Finn billige flyvninger fra Bergen til New York John F Kennedy


Finn billige flyvninger fra Bergen til New York John F Kennedy

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Bergen (BGO)
New York John F Kennedy
man.. 10.5.
man.. 17.5.
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marsDe beste tidspunktene å unngå folkemassene på, med et prisfall på i gjennomsnitt 23 %.


juliDe mest populære tidspunktene å fly på, med en prisøkning på i gjennomsnitt 28 %.

Gjennomsnittlig pris for tur/retur

3 443 kr(gjennomsnittspris over de siste 2 ukene)

Godt tilbud for tur/retur

2 679 kreller mindre

Godt tilbud for en vei

1 939 kreller mindre

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  • Ser du etter en billig flyvning? 25 % av brukerne våre fant flyvninger for denne ruten for 1 939 kr eller mindre for én vei, og 2 679 kr eller mindre for tur/retur.
  • Den billigste flyvningen fra Bergen til New York John F Kennedy ble funnet 38 dager før avgang i gjennomsnitt.
  • Bestill minst 2 uker før avgang for å få en pris under gjennomsnittet.
  • Høysesong er i juni, juli og august. Den billigste måneden for å fly er i mars.

Spørsmål og Svar for bestilling av fly fra Bergen til New York John F Kennedy

Hvordan klarer KAYAK å finne så lave priser på flyvninger fra Bergen til New York John F Kennedy?

Hvordan kan KAYAK sitt prognoseverktøy for flypriser hjelpe meg med å finne ut når det er best å bestille flybilletten min fra Bergen til New York John F Kennedy?

Hva er KAYAK Mix-alternativet for flyvninger fra Bergen til New York John F Kennedy?

Hva innebærer KAYAK-funksjonen «fleksible datoer», og hvorfor bør jeg ha den i bakhodet når jeg ser etter en flyvning fra Bergen til New York John F Kennedy?

Mest populære flyselskaper som flyr Bergen Flesland til New York John F Kennedy

Score ifølge vurderinger fra KAYAK-kunder

Gjennomsnittlig score basert på 8 997 vurderinger

Ulemper: "Not having to go to a different, further away airport because I missed my connection. Not having my luggage go missing and not get delivered within 24 hours."

Fordeler: "I like that the plan wasn’t that full and the movie was great also when I flew back the food and monies was different"
Ulemper: "More snacks maybe lackerli"

Fordeler: "Everything"
Ulemper: "Nothing"

Fordeler: "The movie"
Ulemper: "More space! The crew could have been nicer"

Ulemper: "entertainment sound"

Fordeler: "The service"
Ulemper: "The service and attitude"

Fordeler: "We have been flying Swiss for years and they are the most reliable and best organized airline, we have ever experienced."
Ulemper: "I didn't notice that I had booked some sort of new economy light category where checked baggage is no longer included and to check baggage when booked into this class cost $60 per bag per flight. So overall on the trip I paid $240 extra for luggage alone."

Fordeler: "i ordered and paid for business class but the return flight from israel had no business class Had a miserable flighIshould be refunded"

Fordeler: "-"
Ulemper: "Old plane, rude crew, checked bag was not included in price. I did fly Swiss to LA last year and it was amazing, i don’t know what happened since."

Fordeler: "The crew was so friendly and professional, on top of the nice plane condition, which made the trip very pleasant!"
Ulemper: "The food standard seemed to be lowered a little bit, but still very well prepared."

Fordeler: "Entertainment"
Ulemper: "I would have liked a better selection of movies and TV series and games"

Ulemper: "I had paid a little extra to have a seat in the back of the plane going to Greece and returning also. I was under the assumption the extra charge would give me a seat with only one extra person next to me. On both flights to and from JFK I was seated in a row with 3 seats and not the last row as promised. Just wondering if a refund for the extra charge would be possible."

Fordeler: "Not applicable"
Ulemper: "See above."

Ulemper: "Nasty passport control person at gate check in"

Fordeler: "The attendants and food were wonderful. One attendant gave me ice for my swollen ankle"
Ulemper: "Cramped in economy"

Fordeler: "There was a very long line at the check in counter on the way back. Many people were nervous about missing their flights. Apparently the counter computers were out of order and they only had 2 stations to support the passengers at a very busy time. Other than that, everything was smooth and pleasurable."

Fordeler: "Very friendly and efficient Good food"
Ulemper: "Zürich airport early closing at night so difficult to check in and drop off luggage"

Fordeler: "Flight was fine"
Ulemper: "Check in at Nuremberg terrible"

Ulemper: "We missed our flight going to Geneva from new York and so automatically lost the return portion of our flight. So had to totally rebook. The people at the Swiss air counter were not very helpful."

Fordeler: "check-in at Kloten,wheelchair assistance, boarding, food, bar, general service, uneventful flight, in short: THE WHOLE TRIP Peter Hz"

Fordeler: "on time and got us there on time."
Ulemper: "untrained staff waking people up no flexibility with ordering GF dinner late"

Fordeler: "It was a fast flight. Less people on the plain."
Ulemper: "I did not like that I was in a Swiss airport for more then 13 hrs and the company did not offer me a hotel for the night. Two I did not like that at the airport in zerik they don't take coins."

Fordeler: "People friendly"
Ulemper: "Food was poor, really poor, no options for the children Headphone socket in the seat"

Fordeler: "I was fed food and drinks varios times during the flight and that makes me happy! I never went hungry!"

Ulemper: "Landed in NY @ JFK with a missing luggage. That happens, I know and it can be ok but the sad thing is the very poor the service offered to take care of it. I have tried to call, no answer, I tried the link they gave me to track progress: NOTHING.... Called customer service, they gave me that number and that link telling me it was the only way!!! I am so frustrated right now!!!"

Ulemper: "Bathroom not clean"

Fordeler: "Smooth flight"
Ulemper: "Crew just ok."

Ulemper: "Headphones are real cheap and hurt the it has two pin socket where you can't use your regular headphones...please change this!"

Fordeler: "Swiss is already a great company and yesterday it just got better : I got upgraded on business class between Geneva and New York and it was a very nice treat, the service was perfect, the food excellent, the seat was very comfortable. Thank you SWISS !"

Fordeler: "Great complimentary chocolate."
Ulemper: "You would think that after spending 1100 on a ticket that a passenger could chose their own seat within 24 hours of their flight. Nope. They wanted me to pay for my seat after already spending 1100. Then they said I was randomly selected for a TSA check in Zurich. Seriously. And there was no TSA agent in sight doing the check. It was a Swiss Airline Employee. Never had that happen even in the USA."

Fordeler: "good stuff"
Ulemper: "HAving to walk across the Zurich airport to buy a business class upgrade was bad. I just wanted to buy the upgrade at the desk. No need to go from terminal 3 to terminal 1. total waste of 20-30 minutes. Ironic that this happens to people willing to spend $'s of dollars for convenience and comfort. should be able to purchase upgrade ASAP with a smile at check-in."

Fordeler: "Over all I enjoyed flying with Swiss over the past 40 years. This was a first time my experience was not to my expectation."

Fordeler: "Staff was polite. Offering water once in a while was nice. Seat was comfortable."
Ulemper: "The promotional video for Swiss Air was way too long. Should have a way to bypass it. I understand being forced to watch the safety video but the promotional video is annoying."

Ulemper: "entertainment machine in my seat did not worked"

Fordeler: "crew was great"
Ulemper: "my entertainment controller did not work and my daughters head phone plug would only half work."

Ulemper: "Because we missed our flight due to delays in Barcelona we Had to wait more than 4 hours for a next flight. Afterwards we were sitting separate."

Fordeler: "Your crew is amazing."

Ulemper: "Time"

Fordeler: "the captain was great"
Ulemper: "our flight attendant was impatient and bossy two days after the flight, my husband had to be taken to the emergency room - diagnosed with pulmonary embolism SWISS MUST DO A WAY BETTER JOB CALLING ATTENTION TO REGULAR EXERCISE ON THE PLANE!!"


Fordeler: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "Video screens didn't work. Seats were terrible and some broken. Flight crew was useless."

Fordeler: "Nothing distinguishes itself for better or worse than usual in coach."

Fordeler: "Very clean"

Fordeler: "Only the crew was good"
Ulemper: "Ridiculous entertainment system - was impossible to watch a movie."

Fordeler: "The children had easy entertainment at their hands. The planes were clean and comfortable. The food had a Swiss touch and the chocolates are always welcome in my family."

Fordeler: "The service , the hospitality and kindness"

Fordeler: "You upgraded me unexpectedly to business class and it was so nice to have some luck and luxury after 6+ weeks of solo backpacking. It was such a lovely experience and I slept like a baby. Thank you so much!"

Fordeler: "Polite cabin crew. Quick check- in at JFK"
Ulemper: "Inability to add TSA pre-check to my profile. Very slow check- in process in Geneva. Cramped seating ."

Ulemper: "I wasn't on it so I wouldn't know."

Ulemper: "The plane was extremely hot I was sweating the entire trip. Also this was a red eye flight and I would have preferred they keep the lights off for the entire trip."

Ulemper: "If my entertainment screen would have worked."

Ulemper: "WiFi service"

Ulemper: "Boarding was very slow, crew told us there was nothing they could do to speed it up, it plane was late, unfortunately when we arrived in JFk we had to wait about 1 houre to get to the gate."

Fordeler: "Crew was good."
Ulemper: "Didn’t get the seats we paid for. We should have been in row 3 but ended up in row 30."

Fordeler: "Flight was late"

Fordeler: "Yes"

Ulemper: "No AC and awful smell"

Fordeler: "The crew were very nice."
Ulemper: "The chairs were a bit uncomfortable"

Fordeler: "Not a lot."
Ulemper: "Boarding via bus just takes forever, get a legitimate jet bridge. Also the airport has about 20 seats at each gate for 80+ passenger planes, leaving a lot of people sitting on the floor."

Ulemper: "See above"

Fordeler: "Like the infotainment unit on headrests. Decent movie selection."
Ulemper: "Seats are cramped when person in front leans seat back."

Ulemper: "The seat bottom cushion was extremely uncomfortable."

Fordeler: "A reserved seat"

Fordeler: "Pillows and blankets free of charge."
Ulemper: "You had to go through their customs to change plans. Then you had to board a bus to get carried over to your connecting plane. There was not enough time allowed between flights to do that. They did not have enough bathrooms for all the flights coming in at the Iceland airport. Iceland Air is basically a travel agency in an airplane for Iceland. A lot of pushing by the company to stop in Iceland for a few days and buy Iceland products. It was a lot of hassle to cross the Atlantic on Iceland Air, and I will try not to use them again."

Fordeler: "Loved the personalized tv in front of me and plenty of space above me in the middle seats!"
Ulemper: "There were no snacks"

Fordeler: "Poor communication. Old planes. Late departures and arrivals. And the staff has zero f@;$s to give."
Ulemper: "See above."

Fordeler: "Hard to say what I liked as my experience was soured right from the onset"
Ulemper: "I was surprised by being charged almost $100 to check in my luggage, and over $100 on my return leg. (Yes! I could have looked at their baggage policy, but there was no glaring notification alerting me to this fact when I purchased the ticket, nor when I was checking in online) Then, I was further surprised that you had to pay for food on board. This was a first. I mean, on an international long distance flight? Everything became mediocre after these, and I mentally swore off flying this airline ever again."

Fordeler: "On time, comfortable, smooth and easy flights"
Ulemper: "Everything was fine no complaints"

Ulemper: "Again, there was no jet bridge to board the plane in Reykjavik. When we arrived in New York, it took 1.5 hours for our bags to arrive on the baggage carousel. That is an absurd amount of time to wait for your bags, especially when the crew's bags were unloaded from the plane within 30 minutes of landing."

Fordeler: "Better movies assortment and also TV Cooking newtwork"

Fordeler: "The crew was very helpful and friendly. No food served but coffee is excellent and they give plenty of water."

Fordeler: "Everything that was under Icelandair's control went great! Got an unexpected upgrade on both legs of my flight, the cabin was comfortable, and it had a good selection in-flight entertainment for a budget airline."
Ulemper: "No food is served--be sure to pack a snack. If you're planning to eat in Reykjavik, bear in mind that airport food is especially expensive in Iceland."

Fordeler: "The flight was staffed by friendly, attentive staff. There was more leg room than on some airlines. Beverages were free, but you had to pay for food on this trans Atlantic flight. Most of us knew this in advance and brought food onboard."

Ulemper: "It's in my opinion obscene not to provide any type of food on a 6-hour flight that you don't have to pay for"

Fordeler: "The plane has great interior, food was fantastic, service was very attentive. Absolutely great."
Ulemper: "Boarding process needs to be a little better managed but overall a small complaint."

Ulemper: "Extensive delays"

Fordeler: "Bird struck plane that we were about to board; maintenance crew thankfully determined to switch planes even though it would cause delays. Rather be safe than sorry!"
Ulemper: "Our checked bag never showed up at customs bag claim in NYC. To date (5 days after we arrived back home) the airlines still cannot locate our lost bag. In fact, our baggage tracking # was never registered under our names at check-in!!! Our delayed flight from Reykjavik caused us to miss our connecting flight back home, which the airline booked us in a hotel, but booked us in a hotel near LaGuardia even though flew into JFK. We never received our vouchers and were given verbal instruction. We had to arrange transportation ourselves to seek reimbursement later on, learning this after going from terminal to shuttle area, back to terminal after waiting for the shuttle that never arrived. Rooms weren't ready when we showed up at hotel at MIDNIGHT. Next day, domestic tickets could not be issued for our connecting flight, causing us to have to shuffle from terminal to terminal to resolve the ticketing issue with Iceland Air. Total nightmare of a trip."

Fordeler: "The best part of the flight was the crew"
Ulemper: "Overall food was average, entertainment definitely needs to be improved"

Fordeler: "Friendly staff."
Ulemper: "Flight delayed. Long lines."

Ulemper: "The boarding area was too crowded, as it was full of passengers waiting for another flight that left from the same gate a few minutes before the flight to NYC. This was the first time I experienced a transatlantic flight where no food was included with the ticket. Annoying that they kept interrupting the films to make announcements, first in Icelandic, then in English, of things I didn't care to know."

Fordeler: "They left on time and arrived on time."
Ulemper: "Maybe, if not a meal, some snacks."

Ulemper: "Airport in Iceland severely overtaxed. Too many panes and people, not enough infrastructure"

Fordeler: "The service was superior. They made sure my younger daughter were occupied and gave a small gift and snack. The movies were great way to pass the time, overall experience were great! We would be a return customer for sure!"
Ulemper: "Nothing really, we are very pleased!"

Fordeler: "Very small seats and NO snacks or meals were given - unheard of for an international flight"

Fordeler: "Poor check inn , bad lounge , seats are worst ,food even dig can not eat , plane in bad shape airport in Iceland worst in works"
Ulemper: "Everything I do not like"

Fordeler: "See previous review.. Best of the best."

Fordeler: "I loved the informative videos about Iceland! I had planned to watch them all, but my video screen stopped working for awhile. I thought about switching seats, but I ended up sharing headphones with my boyfriend and watching some movies instead."

Ulemper: "Baggage claim took over 1 hour."

Fordeler: "comfortable seats and leg room, good entertainment"
Ulemper: "need more meal options and entertainment options"

Ulemper: "I paid a lit of money for the flight from JFK and there was no food on the plane."

Ulemper: "The attendant taking our tickets to board was very obnoxious. I complained to the crew chief who agreed her behavior was unprofessional."

Ulemper: "The seats in premium economy were extremely uncomfortable and because of this I doubt I will be flying Icelandair ever again."

Ulemper: "Boarding was unorganized."

Ulemper: "Seat 8G does not have a window."

Fordeler: "Seat was comfortable"
Ulemper: "In addition to the above when i finally got to JFK my luggage was still lost"

Fordeler: "Boarding was easy. The seats were comfortable & there was tons of legroom, so much so that when the people next to me had to get up to use the restroom I didn't have to stand up to let them by."
Ulemper: "For a 6 hour flight they didn't offer any free snacks and had limited free options for drinks."

Ulemper: "Crowded"

Fordeler: "Nice to have free beverages, USB outlets, good customer service."
Ulemper: "Not enough leg room; had to switch seats so family could sit together; meals still cost extra on international flights"

Ulemper: "No food served on an international flight. Boarding was unorganized."

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