are a bit narrow but comfortable. Entertainment is individual and plenty of options. Economy cabin is divided in two sections and each section has its own lavatories."
Ulemper: "The boarding and disembarking operation is never-ending and of course economy class has to wait until business and first -that are considerably large- have completed their getting out. Even with two exits for the two decks it was very slow. On boarding I also noticed that several passengers boarded the wrong deck: nobody but a generic sign was telling them what gate was theirs. With 450 or 500 passengers the chance that something goes wrong increases. In our case a passenger didn't make the connexion and the luggage had to be removed. Food is just fine. Surprisingly the beverage was extremely short of options: just wine or water, no coke or sodas. Same with supper: just coffee, water or juice. The trip was long -9 hours- but no water was offered between meals."
Ulemper: "delay in London"
Fordeler: "The crew was very attentive, serving food, drinks and water very often"
Ulemper: "A 7 hour flight took 10+ hours. Plane was very old, very poor entertainment system, tiny screen, no place to charge your electronic devices, very narrow seats, poor leg room. I can go on but I will stop here."
Fordeler: "Alert, attentive, caring crew on long (10+ hours) flight. Great job."
Fordeler: "Everything was fine, food was better than expected, on time"
Ulemper: "Passport control at Miami flat out socks and seems to be getting worse."
Fordeler: "Great to sit in upper deck"
Fordeler: "More seat room. 18inch width. Smaller cabins. Soooo quiet."
Fordeler: "Comming back the seats were more comfortable"
Ulemper: "Going the seats were very very uncomfortable"
Ulemper: "Boarding was not well organized"
Fordeler: "After having problems with not getting the seat I booked and paid for - not a lot! British airways trying to fool customers that they are a premium airline but run a budget airline service."
Ulemper: "Old plane, poor food, no snacks, poor and old entertainment system."
Fordeler: "I haven't left Miaimi. American Airlines employees are horrible. After arriving from London they told me to pick up my check in baggage proceed to drop bag near exit 5. When I arrived it was crowded nobody know which line is for checkin and which line is for dropping the bag. I finally went to the counter and ask and the lady said, she couldn't accept it as it was 30 left before departure. She pointed me to another lady who also washed her hand. They were both reluctant and finally accepted my baggage but the security line was too long for me to reach departure on time. Horrible. The ladies who at the departure counter have different asnwer for my checked in baggage. I/m so tired from this domestic flight that I haven't completed."
Fordeler: "Great entertainment and the food was better than the usual"
Ulemper: "Big negative was switching planes at Heathrow. Heathrow transfer services for people with their own wheelchairs was a horror. At one point we were put on a shuttle bus underscored with no body to help us when we disembarked . Once someone showed up they complained that they had to push wheelchair so far to gate which of course was the furthest distance away."
Fordeler: "Everyone was accommodating. They gave my son a coloring book to keep him busy."
Ulemper: "there was a slight problem with the food. there was a large percentage of the flight that was Israeli and therefore respects basic Jewish tradition of not mixing meat with milk. One of the meals was pasta with sauce (which was supposed to be the least popular meal) and a meal with chicken and rice. the rice had cheese in it, a large percentage of the people on the flight were unable to eat it. Only after finding out about the cheese did I understand why no one took te chicken dish."
Fordeler: "Comfort"
Ulemper: "Boarding was late no communication as to why Limited to no choice for entertainment"
Fordeler: "it was very good I enjoyed the trip from midland to London and oslo And back through the same route it was very good . Thank you/"
Ulemper: "what I don't like is when the captain Announce that we should put off our cell phone and other devices some people still live theirs on that is not good at all please take note"
Fordeler: "Got a window seat ad requesyrd"
Ulemper: "Nothing to comment upon"
Ulemper: "Your airways lost my bag on the both flights from MIA-LHR-VIE and on the way back VIE-LHR-MIA My entertainment system was broken. I paid for the seat at the end of the day I didn't get. The moat horrible flight I ever had. I will never again fly with British Airways"
Fordeler: "The crew was pleasant/friendly, but I'm not sure if one of the male flight attendants was extra friendly because the girl next to me was cute, I guess I got lucky and benefitted from that and got excellent service"
Ulemper: "There were no USB ports to charge my phone... the movie selection was average, and the entertainment system was a little old, the touch screen didn't work. Being from America, the drink can 150ml is TINY and I was always thirsty."
Fordeler: "Price and ease of finding options."
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordeler: "British Airways is always my first choice when I fly. You always know what you will get and the familiarity of knowing the booking system, the lounge, the seats. All this needs to be weighed up with a disinterested crew (and I am generalising which is unfair!) and dated planes"
Ulemper: "The plane is dated. There was dust in the lockers, my seat got stuck and the entertainment screen was difficult to see. But my big disappointment with this the disinterest of the cabin crew. The purser sits and completes his paperwork while coffee is slowly dripping out of an overflowing disposal unit, collecting under his shoe. The cabin crew on my aisle kept on forgetting what food people ordered and if you were snoozing or not in your seat while she did her round, you missed your chance."
Ulemper: "I don't get no dinner on the flight from Miami to London Heathrow and I felt faint from hunger on board. When I complain to one of the flight crew ,we one hour and forty five minutes left to land,she gave me a pretzel bunch and a cup of tea."
Fordeler: "Did a good job of being attentive to passengers"
Fordeler: "A380 planes hold far too many people for the capacity of the departure terminal making the gate experience sonewhat of a spill over. Seating maps at check in did not make available a single seat close to us for a third member of our party who had booked an equal ticket on a separate booking. Yet after n boarding there were seats physically available that were not offered by check in staff. Meal trash was left for far too long before collection in our seats which was upper deck final rear cabin. Plane noise during flight was very low, excellent. Miami Airport is a logistical immigration process nightmare. We look forward to BA using FLL instead directly from the UK."
Fordeler: "British Airways was very accommodating. I enjoyed the journey."
Fordeler: "Nothing"
Fordeler: "plane was very comfortable for long trip"
Ulemper: "first time flying in awhile was clear on how the airlines co airlines work. i wish told more"
Fordeler: "The flight attendants were courteous and friendly. Boarding was easy."
Ulemper: "The designer of the business class seats used by British Aiways is surely an acrobat who flies no longer that's two hours. And those at British Aiways who bought into this design probably don't fly at all. Passengers who are sitting in a window seat must literally walk over the passenger in the aisle seat in order to get to the aisle. Flight attendants must serve the passengers on window seats right over those sitting in the aisles. The seats are narrow, and if you're sitting in the aisle, you don't even have a space to put your bottle of water or reading glasses. I can go on and on. This is my last flight on British if I can manage."
Fordeler: "Getting off the plane"
Ulemper: "Entertainment system did not work on any of the seats."
Ulemper: "Would have paid dearly for a footrest"
Fordeler: "Great service all around with excellent onboard entertainment!"
Ulemper: "Flight was slightly delayed."
Ulemper: "No wifi"
Fordeler: "The entertainment selection was good. They provided a lot of options at no additional cost. Some of the crew was pleasant."
Ulemper: "In all fairness to British airways this was actually "operated by AA" and their customer service leaves much to be desired. Traffic to get into the airport was the worst I've ever seen. When we finally arrived, Although we checked in prior to arrival, we still had to wait in line for over an hour to check in our bags! We told the agents three times our flight was boarding, however, they were almost nasty and would not expedite us. they finally started to call our flight and we were pulled from the line, even then it was very disorganized how we were processed. We had to run through security and the long terminal and along with others in our flight that had been in line, were the last to board as the flight was delayed waiting for us. One of the worst experiences ever. They really need to do something about their check in process as we were not the only ones subjected to these delays. The plane had technical problems landing and had to be towed in but thank God we made it."
Fordeler: "Only scraped a two as was enough movies to watch."

Forferdelig trangt og elendig beinplass for en lang flyvning.

Ventet i tre kvarter på at catering skulle komme ombord. Gjorde at mange passasjerer hadde problemer med å rekke flyforbindelse. Ellers en fin flyvning

Fordeler: "Super"
Ulemper: "Super"
Fordeler: "The crew onboard was fantastic. The food was pretty good as well"
Ulemper: "Seat are extremely uncomfortable they are too small"
Ulemper: "Flight was late for no apparent reason"
Ulemper: "the pilot gave us a hard landing in Jamaica"
Fordeler: "Quiet , comfortable cabin and crew was quick to board everyone"
Ulemper: "excellent"
Fordeler: "cabin attendant was excellent"
Ulemper: "terrible plane because overhead space is extremely limited and the curvature of the plane limits legroom for window seats."
Fordeler: "Boarding very well done."
Ulemper: "One of the crew was unhappy."
Fordeler: "Comfortable seats and functional entertainment"
Ulemper: "I placed my order for my meal and never got the meal. Crew was asleep and only served those that asked for their meals or stayed awake. Never got asked if I still wanted my meal or any other service during the flight."
Fordeler: "I was able to sleep comfortably, even in the middle seat."
Ulemper: "Not been in a middle seat"
Fordeler: "We got to our destination safely and sooner than expected!"
Fordeler: "Good, cheap flight that gets the job done. No issues boarding, seats were fine. Cannot comment on most things as I fell asleep almost immediately."
Ulemper: "Would've been nice to have had an eye mask / blankets on a red eye flight..."
Fordeler: "My overall experience was good, but the ticket said one gate, and I boarded through different one. But I guess that's the airports fault."
Ulemper: "Everything was good."
Fordeler: "ontime easy boarding comfortable and quiet"
Ulemper: "no gluten/dairy free items"
Fordeler: "None"
Ulemper: "Too much delay"
Fordeler: "We arrived 40min earlier than expected"
Fordeler: "On time, clean airplane"
Ulemper: "Boarding system very odd"
Fordeler: "Great service and on time flight. Got a good comfortable seat with nice leg room."
Fordeler: "Crew worked hard."
Ulemper: "premium service was good including extra seat space"
Fordeler: "Comfort on board, entertainment system"
Ulemper: "Older plane than on the way to Paris, did not like so much the food (except main course)"
Ulemper: "Jetblue Have a miserable attitude to their customer"
Ulemper: "Tecnical problems dellay no good american arlines i dont recomended"
Fordeler: "Customer service, boarding and service onboard were excellent."
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordeler: "Courteous man at baggage drop off. Of Danish heritage and we enjoyed talking about this as we prepared bags."
Ulemper: "Unfortunately the nice man at the bag drop off managed to give mark down that I was the owner of two bags, and my wife none. I asked specifically if my carry on bag was ok to bring into the plane, to which he said yes. Then as we get to the gate and boarding I have to argue with the boarding flight staff regarding my carry on. The final result, after being promised a additional cost of 35 usd( second bag) is That when i sit down in my seat I look at my bag tag and see that I’ve been charged 150 usd for my carry on bag that’s in addition to the 50 usd I payed at the bag drop off for our regular luggage. Happy? Don’t think so"
Fordeler: "Everything!!"
Ulemper: "None"
Fordeler: "Entertainment offered several options to choose from"
Ulemper: "Food, only one beverage was offered"
Fordeler: "Hostesses were great. And pilot landed safely"
Ulemper: "Stayed too long on the jet way. No available gate"
Fordeler: "On time and pleasant staff"
Ulemper: "Na"
Ulemper: "Delay and bumpy landing"
Fordeler: "Crew was nice and friendly. Pilots flew great. We arrived a few mins early as well."
Ulemper: "On the way to Denver from Miami we were on a nice new AA plane with TV entertainment, movies, power, and comfortable seats. On the way from Denver to Miami we were on an old plane with no entertainment and old uncomfortable seats. If this is going to be the case, charge me less up front as well. My daughter had a terrible time for a 4 hour flight."
Fordeler: "On time"
Ulemper: "LATAM is an absolutely horrible airline with horrible customer service. They changed the itinerary more than 3 times. I contacted KAYAK to help and you (KAYAK) did not help stating "that is the Airline's fault". This may be true. But if you are going to take my money for the tickets, please also take the time to address my concerns and solve the problems created by the company that you work with."
Ulemper: "Delays, not helpful staff, not even a meal for a 5+ hr flight. No headphones available. All of this after American Airlines delayed flights and caused us to miss connecting. A whole night delay with no luggage because not one American Airlines staff could step up and help us. It was easier for them to be lazy and say “I know how you feel”. Never Again American Airlines"
Ulemper: "No TV nor entertainment of any type. Food choice terrible. I am allergic to shellfish and the other option was pasta which I don’t eat. Had to feed on two cups of nuts... really mediocre."
Fordeler: "The onboard entertainment has definitely improved. Nice to see how organize is the boarding process when compare to other local airlines."
Ulemper: "I was seating in the front of the plane were the seating should be better. The seat reclined minimum. Also, had the had luck to travel next to an amazing mother who was traveling with two small kinds and a dog. Brave woman but nasty flight for me. Need to improve the meals on the international flights. Too mediocre."
Fordeler: "Finally taking off"
Ulemper: "Being stuck on the runway"
Fordeler: "Nothing, worse customer service also"
Ulemper: "Everything, we lost our connections, they didn't help us out with our next flight"
Fordeler: "The crew was great"
Fordeler: "Great choices of movies and the system was good"
Ulemper: "the food was awful and the crew seemed stressed out and not flexible at all."
Fordeler: "Great service by flight crew"
Ulemper: "Seat cushions"
Fordeler: "Arrived early and flight wasn't packed."
Fordeler: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "Food is horrible Change seats without notice"
Fordeler: "Smooth flight."
Ulemper: "Could have picked something better to show."
Fordeler: "Flight was smooth and landing was good"
Ulemper: "Having to pay for luggage under the plane. I booked my flight 3 months in advance to sit with my wife and we got switched, fortunately I asked the man next to her to trade me seats. I ve flown to Managua about 7 or 8 times with American Airlines and this was my least favorite flight. People take up the space in the overhead compartments above my seat almost all the time then there is no space for mine."
Fordeler: "On time"
Ulemper: "Lot of movement"
Fordeler: "I have been flying American Airlines for years and never had a big issue. The crew was better some times than others but I usually travel at night and try to get some sleep. Obviously, I like the newer planes and hope that the fleet will eventually be replaced entirely."
Fordeler: "Boarding, crew"
Ulemper: "entertainment, 1st luggage payment"
Fordeler: "The flight was cancelled. There was not pilot"
Fordeler: "New airbus neo great entertainment set up and comfortable seats . Excellent food in economy and very professional crew with personality"
Ulemper: "Economy fare was great until 95 euro for a single bag added to stowage was added on . With Ridiculously high baggage charges watch out if you are flying economy. Sort of negates the benefits of economy"
Fordeler: "The crew was outstanding!"
Ulemper: "Slightly more comfortable seats would have been helpful."
Fordeler: "The price."
Ulemper: "Starters, main course, etc where very odd combination of flavors and therefore not at all appealing. Don't provide beverage service in Business outside of meal times. Seats good but space is restricted. Feel closed in."
Fordeler: "Crew was great and very friendly, and helpful. Was in Business class so not much to complain about, although the headphones were not working properly."
Ulemper: "The boarding area in Lisbon is very congested and disorganized."
Ulemper: "The boarding process was awful! The airport itself is difficult to maneuver in. No information provided regarding the flight. Airport security and police very very rude!"
Ulemper: "Wait time on buses from-to airplane to terminal was long."
Ulemper: "The crew could be a little bit more accommodating. Both flights ran short of toilet paper. They don’t conduct an intermediate check of the toilets."
Fordeler: "Great Crew nice plane"
Ulemper: "Uncomfortable seats, not enough space for carry on, due to luggage cost is way overpriced, as well as seats too expensive"
Fordeler: "all staf in airport pleasant and quickly to across other place to connect"
Ulemper: "a lot of people they pass by preference, and late for star Alliance"
Ulemper: "Switched planes both ways, changed my paid for seating. No notifications. Excess luggage charges. Would never recommend this airline."
Fordeler: "O"
Fordeler: "The planes were fantastic, wish all other airlines provided the same amenities. There was ample leg room (even in the economy peasant class), there were innovative changes in the pullout tray, beverage holder, convenience of charging devices, a mirror, specific pockets for books/glass cases/snacks. And a very comfortable headrest which made snoozing easier."
Ulemper: "Contacting TAP Customer Service was a nightmare. It took forever before anyone answered the phone &, when they did, it was VERY difficult to understand their English. Forget reaching ANYONE after 9 pm; ditto for trying to do anything online, e.g., checking in, picking seats, modifying reservations, etc. If you are forced to do anything at night, prepare yourself for total frustration."
Ulemper: "No cnn or fox news in English"
Fordeler: "Nice staff"
Ulemper: "If you are seating at the end of the plane they never have the 2 choice of meal and you are force to eat whatever is left, it happens more than once, seem to be the practice and is not fair to the costumer"
Fordeler: "We had comfort seats and I liked that because of the space you have, 2 simple meals and they served water in between the meals I will fly TAP again"
Ulemper: "Entertainment is okay, poor sound, and the quality of the screen was so so,"
Ulemper: "Inbound flight - flight got canceled from Budapest - after calling the airline and waiting in the line the 2 first lady I was talking to put me on hold and never got back to me, the 3rd lady had no idea why the flight got canceled except it was for emergency. She said next flight would be 2 days later - after calling the insurance I booked for the flight, they didn't want to reimburse for the interruption because the airline could not explain why it got canceled and i should prove that the flight was canceled - after being 6h on the phone with airline and insurance and waiting line had to hang of without solution. I had to purchase a new ticket from another airline to be able to fly on the same day back to Miami. - after arriving at the airport next morning for the other flight it turns out that Tap Portugal booked me to British Airways but they have not send me a notification email about it, so if I do not ask at the counter for Tap Portugal for the paperwork for the insurance I would never find out that i got a new flight and i would have miss it and the insurance would have never pay for it. With the new ticket i had to purchase, my travel with Tap Portugal cost me on the end around $3000, and I do not have that much money for a ticket at all, now I have a financial trouble. Thanks, never again."
Fordeler: "Food was good."
Ulemper: "Flight was delayed"
Fordeler: "2 meals, headphones, blanket and pillow all included. Flight was good - but being hit with surprise bag fees was not appreciated. (Was not notified at the time of booking)"
Ulemper: "Was charged $92 USD per checked bag at airport. Very displeased."
Ulemper: "The worst airline"
Fordeler: "Very good staff"
Ulemper: "They ran out of my food choice after the 2nd row of business business class. Their video is 20 years out of date, and for business class a disgrace"
Fordeler: "The actual flying of the plane, take off and landing was really smooth! Well done to the flight crew! We were pleasantly surprised to be served 2 full tasty meals on our long flights as well."
Ulemper: "Tv/movie options were not as good compared to our previous flight to Lisbon. We used the economy option which required us to pay for a seat upgrade in order to be able to hear each other. I will use this airline again if I have to but it isn’t my first choice."
Fordeler: "Food"
Ulemper: "Uncomfortable seats, too stiff."
Fordeler: "Very smooth"
Fordeler: "Great friendly service. Very clean and organized crew. Nice plane, great flight crew. Comfortable seats. Free ear pieces and drinks for international flights"
Fordeler: "The flight was direct to Lisbon"
Ulemper: "TAP a total disappointment. The biggest surprise of which you guys at Kayak are somewhat responsible is the ridiculous fees of $90 dollar per bag checked in. Obviously the face value of the ticket is cheaper but in practice I had to pay 360 dollars to check in my bags going and coming."
Fordeler: "Shorter time over Atlantic. Very gentle staff. Good food and service. And I will visit Lisbon next time"
Ulemper: "Boarding from a bus at the main TAP airport for so many travellers and a long trip. Hei! Is not an economy charter!"
Fordeler: "The food was good. I have Celiac Disease and they accommodated my gluten free necessities with GF bread!! Wow."
Ulemper: "The entertainment for an international flight (9 hours) was horrendous. The tiny TVs were actually fuzzy and it is set up so that you cannot actually choose your movie. It is like watching TV where you may tune in to a movie 20 minutes into it playing instead of starting whatever movie you want from the beginning. To make matters worse, there was no plug-in in case you wanted to watch entertainment of your own on phone/iPad."
Fordeler: "Food"
Ulemper: "Late flight connection"
Ulemper: "Flight was delighted and service staff was slow"
Fordeler: "Accommodating flight crew. Good food. Nice landing and take off."
Ulemper: "I am a permanent resident of USA and have a Green Card and the portuguese boarding crew gave me a hard time about my paper work. I was very disappointed by the way they treated me."
Ulemper: "When I booked the ticker online I was informed that I can take up to 23kg luggage, but when I checked in, I had to pay over $120 per person for luggage...I was very disappointed with th ideas treatment"
Fordeler: "Best flight I have ever taken. Hands down"
Fordeler: "The fact that children were served first."
Ulemper: "N/A"
Fordeler: "Nothing so far since I'm not in Miami yet but in.. Newark."
Ulemper: "Delay, horrible reschedule, missed flight due to a lack of time between departure and arrival, no communication, poor solutions, I had to pay for a hotel and food on my own. Goodbye TAP."
Fordeler: "Crew waa super attentive & friendly"
Ulemper: "Entertainment was lacking Movies were on only certain times You were not able to pause or stop Audio was bad"
Fordeler: "El personal amable."
Ulemper: "La calidad del entretenimiento, pésimo. Calidad de sonido y video. Los asientos no tiene para cargar los aparatos. Adicionalmente, no llego un paquete que embarcamos en Madrid con conexión en Lisboa."
Fordeler: "No delays"
Ulemper: "The sit are very uncomfortable, no leg room. The audio was not working, no entertainment. The flight attendant gave us a card to call customer service, to provide for improvement on these flight."
Fordeler: "Staff was friendly and somewhat helpful, they were able to offer some compensation and hotel."
Ulemper: "I was placed on standby for my flight and ultimately did not get a seat. It took two hours to get a new flight sorted out and it didn't leave for 2 days. A massively inconvenient experience as I had a conference to attend and missed two days."
Ulemper: "Passenger attention not he best"
Fordeler: "Smooth landing"
Ulemper: "A few bumpy moments in the air!"
Fordeler: "Exceptional service and professionalism of crew. Food was delicious...Aircraft was clean. Left on time...landed half hour early. It was a perfect flight."
Ulemper: "My husbands snoring. LOL."
Fordeler: "Very efficient and friendly crew and boarding personnel"
Ulemper: "This time we got one of the older plane desperately needing some updating Old style entertainment system"
Fordeler: "Both meals very nice. Crew members pleasant"
Ulemper: "Food served a bit late"
Fordeler: "Five stars for TAP, good attention of its staff, good food and attention during the flight."
Fordeler: "The food was delicious"
Ulemper: "You can't watch a movie you want to. The channels are set, like tv, can't rewind or pause"
Ulemper: "They keep us inside the bus trapped for more than 20 min, before boarding, very bad experience."
Fordeler: "Good flight, boarded and left on time. Food and service were fine."
Ulemper: "My entertainment system at my seat kept freezing. Would have used it throughout the flight but was only able to watch one movie. Reset attempts occurred but eventually I gave up."
Fordeler: "Not much"
Ulemper: "Very unorganized"
Fordeler: "So much more leg room than the first flight, was able to fully stretch out my legs when needed. Better entertainment with so many viewing options; was able to watch 4 movies."
Ulemper: "Turbulence was pretty bad, but I can't fault the airline for that. Food was typical plane food, but they did cancel the second meal due to turbulence. At the end of a 9 hour flight I was starving by the time we landed. Constant updates over the loud speaker by the pilot and stewardess got annoying; felt like every 20-30 minutes and saying the same thing, and saying it in 3 different laugages."

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Flybilletter fra Oslo Gardermoen til Miami


Oslo Gardermoen (OSL)Norge


Miami (MIA)USA

Returfly tilbud:

Miami - Oslo Gardermoen

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3 569 kr

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3 569 kr