Finn billige flyvninger fra Trondheim til Newark


Finn billige flyvninger fra Trondheim til Newark

Trondheim (TRD)
ons.. 3.3.
ons.. 10.3.
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November De beste tidspunktene å unngå folkemassene på, med et prisfall på i gjennomsnitt 41 %.


juli De mest populære tidspunktene å fly på, med en prisøkning på i gjennomsnitt 36 %.

Gjennomsnittlig pris for tur/retur

3 610 kr (gjennomsnittspris over de siste 2 ukene)

Godt tilbud for tur/retur

245 kr eller mindre

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Topp tips for å finne en billig flyvning

  • Ser du etter en billig flyvning? 25 % av brukerne våre fant tur/retur-flyvninger for denne ruten for 2 107 kr eller mindre.
  • Høysesong er i juni, juli og august. Den billigste måneden for å fly er i November.

Spørsmål og Svar for bestilling av fly fra Trondheim til Newark

Hvor lang tid tar det med fly fra Trondheim til Newark?

Hvilke flyselskap tilbyr den billigste flyvningen fra Trondheim til Newark?

Hvilken dag er den billigste for fly fra Trondheim til Newark?

Hvordan klarer KAYAK å finne så lave priser på flyvninger fra Trondheim til Newark?

Hvordan kan KAYAK sitt prognoseverktøy for flypriser hjelpe meg med å finne ut når det er best å bestille flybilletten min fra Trondheim til Newark?

Hva er KAYAK Mix-alternativet for flyvninger fra Trondheim til Newark?

Hva innebærer KAYAK-funksjonen «fleksible datoer», og hvorfor bør jeg ha den i bakhodet når jeg ser etter en flyvning fra Trondheim til Newark?

Mest populære flyselskaper som flyr Trondheim Værnes (TRD) til Newark

Score ifølge vurderinger fra KAYAK-kunder

Gjennomsnittlig score basert på 27 779 vurderinger

Ulemper: "Great Airlines, accommodating"

Fordeler: "aaa"
Ulemper: "zzz"

Ulemper: "I don't know"

Fordeler: "All great except my seat."
Ulemper: "Window seat was completely obstructed by wing!! Seat uncomfortable but sat on pillow provided which helped a lot."

Fordeler: "Nice crew."
Ulemper: "Very cold. Always very cold in premium economy section on LH 747-8."

Fordeler: "Very well organized."
Ulemper: "Not Lufthansa but United."

Fordeler: "Great aircraft"
Ulemper: "Waiting for arrival gate"

Fordeler: "Ended up flying out of London Heathrow, not Munich do to the cancelled Lufthansa flights. Very stressful and exhausting but did get back the same day as scheduled."

Fordeler: "Everything went off without a hitch. Love how organized Lufthansa is."

Fordeler: "Could not get skybridge to operate so that we could disembark. United airlines."

Fordeler: "The crew was fantastic and very kind the entire flight."
Ulemper: "We left nearly two hours late (all the while sitting on the plane) and once we finally got to Newark airport nearly the entire plane waited almost two hours to get our luggage."

Fordeler: "Upgraded from premium to Business class. Very good service and a good night slep."

Ulemper: "Too close for getting on as 3 passport checks seems redundant. Munich has very little signage to direct anyone. We do not live there so do not know the language."

Ulemper: "Delay due to overbooking"

Fordeler: "A bit of a delay but annoucements and alerts were perfect! Felt well informed, every step of the way. Crew was pleasant and efficient. Smoothe flight! Will be a pleasure to fly with you again!"

Fordeler: "everything - especially the way they treat their customers."
Ulemper: "Nothing"

Fordeler: "Same as above."
Ulemper: "Same as above."

Fordeler: "It was exciting to fly on a gigantic plane as the Jumbo"
Ulemper: "Not to many options of food. Dinner wasn't dinner. It was a snack."

Fordeler: "Everything"
Ulemper: "Xxxxxxx"

Fordeler: "While seat did give more leg room, we were still squashed. the guy next to me was a little on the heavy side and he could barely fit in the seat. We had no place to put our arms."
Ulemper: "we had to go down stairs to gain access to plane; they waited forever to board. supper selections were mediocre at best."

Fordeler: "It was ok"
Ulemper: "Two flights were both late Had to run to gate Luggage delayed"

Fordeler: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "2 people working passport control in line about 100 people were in. Most had connecting flights leaving shortly. People were panicked they would miss their flights."

Fordeler: "I thought the crew was OUTSTANDING. The food was good and so was the entertainment. I LOVED the toilets being in the separate area downstairs. I also really appreciated the temperature: very comfortable and not freezing cold, but not hot either. Again, GREAT crew!!! Very pleasant flight!"
Ulemper: "The flight was late leaving and arrived late, which made my connecting flight experience a nightmare My connecting flight arrived late, and I nearly missed my next flight. I had to go through border control (and relevant queues), running up and down multiple never-ending multiple escalators, then take a train to change terminal only to find out the gate had been changed to the furthest one in the terminal. I literally RAN all the way from deplaining to boarding. It was a night mare. I would have missed my flight if I had walked instead of running"

Fordeler: "Leg room is superior!"

Fordeler: "Comfortable, timely and pleasant overall."
Ulemper: "N/A"

Fordeler: "Crew was friendly"
Ulemper: "Flight delayed by over 3 hours, inflight entertainment did not work"

Fordeler: "more than 2 hours spent in the plane which was the reason for waiting at the airport taxi and extra pay."

Fordeler: "Everything was good."
Ulemper: "everthing was good!"

Fordeler: "see above"
Ulemper: "see above"

Ulemper: "Food was salty, couldn't eat it. No replacement available Luggage disembarkment took forever"

Fordeler: "everything from the boarding and check-in process to in flight comfort."

Fordeler: "Nice staff"

Fordeler: "Everything"
Ulemper: "Was not poker game :("

Fordeler: "On time, nice staff"

Fordeler: "goulash, chicken pizza, warsteiner, and wine"
Ulemper: "My movie froze 1/2 way through the flight and the crew could not reset it. I was staring at a frozen Jungle Book bear for 3 hours."

Ulemper: "It turned around and we were stuck in Frankfurt for the night."

Fordeler: "Please see above. Typed in the wrong place."

Fordeler: "leg room, entertainment, the pilot was informative throughout the flight"

Fordeler: "Landing was very smooth! Loved being able to go downstairs to baths b/c it was a chance to move!"
Ulemper: "AC was broken for the first 30-45min. It was quite hot with all of the people stuck on the plane. Luckily, the pilot was able to use the plane's engines to create AC."

Fordeler: "Coffee was excellent"

Fordeler: "terrible earphone, could listen only on one ear."

Fordeler: "vunderbar"

Fordeler: "very clean and nice cabin space"

Fordeler: "Your services and email updates were some of the best in the business."
Ulemper: "Your website is the least friendly we have EVER encountered."

Ulemper: "Everything was geeat"

Fordeler: "Staff attentive. Came by very frequently."

Fordeler: "more comedies movies and more up to date soccer"

Fordeler: "I'v said it all above. Liked everthng"
Ulemper: "nothing"

Fordeler: "Flight was a code share operated by Shuttle America. EMB 170 and crew provided an above average flight. On time departure and arrival. Overall, no complaints."

Ulemper: "De trenger å ha bedre kontroll på at passasjerer overholder smittevernsregler og sikkerhetsregler."

Fordeler: "The best airline ever! Super friendly crew and staff, great customer service and nice planes. Love KLM!"

Fordeler: "Comfort"
Ulemper: "Internet"

Ulemper: "The only complaint I had was that it was very warm on the flight (and I usually get cold on flights), and in the seats we had there weren't fans above the seats. A few rows up they had fans, so apparently you have to pay extra for air... This wouldn't be a big deal on a short domestic flight, but for an international flight it was a long time to be uncomfortable!"

Fordeler: "The crew."
Ulemper: "The time between flights."

Fordeler: "The crew was informative"
Ulemper: "Inflight sandwiches"

Fordeler: "Seats were super comfortable, bigger than most planes with extra leg room. Food was excellent and fresh, amazing Dutch cheese sampler was divine. No nonsense staff who had all connecting flight info on hand when we arrived in Abu Dhabi. KLM staff were friendly and efficient. Fabulous airline."

Fordeler: "The crew and the timing were ok"
Ulemper: "The seats were uncomfortable"

Fordeler: "Crew was great, very responsive and hospitable!"
Ulemper: "more lunch choices, especially choices without dairy products."

Fordeler: "Likte at det var punktlig og at de serverte drikke"

Fordeler: "The crew is really welcoming"
Ulemper: "The seats are too narrow and a bit too hard"

Fordeler: "Crew was amazing. They adjusted the seating arrangements so there was an empty seat in every row to give passengers more space. Very thoughtful and much appreciated. They served delicious meals, snacks, and water. They provided headphones, blankets and pillows. They took very good care of us."

Ulemper: "Entertainment"

Ulemper: "Long haul flight made pleasant by KLM"

Fordeler: "Crew was amazing, seats were comfortable with enough leg space even without choosing extra space seats. It was my childhood dream come true to fly with KLM. It was really an exciting trip for me, just that it was short."
Ulemper: "Well, for me everything was on point. Those who have never travelled with KLM, I would encourage them to do so and I’m sure they will not regret."

Ulemper: "The overall travel was good, no wifi and the entertainment system had a faulty headphone connection, and no place to charge devices other than through a USB port"

Fordeler: "The flight arrived a few minutes early."
Ulemper: "The plane was extremely old and in poor repair. The seats were extremely close together. The inflight entertainment system, wifi and passenger electric outlets were all non-functional. Even the wastebin in the lavatory was full and an extra bag was put on the floor."

Ulemper: "No reading light in my seat..."

Ulemper: "Turn the lights on early making it hard to sleep"

Ulemper: "Flight canceled, poor communication from the airline to the passengers. Møre than 5 hrs delay"

Ulemper: "old screens and entertainment system leg room to small"

Fordeler: "Flying with KLM is a pleasure"

Fordeler: "Everything was clean and well organized."
Ulemper: "The flight was delayed 1 1/2 hours."

Fordeler: "Crew was great, very nice"
Ulemper: "Not enough legroom"

Fordeler: "Good flight, very attentive crew."

Fordeler: "Travel on Crostian Airlines did not pappen. KLM flight to Munich was cancelled and I was rescheduled on Air Setbia to Belgrade, the Split."
Ulemper: "That it didn’t happen."

Ulemper: "Boarding was confusing and disorganized"

Fordeler: "Left ontime and service was excellent."

Fordeler: "Friendly attendants. Decent food, and frequent snacks and beverages."
Ulemper: "No charging ports for electronic devices."

Fordeler: "I got some rest"
Ulemper: "unable to charge my phone or watch movies"

Ulemper: "Please Endeavour to put the expiration date on the food served in the flight."

Ulemper: "Bag was lost"

Ulemper: "Bag was lost"

Fordeler: "Airlines issue"
Ulemper: "Profiling certain customers"

Fordeler: "From downloading the KLM app to the final touchdown of my final flight, everything was an ease, checking in, the option to change my seat, the service received was great."
Ulemper: "The ability to state a seat or meal preference within the app would be good but otherwise all was good."

Ulemper: "old plane, tight and uncomfortable"

Ulemper: "suitcase didn't turn up, although connection was quite tight"

Ulemper: "Not only was there free food but they tried to sell you a bunch of stuff. Not a moments piece."

Fordeler: "great choice of entertainment content, friendly crew"

Ulemper: "They didn’t let us board the plane. Allegedly the plane was changed and make us travel by train!! They offered us a compensation but we haven’t heard from them yet. Not good experience at all."

Ulemper: "Departure 40 mins late. I took this flight 2 weeks ago and it was also delayed."

Fordeler: "Price"
Ulemper: "Klm flight has very congested seating Getting information about eticket was pain"

Fordeler: "Alt"
Ulemper: "Kommer ikke på noe"

Ulemper: "Horrible. First, we lost a suitcase. It could happen but for two days they did nothing and only told us stories (so as not to use the word lies). Within a few hours (and thanks to airline assistance) we were able to locate the suitcase. Even then it took them two days to bring it to us, two precious days off our planned vacation (7 days) At the end of the shortened vacation, we got to the chek in, and told that since the ticket I had purchased form them two months earlier was too cheap ... and since the flight was Over booked, they would take me off the plane if all the passengers would arrive. It's unnecessary to describe what I felt until the plane took off. They apologize constantly, but do nothing practical. a bae company. no me nor my freinds/family will go with KLM"

Fordeler: "Seat space was good for a short flight, inclusive of free snack and drink."
Ulemper: "Too much overoverhead luggage."

Fordeler: "Alt gikk greit så totalt sett fornøyd, dro før tiden og landet før så da fikk vi bedre tid i Amsterdam før neste avgang. Hyggelig besetning."
Ulemper: "Helt grei mat men ikke noe mer enn det."

Ulemper: "hadde sete 3C rett bak economy plus der satt det bare 2-3 mennesker men jeg fikk ikke lov å bruke toallette fremme på tross av at der var serveringsvogn som blokkerte midtgangen, helt uforståelig!"

Fordeler: "...The transfer at JFK was terrible"

Fordeler: "Entertainment, cabin crew great."
Ulemper: "Seat layout may now be standard but is still cramped."

Ulemper: "I had booked a paid seat with extra legroom, but at check in the seat was given to another passenger"

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