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Qatar AirwaysGjennomsnittlig score basert på 10882 vurderinger
Fordeler: "The crew was exceptional. They took care of the customers with passion and energy. The Q suites are comfortable and one of the best seats out there."
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Fordeler: "The crew was exceptional. They took care of the customers with passion and energy. The Q suites are comfortable and one of the best seats out there."
Fordeler: "Nothing to like on that flight."
Ulemper: "Very poor customer service, Qatar Airways should be ashamed of providing worst than third world kind service in the Doha - Dhaka route."
Ulemper: "Under 2 babies did not get enough milk They should have baby food items cereals, crackers or baby foods options"
Fordeler: "Flight attendand Tiessy - QR943 - 8 Jun 2019 (outbound Singapore to Doha) She serve us (with kid) very well, with plenty of smile and warm helpful gestures."
Ulemper: "I really hope that kid's menu can be updated/changed in the system at least 24/48hrs before flight, as that was the first time we ride Qatar (we have no idea the menu) So we only order it once during the outbound flight."
Fordeler: "Food, seat, entertainment"
Ulemper: "The staff though friendly was found to be unhelpful. I was literally carrying three bags and a toddler in my arms, and passed by at least three crew members. But none of them bothered helping me. Your measure of success is not just how well you treat your business class. That’s not being world class"
Fordeler: "Q Suite business seats are the best with excellent service & delicious variety of meals."
Ulemper: "Nothing. Every thing was great!"
Fordeler: "Everything"
Ulemper: "It could be better if they serve food from Doha to Islamabad."
Fordeler: "much better than average food"
Ulemper: "shorter length flight but maybe little can be done,"
Fordeler: "As efficient as ever"
Ulemper: "see my words above. it is bad tryout with your site. there no responsibility. i am very upset about your negligence of your clients."
Fordeler: "Entertainment variety Frequent drinks offered onboard"
Ulemper: "Insufficient amount of in-flight food portion"
Ulemper: "Qatar airways should allocate separate seating for families. The crowd was generally composed of labour from Qatar and other middle eastern countries making the flight an unpleasant experience. It felt like going to a factory shift at 4 in the morning."
Fordeler: "First it was a brand new airplane and only that but it came with good food selection and enough spaces for tall guys like me ."
Ulemper: "None"
Fordeler: "Any time dining, excellent food offering, excellent drink offering, and excellent service. Unbeatable!"
Ulemper: "Lack of crowd control at the gate during boarding. It was hard to squeeze through for business class boarding."
Ulemper: "All entertainment units were off."
Fordeler: "Fantastic service, very friendly staff who are always happy to help"
Ulemper: "Should have internet free of charge in flight"
Fordeler: "Good food. Great staff and service"
Ulemper: "I wish there was more seating room and unusually long waiting time for toilets."
Fordeler: "The flight attendants were very friendly. On the flight, snacks and drinks were bright by every hour or so and the meals were plenty of food and tasted good. I was given a bag with eye cover, earplugs, socks, face wipes and ear phones. Entertainment was good as well. Qatar is an amazing airline. Wish we had something like this in the States!"
Ulemper: "Seats and legroom too small"
Fordeler: "I havn't flown a lot of international flights, but Qatar Airways is now my favorite"
Fordeler: "I am taking Qatar on all international travels when possible."
Ulemper: "Extra hour that takes to do this flight because we have to fly around Saudi Arabia....."
Fordeler: "Food"
Ulemper: "Observed that one flight attendant from India is giving more attention to a person who is from Navy. He avoided asking what we want for drinks etc. He always ignored us and pushed his cart before we answer. We are very unhappy with his behavior, however, adjusted ourselves."
Ulemper: "Food"
Fordeler: "Staff were professional, food was good and seats were comfortable."
Fordeler: "Although I felt Qatar responded poorly to the cancelled flight, the actual flying experience was wonderful and made me forget about the extreme inconvenience and poor customer service regarding the cancelled flight."
Ulemper: "My flight got cancelled ten minutes before boarding. Workers gathered phone numbers and told us they would call to direct us a new flight. However, no calls were ever made. I had to call the airline multiple times to get an answer about a new flight. In my first call, the customer service was rude. There was also zero compensation for the inconvenience."
Fordeler: "Flight was on time and departed as scheduled. Flight was comfortable and seats were decent. Would have liked a little bigger seats and more legroom in the economy seats"
Ulemper: "Food was not up to par and seats could have been a bit bigger for the economy bracket."
Fordeler: "Service. Kindness"
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordeler: "Great selection of movies and tv shows"
Ulemper: "Entertainment screen is too dim even on highest brightness setting"
Fordeler: "Very courteous!"
Fordeler: "Very very clean plane."
Ulemper: "Movie selection could be improved. Second meal had no vegan option."
Fordeler: "Food was good for once"
Ulemper: "They said they would fix the sound on my sons t.v. but that never happened so we had to swap seats and one of us didn't have any onboard entertainment although we asked about it 4 times"
Fordeler: "The crew was always present. The food was good too."
Ulemper: "Too many crying children, but that has nothing to do with you guys. And the movie selection could have been more and better. The bathrooms should be frequently checked and cleaned."
Fordeler: "In general the crew was very nice."
Ulemper: "The dreamliner is a little tight in relation to the B777. The Kosher meals very all the same for breakfast lunch and snack"
Ulemper: "No consistency with hand luggage. My companions and I were held to strict weight limits. Others were getting on with three and four bags."
Fordeler: "everything went perfect , tank you KAYAK"
Fordeler: "The crew was excellent in their mannerisms, efficiency, service and never ending smiles."
Ulemper: "The flight was not overly crowded and many of the passengers were seated with three people per set of seats while others were seated individually and able to spread out with much more comfort. I felt that when the flight crew saw this they could have made everyone much more comfortable by switching people to two people per row thus giving them more room especially on such a long flight."
Fordeler: "The service during the flight was excellent, workers showed all kind of concern and care. Thank you."
Ulemper: "I had 2 checked in luggage, and both TSA lock on it was cut. Since it was TSA lock, I do not understand why both locks were cut instead of being opened with the international key. it cost me 10 USD it for the locks."
Fordeler: "Everything is fine and have a wonderful time"
Ulemper: "Greedy airline! Qatar Airway is a hyper money hungry scammer who catches customers to rip money off from and creates a super tedious and painful experience for customers to ensure their private gains!!! Qatar Airway was delayed for more than an hour at the first departing airport! NO APOLOGIES OR MUCH EXPLANATION OF ANY KIND!! This is just how mindful and courteous they are. It sets the base tone of what this airline is made of. Then at the connecting airport, they closed the gate minutes before the departing time claiming the gate closes 20 minutes before the departing time, knowing they are leaving customers behind who has checked in and just haven’t arrived at the gate yet. And I arrived the gate minutes before the departure time. They can’t wait?! If so, why is it ok for them to delay for an hour without any explanation not to mention apology? Sure there are RULES. But remember what kind of airlines will have tons of rules that will guarantee you to fail?! Almost always the most shady, scammy and money hungry airlines who use ridiculous or ad hoc made RULES to set pitfalls for customers and ensure their profit gains by doing so!! Remember those European cheap airlines?!! They have tons of rules. You are set to fail even you have a smaller bags than some passengers who passed the gate without penalty. You are just unlucky – they set eyes to catch opportunities to rip you off whenever they can and whenever they are in the mood to be able to come up with lame excuses. With normal airlines, you realize your luggage which has been slightly overweight or over sized will be able to pass through without incurring any penalties. So any saying of rules are lame excuses and are shitty airlines’ lame excuses. The thing is good airlines will delay their flight a few minutes to wait for the passenger. If this is considered too needy of a requirement, then what happens next will shock you and reaffirm you how wrongful and shady this airline is. After missing the flight despite you arrived before the departing time, you have to purchase a full price ticket in order to fly again. As I declined to fly with them again since the ticket is too pricey and repurchased a ticket with another airline, they came up with an excuse that in order to release my luggage, they have to reissue a new flight ticket: so I have to pay both a luggage release fee and a flight ticket fee!!! What a gold digger Qatar Airway is haha. Luckily as I protested, they eventually didn’t make me to pay for a new flight ticket fee except a luggage release fee (really?). The sales office quoted a price of $250 to the luggage office. Then it took me a few minutes to get to the sales office. Strange thing happened, despite I mentioned the communication they are aware of, they are trying to find some “RULES” again to validate that I have to pay for an air ticket. I emphasized that is not the case. As I get irritated, guess what they did? They managed to come up with another excuse that in or"
Fordeler: "Crew courtesy."
Ulemper: "This was also a good flight it was just a bit more cramped than the Qatar Flight Los Angeles to Doha so I preferred that flight over the Doha to Singapore"
Fordeler: "The crew was friendly and accommodating. The seats were comfortable and there was good leg space. There was a good selection of movies and shows to watch. The food wasn't bad either."
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordeler: "Very nice service"
Fordeler: "A 380 plane is the best. Staff were attentive. Good good for airline. Great entertainment system"
Fordeler: "The flight was comfortable. The flight attendants were pleasant and attentive."
Ulemper: "After the flight landed we had to present our boarding passes one by one so they could be inspected again and our names were crossedoing off some list. It really slowed down meeting our ride and getting to customs. I think it also contributed o our flight being delayed since the flight before us had to do the same thing as they disembarked. I would be more concerned if my flight had a close connection if this is a standard practice. This was my first flight with Qatar. If the practice is standard I won't keep flying them."
Ulemper: "Hele reisefølgets bagasje, 14 kolli, forsvant. Ventetid på hjelp på tlf varierte fra 40 min til 1 time og 17 minutt, ingen svar på noen e-post, og telefonregning på 697 kr for å høre på ventemusikk."
Fordeler: "Good boarding. Nice flight attendants."
Ulemper: "Economy seats were too close to others. Entertainment displays on 777 planes didn't react well to touch. Too many large roller bags allowed on plane. Arm rests on A330 and 777 wouldn't go all the way up."
Fordeler: "Services by the staff is good."
Fordeler: "The Cabin crew was amazing, the ICE entertainment has many options of movies and programs, the flight was smooth to Singapore."
Ulemper: "Keep the good work."
Fordeler: "Great flight."
Fordeler: "Flight was half full, had the whole row to lie down and sleep in economy class, so had a really comfortable flight"
Ulemper: "Availability of livesport tv channels"
Fordeler: "Great crew and entertainment"
Ulemper: "Business class seems to have slipped..... A little more cramped and not quite as comfortable.... (might be me getting old"
Fordeler: "Everything was outstanding"
Ulemper: "Nothinng really"
Fordeler: "Full plane. Boarding could have been easier with two entry points into the plane"
Ulemper: "Plane was late leaving but made up time."
Ulemper: "Boarding system. Final call on gate and it's to get to 2 more areas."
Fordeler: "The seat was super comfortable"
Ulemper: "Overall great experience!!"
Fordeler: "-Good legroom -Good seat width -Good recline -OK food -OK lavatory"
Ulemper: "-Outdated entertainment system -Seat was not very comfortable when compared to other airlines -Could not connect to Wi-Fi due to unintuitiveness -Skysurfers uneligible to connect to Wi-Fi despite being Silver and higher"
Fordeler: "Good food friendly staff"
Fordeler: "Loved the spaciuos seats and great leg room. Food superb!"
Ulemper: "Annoying passenfer who peobably drank too much"
Ulemper: "Internet on board wws not working"
Fordeler: "The entertainment system is good"
Ulemper: "The crew was poor. Didn’t appreciate when requested toilet paper in the toilet, as there was none. Ask for a snack as no food until 5hrs into the flight, crew were impolite and rude. The crew gathered in the gallery and chat among themselves. Very annoyed if you interrupted them, asking for a water."
Fordeler: "Food"
Ulemper: "I was sitting in emergency exit so i will not complain of small seats"
Fordeler: "Inflight entertainment was good but that doesn’t make up for lack of equal treatment of all passengers"
Ulemper: "They are racist!!!!! Segregation and all!!!!! For my more than 12 hours layover I had to pay for my own hotel!!! Yet other travelers were given free hotel vouchers. As a matter of fact I was kept waiting for nearly half an hour in the middle of the night even though I had been waiting for service ahead of them."
Fordeler: "the crew are nice"
Ulemper: "food limited selection"
Fordeler: "The in flight crew was friendly and helpful."
Ulemper: "The seat I have 41A is quite awkward, especially when 41B was a plus size person. The slanting profile of the wall also made it quite claustrophobic. But overall endurance."
Fordeler: "Emirates is a great airline with friendly staff and an amazing fleet of aircraft"
Ulemper: "I had updated for my flight from Jeddah to Dubai, but found that business class passengers were not given priority boarding and had to wait for all other passengers to board. The plane also took off late."
Fordeler: "Was upgraded to 1st class which was amazing - the only thing I didn't like was it was a night flight and not long enough to enjoy it for longer!"
Fordeler: "First time on Emirates. Can definitely see why the company gets such high ratings. Crew very efficient and accommodating. Food was better than I expected. Especially the smoked chicken salad. I would have ordered that in a restaurant actually. The flight was long but not the seat not uncomfortable. Would try them again."
Fordeler: "Enough leg room, wide seads"
Ulemper: "Food was terrible."
Fordeler: "Enerttainment"
Ulemper: "Got moved to right near the galley and crew talked loudly complaining about people, during sleeping time and the light was too bright to sleep. Limited vegan food available. Everything seemed too much trouble for a lot of staff, they were rude and impolite. Delay boarding in singapore."
Fordeler: "very comprehensive entertainment system"
Ulemper: "Food quality was a letdown. Crew was very rushed with meal service and did not return to offer drinks once meal service concluded. No ammenity pack for a business flight."
Fordeler: "Food and drinks"
Fordeler: "Staff did their best and were polite but ultimately had no solution for the issue"
Ulemper: "I was unable to get an aisle seat therefore I was stuck in an middle seat. I am rather tall and the man on the window seat was morbidly obese and half of him was sitting on top of me for most of the flight. He also sweated all over me, snoredand snorted for the whole flight. I spent much of the flight standing and now have terrible leg oedema. It was the most uncomfortable flight I've ever been on. the flight was full so there were no reseating options apparently. It was extremely unpleasant."
Fordeler: "Emirates is my carrier of choice, and that's due to their continued service standards, friendliness and rates. This flight was pretty empty so service was even better and I was able to spread myself out. Also, well done to the crew. They continue to maintain high standards."
Ulemper: "This is the first time it's happened to me, but I was scheduled to leave Oslo on Wednesday, but Emirates cancelled my flight and put me on the next one. It would have been alright had they offered some sort of compensation or made it up to me in one way or another, but that was not going to happen. They cancelled and the cost was on me (as per the T's & C's I was told) and that was pretty much that. Here's a hint, it seems like their Scandinavian flights are underperforming and in a cost saving effort, they're randomly cancelling flights. I subsequently found out they did it to someone else in the area causing them to miss two days of a pre-booked vacation. So, if they cancel, it's going to cost you a lot more in a city like Oslo to wait a day - not to mention the costs involved in missing work or vacation, so maybe shop around then. I still like Emirates, but I'm feeling a little burnt after this episode."
Ulemper: "Staff or what resembles a cabin crew came to ask me to give them Back a water bottle that anther staff gave me earlier ? Asked me to switch off my Movie to fight for a water bottle ? Very unprofessional"
Fordeler: "Comfortable seat Hostesses were professional and very service oriented - not forgetting your request. Service with a smile Very sooth flight"
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordeler: "Great flight, very attentive staff, gluten free meal was not very good. At all"
Fordeler: "Attentive service, had a special treat for me as it was my birthday."
Fordeler: "Overall feeling on board, comfy seats and leg room, high standard of screen and remote control, free 2h wifi for all, quality of food and drinks"
Ulemper: "Crew could be more friendly. On my first flight I wasn't even asked if I would like to drink something even though not sleeping and waiting to be asked (I think my complete line was forgotten), there was no smile and kindness, when entering the plane 2 people in front of me did not need to show their tickets so I put mine away - of course I had to show mine a 4th time then and look for it. So annoying. They all look pretty but could definitely be more service orientated."
Fordeler: "F"
Ulemper: "It seems to me that the flights to India are a little more cramped than the ones from the West to Dubai."
Fordeler: "Excellent entertainment on a comfortable sized tv screen."
Ulemper: "More beverages would be nicer."
Fordeler: "I got bumped up to business class. Excellent service"
Ulemper: "I stayed in line for 4 hours to get checked it."
Ulemper: "Having to go through twice as arrived in terminal C and departed terminal A What a waste of time"
Fordeler: "I liked the crew and the attitude of staff"
Ulemper: "All flights were delayed Boarding experience is not that great Not sufficient leg room, so cramped up Food was very average"
Fordeler: "Overall good flight and experience. Service defines EK from others."
Ulemper: "Boarding a bit disorganized and seats are very cramped up."
Fordeler: "Barcelona to Dubai flight - the flight attendants were personable, helpful, and very courteous. In-flight service was frequent with many stops to check on the passengers of a very full flight. Wonderful and attentive service, even when juggling such a large number of passengers. I was very impressed with the work ethic of this crew."
Ulemper: "The flight attendants on the Dubai to Singapore flight were surprisingly unhelpful. It was a mostly empty flight and yet during this flight, there were very infrequent beverage service. When I activated my call flight attendant button, no one stopped by. This included at least 3 different flight attendants passing me, some more than a few times, and not once did anyone stop. After waiting for 10 - 15 minutes, I turned off the light and went to the galley part of the plane, only to find a group of flight attendants socializing. I requested a drink and it was handed to me without the attendant every making eye contact as the attendant still was facing and engaged in their conversation. This is not the first time I have experienced this on an Emirates flight so I think the staff training may need to be reinforced. Business class service on Emirates is quite good. But I fly both Economy and Business class. The experiences in Economy did affect my decision on which airline I generally fly with for business class travel."
Fordeler: "On that route the plane can be quite empty on the Melbourne-Singapore leg, meaning lots of space to sleep in coach."
Ulemper: "Food served very fast (I barely had my first bite that they came with coffee and tea and never seen again). Quality of the food was ok."
Fordeler: "The 380 is a great plane, the quiet and comfort."
Fordeler: "Same as above"
Ulemper: "Same as above"
Fordeler: "Everything was great and the service was really good. The drinks were really nice with many options including a half bottle of red wine."
Ulemper: "My food took sometime to come back as they ran out of lamb. The clean up service took awhile and my used cups were still on the table. But overall I like the Emirates."
Ulemper: "Service was poor. Food was not up to standard. Crew had no clue except for standard operating procedures which were not the best."
Fordeler: "Please Refund my ticket"
Ulemper: "Lost baggage. It had important stuff"
Fordeler: "Plenty of food provided, and crew is very friendly."
Ulemper: "When boarding at Brisbane Airport to fly back to Singapore, ground staff at the counter called out the boarding passes allocated from back rows to middle rows to start boarding; thereafter the remaining rows were never called out, so passengers like us holding front to middle row seats and following the rules naturally were left behind, at a disadvantage. In the end when not many passengers were left in the Queue, then we joined Q at the back to board."
Fordeler: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "The location of the seats were next to the meals area and it was really noisy right throughout the flight. I couldnt sleep at all. The female staff were grumpy and werent friendly at all. Such an anti-climax flying an A380-800."
Fordeler: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "Lost my bag and charged me for it. Never fly with them. Their Dubai staff is incompetent"
Fordeler: "Variety and choice of media entertainment was excellent."
Fordeler: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "Worst ever airline in the world charged me for Cary on bag $430 for weight 8.7kg from Oslo Norway to adiss ababa Ethiopia I recommend no one has to fly with Turkish airline poor customer service"
Fordeler: "Good food, excellent lounge in Istanbul and super comfy seats in the longer leg"
Ulemper: "Boarding crew did not have the required knowledge of visa process and made us wait 40 mins"
Ulemper: "Flight was delayed - missed connection in Istanbul"
Fordeler: "Staff friendly."
Ulemper: "Seats too tight. Very little leg space."
Fordeler: "Nothing. I was so disappointed with the whole experience."
Ulemper: "Everything. I paid a lot of money for this ticket. When I tried to check in yesterday I was denied. When I called the ticketing office, they explained that everything was fine with the ticket, and I would indeed have a seat, but I would have to go to the airport. I even asked them about the possibility of overbooking but they said that wasn't a risk. (I am Star Gold so I didn't think that was possible.) When at the airport they wouldn't give me a seat and they bumped me leading to many hours of confusion, a connection through Tanzania, and a loss of a night of sleep. And lots of stress. I know they de-prioritized the people who booked on Kayak. This was a miserable experience and unless you do something to fix this I will never use Kayak again."
Fordeler: "All"
Ulemper: "Crowd highly liked company deserves crowd"
Fordeler: "The food was nice, seat was comfortable"
Ulemper: "Flight attendants never come back on my query, even after asking to 2 crews"
Fordeler: "Excellent food"
Ulemper: "Boarding was a bit chaotic"
Fordeler: "Boarding was fast and efficient, entertainment options are good and crew is quite responsive"
Ulemper: "Pitch of the seat is bad for tall passengers at only 31" and on older aircraft the touchscreen is atrocious."
Fordeler: "Food and drinks"
Ulemper: "Business class seats can be a bit wider"
Fordeler: "patience n attitude of crews"
Fordeler: "Facilities are really nice"
Ulemper: "I only got one boarding pass at the check in."
Fordeler: "I enjoyed the flight!"
Ulemper: "Not applicable"
Ulemper: "Seating too tight/ crew staff members at Istanbul airport"
Ulemper: "I was selected to seat near the window before departure dare unfortunately i found my self in the middle of the people, so dissapointed"
Fordeler: "The seat was comfortable."
Ulemper: "The entertainment system was not working"
Fordeler: "Great service, great food and drinks"
Ulemper: "None"
Fordeler: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "My mother is terminal, as in, she's DYING. So she was having a momentous flare up and we were running a little late. NOWHERE we were told we had to be at check in prior to an hour before the flight. Made it there 6 minutes after that "hour" check mark and were unable to make the flight. Tried to rebook and was told to pay the $800 per ticket that we already paid. Who has that kind of money? Guess I'll see if she can settle for sea world or the damn beach instead of Egypt like she wanted to. Thanks for nothing. For absolutely nothing."
Ulemper: "My flight was cancelled twice within 24 hours before takeoff. All I got was an email saying it was cancelled and a number where no one could help me. I spent over $40 international calls just to reschedule my flight, only to have to take a $80 cab to the airport to have a human help me. Worst customer service and worst experience. I was trying to get home after a natural disaster struck my hometown and Turkish Airlines actually made that experience even worse. At no point did anyone even apologize for cancelling two of my flights without another option until a full week later. I had to pay to fly myself home from Boston because they were so unhelpful. Would never recommend Turkish Airlines to anyone I know whn traveling internationally."
Ulemper: "The vegan meal was a bit underwhelming. I ended up not eating."
Fordeler: "Timing was perfect without any unnecessary delay in transfer. Crew is quite helpful and food was pretty good for Economy class as was the leg room and footrest. Entertainment was excellent."
Ulemper: "Little value for money. Meal, seat.. below expectations of premium economy"
Fordeler: "Great seating & service"
Ulemper: "Non stop talking people behind me!!!!"
Fordeler: "Crew was amazing, food was incredible, service awesome, awesome airline"
Ulemper: "The cushioning on 777-300 is too thin and not so comfortable for such a long trip but that is the price we have to pay for not being in business class"
Fordeler: "Gave us direct flight back to Singapore in premium economy seats."
Ulemper: "This is our second experience of flights being cancelled via Turkish Airlines. Very disappointing customer care when flights get cancelled. Staff totally unprepared and untrained for such situations. We waited around for 6 hours before finding out on our own, that the flight was cancelled. The notice was not shown on the board. In all waited around at the airport for more than 10 hours before we were finally carted off to a small hotel near by at 1230am in the morning. Very little to no information given throughout the whole process, stranded with parched throats, no luggage, clean clothes or toothbrush."
Fordeler: "Super friendly - and fantastic entertaiment!"
Ulemper: "Security and bags checks returning were awful about 4 between airport doors and airplane. Must be a way to clean the process up some."
Fordeler: "Crew was nice and courteous."
Ulemper: "I'm 2.05m tall, and had no leg room or an exit seat. These seats should be saved for these specific occassions, which made the flight uncomfortable."
Fordeler: "The steward went out of his way to accommodate my special dietary request"
Fordeler: "loved that i got a free hotel stay because of a long layover - very useful for relaxing before my next flight."
Fordeler: "Excellent serice by airline crew nice food l like Tayip erdogan .end l like Turkiye and llike Turkish arlanes, Sincerely your Customer Cabir Senalan"
Fordeler: "on time, good boarding"
Ulemper: "Small space in new planes, water not freely available, limited movie selection, ear plugs are bad"
Fordeler: "Entertainment was great"
Ulemper: "Lack of leg room; lack of air flow during entire flight and seats could adjust their own."
Fordeler: "THENK YOU!"
Fordeler: "In flight entertainment was awesome, Wide selection of movies to keep occupied."
Ulemper: "Food was okay but can be improved, needs to have more variety and more local touch in the cuisine offered."
Fordeler: "Waiting half and one hours before fly out from airport, because the fly road is busy for landing."
Fordeler: "Turkish Airlines were a great surprise - everything was much better than expected. Highly recommend flying with them."
Fordeler: "All"
Fordeler: "The attendant at check in was anything but attentive. We asked if the flight was full and she replied with a face gesture that indicated 'no' (it was a 1.50am flight) so we asked if possible to upgrade with points and she totally ignored, spoke in Turkish to 2 other check in colleagues, printed the boarding passes and almost threw them down on the counter without responding on upgrade. We felt too intimidated to ask any more. Also our mileage points for this sector of our travel were not booked to our KrisFlyer accounts so wondering if she did not capture at check in."
Ulemper: "The cabin was quite warm and unable to adjust any air flow to the seat. Because the flight wasn't full my husband was able to move to a vacant group of seats and lie down so eventually cooled down and got some sleep. Otherwise excellent flight"
Fordeler: "Crew and food were great."
Ulemper: "Seats handles were too low--could never sit fully upright and rest my arms. Not a comfortable flight."
Fordeler: "Nothing."
Ulemper: "The absolute worst airline we have ever flown with. Will never fly with them again."
Ulemper: "Groud crew told the passanger off. You want to fly sit down now."
Fordeler: "Everything possible was done to help make this my best flight ever. 12 hrs is a long time on a plane but I don't see how it could have been any better. Good food. Attentive staff. Great entertainment options. Plenty of leg room. I'm 6'1". Boeing 777. Great plane."
Fordeler: "Everything was great this was the greatest flight I took. I travel a lot. The service was 100 ten % perfect. Thanks to everyone for a great service."
Ulemper: "I don't think anyone could say they didn't like something about the flight or service."
Ulemper: "There is a sthg in the food which was plastic.and it could be really dangerous for me.I showed the hostes and said they could change in flight from istanbul to izmir."
Ulemper: "Service call for crew took longer than usual...."
Fordeler: "emergency row had plenty of leg room."
Ulemper: "don't recall getting an email reminder to check in ahead of time, so did when i arrived at airport... i guess this resulted in the emergency row seating, which, while having plenty of leg room, apparently is the least important when it comes to service. overlooked several times, my peers and i in the row had no food choices, and were given what was leftover, often lukewarm."
Fordeler: "Entertainment is excellent"
Ulemper: "There is no room for people on the plane, my luggage has been left istanbul"
Fordeler: "The service was excellent from A to Z"
Fordeler: "Same as above"
Ulemper: "Same as above"
Fordeler: "I Am like The Service"
Ulemper: "I Am like everithiry the service and food"

The flight came in an hour late. It caused me to miss my connecting flight and my luggage is lost.

Be dubious if you cant choose your seats

Flying First Class with Lufthansa is something special, in every aspect of the word. It just has to be experienced!

Helt grei businesspakke fra Lufthansa på en kort flyvning

Both flights were on time. Great selection of movies on board. My luggage didn't get lost, which made my trip very easy.

Check in working effective. Kind cabin personnel . Not too note storage place inside for carry on luggage .

Fordeler: "We were the only customers in business class, which was nice. Lots of attention from the crew, and food was good."
Ulemper: "Ummm, THAT was "business class"? Same seats as economy, with middle seat blocked off. Limited recline, no entertainment, no comfort seats. Nice meal, nice drinks, nice service...but I'm a little stunned that a European airline would call this kind of seating "business class". Only thing that separated it from economy class was a curtain, and middle seats blocked off."
Fordeler: "Great food. Nice staff."
Ulemper: "Make a rule that people cannot put their seats back. People in front of us were rude and kept their seats back the entire flight, even after we nicely asked them to not have the seats back so far. Would prefer that seats did not move at all. I would never recline my seat in consideration for the person behind me. On an 11 hour flight, this is a big deal."
Fordeler: "A380 with extra legroom is great comfort"
Ulemper: "Connection at Frankfurt airport very poor We had to run for 15 minutes to get our Singapore flight with no assistance from Lufthansa"
Ulemper: "Only reason I chose Lufthansa was that I was informed that 23kg of checked in luggage was included. It was NOT. I don't care whose fault it is. Lufthansa still says that this is included on their website. I demand reimbursement."
Fordeler: "The seat was comfortable, the crew were good and supportive but seemed a bit too busy when called upon. Especially with travelling with twins, I had a bit of trouble getting their attention for my own meals as when serving was done I was feeding the kids."
Ulemper: "Give more attention to travellers with infants as they really need your support. Had twins and whenever meals were served, I couldn’t take them but whenever I buzzed, was asked to wait but then nothing came through. At the end of the flight, I had missed all my meals, no hot water for kids milk"
Fordeler: "The crew did their best, but the seats were very uncomfortable;.The food was uneatable."
Ulemper: "Everything."
Ulemper: "The arm rests on either side of my seat where closed so I had limited mobility in my seat (by closed I mean they didn’t move and had no open space between where your arm sits and the top of the chair)"
Fordeler: "Yes"
Ulemper: "Better food"
Ulemper: "Lufthansa lost my luggage. Still waiting in my hotel."
Fordeler: "Nice crew."
Ulemper: "Very cold. Always very cold in premium economy section on LH 747-8."
Ulemper: "Missed my flight by 2 minutes and couldn’t find any representatives to help me determine my options. Was left to figure it out in my own."
Fordeler: "short flight"
Ulemper: "not much room and no entertainment"
Fordeler: "Loved the food, the comfort of the seat/plane and entertainment. Timing of meal service was perfect and overall seemed far less rushed and chaotic compared to emirates business class."
Ulemper: "Some staff were a bit hit and miss. Mostly nice but some were not. I was clearly having trouble getting my seat converted to its bed and 3 flight attendants walked passed me and didn’t help even though they noticed I was. A portion of leather covering under the tv where I feet went was hanging off when I boarded and but on with masking tape. Took the elegance away. It’s funny they use the old fit our A380 but such a long flight."
Fordeler: "Everything!"
Ulemper: "What’s not to love?"
Ulemper: "Didn't like the fruit dish or the liverwurst type meat."
Fordeler: "Everything was fine except for the comfort."
Ulemper: "The rows were so close together it was hard to get in and out of your row. If the seat in front of you reclined, the t.v. was 9 inches in front of your face."
Fordeler: "Happy to watch the World Cup Final while the flight was delayed 2 hours on the ground."
Ulemper: "Before take off, I found a small brown bug that looked similar to a bed bug crawling on my arm. I took pictures of it and alerted a crew member. They replaced my pillow and said sorry... I couldn't stop thinking of the idea of bed bugs crawling on me and my personal belongings the whole flight."
Fordeler: "We were treated very well by all staff. Very nice crew"
Fordeler: "Once again, the in-flight crew was excellent. The flight was good, but no entertainment is provided."
Ulemper: "Another late take off, probably because the incoming connections were late. So it was good that the airline delayed the connecting flights. However, this leg of the trip was so late that I barely made it to third leg of the trip. A huge problem is that each of these international airports require that you go through the security check again. For that reason, connecting legs of trips through these airports should not be scheduled so close together. Heathrow is the worst, with security staff that, at best, don’t care that you have a close connection to make and just ignore your pleas to speed up the process, and at worst, are just plain rude."
Fordeler: "movie selection"
Ulemper: "I missed my lufthanza connection"
Fordeler: "Lufthansa and SAS. A great combination."
Ulemper: "Nothing to not like."
Fordeler: "Staff was consistently professional, courteous, and good-natured. The seats were fairly comfortable for economy. The food was perfectly fine. Movie selection was very good. Overall very comfortable flight that left and arrived on time!"
Fordeler: "Upgraded from premium to Business class. Very good service and a good night slep."
Ulemper: "Terrible boarding. Finally we were almost 1 hour delay in departure"
Fordeler: "Smooth ride. Almost made up some flight time......"
Ulemper: "No entertainment, Two hour delay......almost missed our connecting flight."
Fordeler: "Quick loading and departure."
Ulemper: "The gate changing 3 times."
Fordeler: "Service for economy class was what you would expect from other airlines in business class. Lufthansa has the best service of any airline I have ever flown with."
Ulemper: "Nothing."
Fordeler: "I liked the food and courteous staff. Our flight was on time in order to connect to our next flight. They assisted us to our waiting wee Lchairs."
Ulemper: "Everything was ok. Nothing I did not like on that flight"
Fordeler: "This is the first time I actually enjoyed a meal on a flight. It was ravioli in tomato sauce, just perfect! Superfriendly cabin crew"
Fordeler: "The crew were very friendly and I liked that they always kept us hydrated with drinks. Before I even left on the trip I called the airlines several time with so many questions and the staff that I talked to each time were so friendly and helpful with all the questions that I had."
Ulemper: "The only thing I didn't like is that the boarding process was different than what I was used to. I usually board by zones and this time it was more of a everyone got up at the same time and everyone rushed to the front of the lines and some people would push me out of the way to get in front. ( even though we all had assigned seating) Second thing was that I had asked for a wheelchair for my mom and I had seen one waiting outside and was about to walk up to it but another person was limping up to it and put her stuff down on it so I didn't know if it was for my mom or her. I didn't have the heart to go up and make her move if the wheelchair was for my mom so we ended up walking the whole way to customs. I felt bad for my mom afterwards because her knees ended up hurting by the time we got to customs. I would suggest holding up signs of individual names for who the wheelchair is for. Other than that everything was great"
Fordeler: "Short flight, not much to say about it."
Fordeler: "Movies were good"
Ulemper: "Seats were not comfortable. Service was not good. Rude staff. Horrible experience."
Fordeler: "Staff was nice. The flight was on time."
Ulemper: "The touchscreen tv seevice was the slowest I have ever seen. The entertainment options were very limited, even less optikns for kids. The back of my chair was not reclining. The food was terrible. Kids did not eat anything at all."
Fordeler: "This leg of light was good. Service on board was very good."
Ulemper: "no complaints."
Fordeler: "It was on time :)"
Ulemper: "I booked wheelchair at Oslo airport, but my father did not get it at Frankfurt."
Fordeler: "On time"
Ulemper: "They ran out of food choices, so I had to go with mushroom pasta."
Ulemper: "Food foul / fowl staff brusque breakfast in edible stone cold dinner as something my 10 year old could better prepare boarding chaos Frankfurt immigration staff curiously aggressive wouldn't pay premium economy again with this airline"
Fordeler: "My first flight overseas was wonderful. Almost never felt any turbulence and the crew was so friendly and courteous."
Ulemper: "Cramped seats in economy. Next time we'll definitely upgrade for more leg room."
Ulemper: "We couldn't check in for the next flight when we departed from Oslo. Disappointed we had to wait until arriving in Frankfurt. Something about not being partner airlines."
Fordeler: "On a flight from Oslo to Germany to Charlotte, we only had 55 minutes to connect in Germany. Lufthansa held our plane due to their error in some runway and docking issues and we, as well as 25 other were escorted to our connection by Lufthansa staff. Excellent customer service even though it was their fault. They just did the right thing and did it well."
Ulemper: "I would have expected that there be much more time for gate connections. If you have ever been in the Munich airport, it is very large and navigation takes time.."
Fordeler: "Short flight Ease of checking in Meal provided"
Ulemper: "Time of flight changed by two hours earlier w/o being notified No entertainment Flight delayed due to passenger"
Fordeler: "Our flight from Frankfort to Munich was late. Luftansa sent a representative to our flight to make sure we and others from our flight got on to the flight to Charlotte. How awesome! Plane needs more leg room."
Fordeler: "After so many domestic flights of being shuffled around and interacting with flight attendants that seem to not like their jobs much and passenger's are just an annoyance, flying abroad on Luftansa was quite a different experience! The flight attendants were polished, professional, and actually wanted to provide a service. Their interactions made me feel like I was cared about and that they wanted my unique needs to be met. This made a 10 hour flight an enjoyable experience which I certainly didn't anticipate."
Fordeler: "The crew made this flight in my experience. The crew was very professional and quick to respond."
Ulemper: "The late boarding due to technical and mechanical problems at the airport Lufthansa gate."
Fordeler: "Friendly crew. Departure and arrival earlier than expected. Smooth travel from begining to end."
Ulemper: "No food and no entertainment during the flight (which makes it similar to low cost flights)."
Ulemper: "I didn't like putting two family on different seats far from each other"
Fordeler: "The crew was nice"
Ulemper: "We were boarding later than expected Which caused some stress with connection flight"
Ulemper: "The flight was late to Helsinki and we missed our connecting flight to Barcelona that was also on Finnair. I was given a hotel voucher to a nice hotel with a complimentary dinner voucher. The dinner was a buffet that was limited and less than mediocre. A chicken option was not even provided, no soup"
Fordeler: "Flight as such was good and smooth"
Ulemper: "Better food, but nowadays unless you fly on business or first you are doomed and cramped beyond belief, any improvement comes at a price"
Fordeler: "I was i business class and the crew were very good"
Ulemper: "nothing as it was not a long flight, only 3 hours"
Fordeler: "Flight attendants are polite"
Ulemper: "Slow on boarding. I was swipe-checked twice, including the one by the airline."
Fordeler: "Free WiFi in the air. Email received in air tracking missing luggage. Stressful to receive, but at least I could see where it was & when it would arrive. Didn’t order a meal, but there was a wide variety of snacks for purchase. Very nice crew. Great leg room."
Ulemper: "Missing luggage. WiFi spotty."
Fordeler: "Pleasant and friendly crew. Attentive and professional service."
Ulemper: "Late inbound flight made our flight delayed. No info at gate, until a few minutes before boarding. Small, crammed seats. Very worn seatbelts gives a less than favorable impression."
Fordeler: "God og personlig service ombord. Her ble man tatt godt vare på."
Ulemper: "Forsinket avgang, enda alle passasjerer var ombord i tide og boarding var «completed» før avreise."
Fordeler: "On time"
Ulemper: "All was well. Long bus ride to the planr"
Fordeler: "Friendly crew. Food was nice."
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordeler: "Nice crew that were helpful."
Ulemper: "Small plane, cramped seating."
Fordeler: "The airplane is great. So much leg space!"
Fordeler: "the food was decent, the people were nice"
Ulemper: "the baggage check was a zoo. there was only one finnair representative, who was LATE. the baggage check was opened only 1.5 hours before the flight, causing a massive line."
Fordeler: "If you picked the wrong line then check in took 40 minutes, arrive early!"
Fordeler: "Crew is very nice and helpful. Food is just fine."
Ulemper: "Seats are too close and not enough space for my legs. I am 187 (6'2"). No outlets for phone charging."
Fordeler: "I was very satisfied by the flights by Finnair - kind personnel, good food, on time flights."
Ulemper: "long waiting time in the bus before the flight"
Ulemper: "I could not be given the boarding pass fir the last leg of my trip"
Fordeler: "Great customer service; food was good; excellent movie selection"
Ulemper: "For some reason about half of the passengers had to have their boarding passes reissued so departure was delayed- thus arrival was delayed & some passengers missed connections- I had plenty of time so it wasn't an issue for me"
Ulemper: "The food was not good although plentiful The seats were not made for a long-haul flight We received no overnight bag (eye masks, ear plugs, toothbrush, etc.)"
Fordeler: "The employee at the checkin counter in Oslo set everything up for us regarding our wheelchair and walker. She was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and kind. She arranged for a pick up in Helsinki with the airport's crew. They helped us unload the plane and then had a personal accessible bus to take us from where we landed (outside of terminal) to the gate of our next departure. The crew were all extremely professional and efficient."
Ulemper: "The leg room is never enough on the long flights. The flight from Chicago to Helsinki at 10:00pm was not nearly as good as the flights from Oslo to Helsinki to Chicago. The crew was not as pleasant, the lights were not turned off until after 1:00 am and then turned on hours before the light "breakfast" was served."
Fordeler: "Typical service and level of attention you'd expect in business class. Great food and wine selection. The amenity kit has exactly what's needed and not more."
Ulemper: "Only 1 hour of Wi-fi included - seems strange for business class."
Fordeler: "A bit delaye in Departure but ok overall"
Ulemper: "Btw you have cancelled my flight!!!!!!!! And sent me just an email."
Fordeler: "Finnair is great when nothing goes wrong..."
Ulemper: "... but a disaster when things go wrong. Too many pilots "sick" on new year day so our HEL-SIN flight was cancelled. We spent three hours at the airport queueing and only getting a hotel. No alternative flight. We spent an hour waiting on line at their call center (no local numbers, only one Finland number) and got rebooked on a super tight HEL-FRA-LHR-SIN connectiob, which we barely made as the connection times were so short. Plus they messed up the checkin so we got denied boarding in Frankfurt and lost our suitcases. Perfect storm... we will NEVER take this airline again. Totally understaffed and I competent. Fly a major airline and pay a little more to avoid things like this..."
Ulemper: "It is too hard to carry stuff on the stairs at the airports"
Fordeler: "This was a very short flight and I don't recall if there was any food service or entertainment."
Fordeler: "Everything was great. They made a nine hour flight actually enjoyable."
Fordeler: "The crew was great! Very friendly, very accommodating!! It was a great flight overall!"
Ulemper: "I never get that flight."
Ulemper: "They let us board before fixing an electrical problem causing major delay. They needed a new part and they thought they could jerryrig a repair!"
Fordeler: "The flight was great...the staff are wonderful people...they are so sweet and kind...they work so hard...the service was great...I love their personalities..The Movie selection was awesome...Because of my broken leg, they were there to help me right away...amazing crew...will be flying with them again in October....looking forward to flying with British Airways again... Thank you for the care... Yours Truly, Sylvia Smith..."
Ulemper: "I have no complaints at all...."
Ulemper: "nobody from justfly and kayak even tried to argued that I didn't missed the flight and I was one of hundreds that was in line way before flight time"
Ulemper: "Crew members were almost non-existent. Saw them beginning and end of flight only and this was not even red eye flight. Food quality was very poor for premium seating. Many on board had to approach flight crew in back of cabin to get something to drink throughout he 10 hour flight."
Ulemper: "The meal time was a bit odd and there was no snacks served in between midnight full meal & breakfast which lasted for about 8hours"
Fordeler: "It was a pleasant flight, easy boarding, crew friendly."
Fordeler: "Food ok. Service fine, grew nice."
Ulemper: "Last on board no cargo space..Sears are not great. Passenger behind my wife was pounding on the video games I the entertainment system the whole flight."
Fordeler: "Friendly crew. Finnair subcontract to British Airways so this was a BA flight at a better price. Flight was far from full enabling me to stretch out."
Ulemper: "Unable to pre select seats because the arrangement makes you neither a full BA or Finnair customer. Food was just about edible and that was the better non vegetable option. The plane was old and the in in seat screens were old too, with poor resolution (no touch screen to illustrate the aging technology). Although the entertainment selection was relatively current the aging connection in the arm rest, coupled with cheap ear buds made for a poor listening experience."
Ulemper: "Never picking up garbage (telling us the next crew will do that) The cabin a mess. NO LEG ROOM. Terrible."
Fordeler: "Crew, boarding, cleanliness of the plan, and all other aspects other than food were good/excellent."
Ulemper: "The vegetables in the meal / salad were still frozen….inedible. In the morning in the asian vegetarian meal it was simply fruit…that was it. No protein source. I have been on many BA flights and the food has not been this poor, so not sure if the carrier who services food source has changed."
Ulemper: "There was a very poor selection of movies to watch:( Last tim ei flew AA, and there was an absolutely huge choice . . . Would love to see that improved . . I think you have to cater for all tastes . . . and that definitely was not the case on my flight"
Fordeler: "Friendly flight crew made me feel very welcome . Food and drinks service was excellent, nice choices. Movie selection was vast."
Fordeler: "I was not well and at the check in the lady was kind to change my seat ..."
Ulemper: "I order a special meal ....no meal for me on the plan ."
Fordeler: "it was fine"
Ulemper: "Was not able to check in online on either leg."
Fordeler: "Good entertainment. Arrived on time. Unnoticeable smooth landing."
Ulemper: "OK. For what I paid, I am not expecting much."
Fordeler: "We were booked in business class for no additional charge."
Ulemper: "The movies shown were black and white old films."

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Flybilletter fra Oslo Gardermoen til Singapore


Oslo Gardermoen (OSL)Norge


Singapore (SIN)Singapore

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Singapore - Oslo Gardermoen

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5 986 kr

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