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Score ifølge vurderinger fra KAYAK-kunder
Turkish AirlinesGjennomsnittlig score basert på 23093 vurderinger
Fordeler: "Wide airplanes, good crew members."
Ulemper: "Food is OK, but now Turkish airlines is missing vine they served in the past."
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Fordeler: "Wide airplanes, good crew members."
Ulemper: "Food is OK, but now Turkish airlines is missing vine they served in the past."
Fordeler: "Short flight"
Ulemper: "Being on time"
Fordeler: "Flight was on time."
Ulemper: "Cooler temperatures in the cabin Vegetarian meal options More individual water bottles for passengers Flight attendants answering call light promptly"
Fordeler: "Food, clean plane, Nice staff"
Fordeler: "Turkish airlines is the best"
Fordeler: "I prafer Pakistani or Indian food so I can not enjoy the food and Alcohal should not be served being a great Muslim country. And seat gap was less for legs."
Fordeler: "Food and entertainment were particularly excellent. Seats were comfortable. No complaints once on board."
Ulemper: "The flight was delayed without any real indication as to why it was being delayed."
Fordeler: "I have flown Turkish Air many times for the past 8 years and they are a solid airline. They have very good food for airplane food, and a decent entertainment center."
Ulemper: "Unfortunately they have moved away from their Exonomy Plus seats that were great and ample room, whereas now their seating in exonomy is very cramped. They also used to have nice amenities on long international flights like a hot towel and some Turkish Delight before takeoff and landing, but they no longer have that. And my biggest complaint is that they keep their planes unbearably hot most ost of the time. It’s by far the most frustrating thing when your cramped in their tiny spaces for 11 hours."
Ulemper: "Trip delay"
Fordeler: "Noise cancelling headphones make the long flight a lot more bearable and relaxing. I like HOW they build the menu even though i have allergiee ane cannot eat everything. Crew all had good attitudes which is nice."
Ulemper: "Late to board, slight cluster due to that. Being on time with connecting flights is apparently too ambitious."
Fordeler: "Food, staff attitude, service. Good communications from captain during lateness period at JFK."
Ulemper: "In Istanbul the line for boarding was badly mismanaged, something unusual for them."
Ulemper: "Please don’t be black and travel with Turkish Airlines. They are rude and racist. Over booked flights, chances of missing connections. My son ranged the bell to ask for water. When the hostess came, she spoke to the white lady sitting next to him, the person told her it is not be that ranged it is him. He wants water, she walked away did not speak to him and never gave him the water. The only food they served was pasta. If you don’t eat that no other options. They will pump you off a flight that you purchased because they are over booked and expect you to be ok with it. No customer service at all."
Fordeler: "Excellent food excellent services"
Ulemper: "Not prompt and boarding wasn’t great .."
Fordeler: "Dessert, food, entertainment."
Ulemper: "Seats were not too comfortable."
Fordeler: "Food good, good service"
Ulemper: "Change of flight at help to carry hand bags especially for seniors."
Fordeler: "We like that everything was on time. The food service was excellent and we enjoyed that entertainment was provided on such a short flight."
Ulemper: "The boarding process on the flights between Istanbul and Sofia were somewhat chaotic.We had boarding group assignments, but there were no announcements for these groups."
Fordeler: "Pilot did a smooth landing both the long flights."
Fordeler: "From beginning to end - it was a great flight. Food was exceptional as well as service."
Fordeler: "Great entertainment options. The food was very good for a relatively short flight. Definitely will keep flying Turkish Airlines."
Ulemper: "The passenger that did get seat for her child and herself next to each other. So I gave up my window seat because another premadonna would not give up his. That was the only bad part."
Fordeler: "When I missed my flight from Belgrade to Istanbul due to plane being late 45 min.and I missed my flight to LA, they gave me a free accommodation and meals."
Ulemper: "I didn't like the fact that nobody told me that Ataturk Airport in Istanbul is so big that you can not make to connect flight on time for an hour.Especially if you flight has been late to depart like mine from Belgrade due to the rain. I thought I will make it to the connect flight to LA but the gate was already closed. I was instructed to do multiple errands, to get Turkish visa, etc all on my expense to be able to exit the transit as an American citizen and be able to take Turkish airlines bus to the hotel.The hotel was fine and the meals. The problem was that they calculate bus traveling time wrong in the hotel and put people on the bus next day too late, so due to the traffic jam, we barely made it to the airport, and then we had to stress the officials to put us on the fast passport control lane due to boarding time."
Fordeler: "The experience was great."
Ulemper: "Everything was good the service, the staff was professional."
Fordeler: "Good service, nice plane, comfortable"
Ulemper: "Took forever to clear out trays after meal. Istanbul airport was not nice, bathrooms wee disgusting and little to no air conditioning in airport"
Fordeler: "Great entertainment systems"
Ulemper: "Leg room was especially tight."
Ulemper: "They lost one of our bags."
Fordeler: "The boarding was fast and smooth"
Ulemper: "The food"
Fordeler: "The courtesy you gave all the passengers"
Ulemper: "The 14-hour trip that made it hard for comfort it wasn't your fault just a distance that I had to go"
Fordeler: "Crew, entertainment, boarding"
Ulemper: "I had a stop in Istanbul airport and a change of planes The first plane although much larger than the second the set leg room was very tight, for 186cm tall person it was a disaster The second plane however had better leg room and was more comfortable than the first"
Fordeler: "Staff were all amazing, meals pretty good for airline food, plenty of tv, movie and music options to stay occupied for the long trip."
Fordeler: "Just excellent, everything up the standards."
Fordeler: "the Boarding at ATL airport was catastrophe!!!!!!"
Fordeler: "Flush attendant tried his best.n"
Ulemper: "Not enough leg room so the plane felt claustrophobic even though there were 2 aisles."
Fordeler: "Crew"
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordeler: "Good food and courteous service."
Ulemper: "I was crowded in amongst a family who decided to camp in my row of 3 seats. (Literally, on the floor.) I could not move because I needed the bulkhead and aisle seat to stretch my legs. I am a Diabetic and needed it for circulation. I did not say anything but, the stewardess should have made one of the people go back to their seat as he was wedged near the window and sitting on the floor. It made my 13.25 hours trip very uncomfortable. They had a child with them so, I didn't wish to complain while on board."
Fordeler: "הכל"
Ulemper: "שום דבר"
Ulemper: "I asked for water but they didn't give it to me. They said they would give it water the same time when they gave tea"
Ulemper: "Luggage was held back in Istanbul. It was broken into and never made it to NYC. They shipped to Texas at which point it had been opened and rifled through. Unprofessional."
Fordeler: "Boarding was on time, the crew was helpful."
Ulemper: "The entertaintment screen at my seat wasn't able to play videos. The comfort would be excellent if there would be a foot support."
Ulemper: "I'm not home yet. The flight was cancelled but the airline never informed us so we spent $50 going to the airport only to be told when we got there that the flight was cancelled. We are still waiting to get home and they've told us 3 days until we can get out. We understand that weather is an issue but the airline has been completely unwilling to communicate, refusing to speak in person at local sales office, not answering phone calls, etc. Hoping they make this right because this has been. A horrible experience"
Fordeler: "Direct flight from Houston to Istanbul. Ran on time, and food was good."
Ulemper: "Seats were crammed in as close as possible. I've never had such little room on a flight this long. This is a really long flight, so I'd probably see if I could find a more comfortable airline next time, even if it cost me a little more cash."
Fordeler: "They should inform layover passengers about getting their visa for free hotel accommodations."
Ulemper: "Plane was old. Seat pitch too tight."
Fordeler: "Friendly service and plenty of food"
Ulemper: "They cancelled my flight but there are free tours or free hotel accommodations that are offered"
Ulemper: "Basically the wifi doesn't work on these long haul flights. It's either not connected or extremely slow. I finally gave up and didn't bother"
Fordeler: "I don't understand, national flags so minimum information to passenger to found connection flight gate in Istanbul airport. No passports controller, no one person. Finally i found may have seated at boarding lounge, after that we must que again, they make passport control..wasting time."
Fordeler: "Blankets, pillow, being served food and drinks regularly on a long flight, great choice of new movies."
Ulemper: "Touch screen did not always work."
Fordeler: "The crew was much nicer and attentive."
Ulemper: "Food"
Fordeler: "Turkish Air flight from Istanbul to NYC was fine but Turkish Air flight leaving Tashkent 8:15 am to Istanbul, May 29, was terrible. Although we had all been up from 5am to get to early morning flight and Tashkent air port has no services, stewardess ran out of coffee and repeatedly refused to get me, the person skipped, coffee, despite repeated requests for a first cup. Each time they refilled coffee, they started run from beginning of plane, and ran out by the time they got to the middle. Usually if someone gets skipped, they just go back and get a single cup, but this lady was determined not to. Never had this happen in 55 years of flying. Serious caffine deficiency."
Fordeler: "Care and attention the flight attendance showed."
Fordeler: "The crew was amazing! The entertainment was awesome and got me through the 12 hour plane ride just fine. Best airline I've been on this far."
Ulemper: "I come from a poor background and it's sad to see that in order to have first class it'll cost you more than what I make in almost 5-6 months just to have a little more comfort... I'm not a big fan of the comfort side of the plane. You only go back so far and if you have a middle seat like I did you have to try in sleep in an upright position practically looking forward. Extremely difficult and really uncomfortable. If it wasn't for the Cafine drinks and entertainment I would of probably gone crazy. Metaphorically speaking."
Fordeler: "Food and entertainment"
Ulemper: "Always delay and let to flight ... Not respect the time"

Flying First Class with Lufthansa is something special, in every aspect of the word. It just has to be experienced!

Helt grei businesspakke fra Lufthansa på en kort flyvning

Check in working effective. Kind cabin personnel . Not too note storage place inside for carry on luggage .

Ulemper: "Everything was excellent! I will be flying with them again!"
Fordeler: "The crew"
Ulemper: "The seat space and food"
Fordeler: "Nice crew."
Ulemper: "Very cold. Always very cold in premium economy section on LH 747-8."
Fordeler: "lots of crew members, flight landed a few minutes early."
Ulemper: "although i booked a reservation with 2 passengers, they didn't seat us together and were not helpful at all when we asked them to switch (they assigned middle seats in different rows, so i wasn't able to just ask another passenger to switch). the agent's attitude at the gate was "too bad""
Fordeler: "Comfortable with good food, drink, entertainment and service. Flight left on time."
Ulemper: "NA"
Fordeler: "- Excellent service, food and entertainment. - Pilot compensated for the delayed take off"
Ulemper: "- The take off was delayed and we stayed in the plane for over 1 hour - When we landed we waited in the plane for over 40 min until we got to the gate"
Ulemper: "Flight was delayed getting out and when we landed we were stuck on the tarmac for an hour so our connecting flight was missed. The person at the Lufthansa desk left at EWR so there was no one to talk to about vouchers for our cancelled flight. Also I never received an email update about my upgrade request contrary to the email I received saying that I would get an update. I would not fly again on Lufthansa."
Fordeler: "Great aircraft"
Ulemper: "Waiting for arrival gate"
Fordeler: "Comfortable plane, food good, flight attendants professional. No complaints"
Fordeler: "Everything! By far the best flight that I have ever been on!"
Ulemper: "All was fine. No complaints!"
Fordeler: "The plane was cleaner that most other ones and the seating configuration made it easy to get comfortable during the flight."
Ulemper: "The flight was delayed with no explanation or announcement as to why. The flight attendants only passed the beverage cart or served water when serving the meals during the 9-hour flight. At no other time did they check to see if the passengers wanted a beverage."
Fordeler: "The crew was competent and friendly. Once we missed our connection, the "help desk" was accommodating, though we had to stand in line for a long, long time before they could help us."
Ulemper: "We were delayed leaving Munich and the pilot simply said he had no explanation. The delay, combined with massive dysfunction at the Newark airport, caused us to miss our connection to RDU. We ended up in an airport hotel where we caught four hours' sleep before returning to the airport. Newark airport is the worst I've ever experienced. Getting our passports stamped took more than an hour. There were five officials there to clear five or six hundred U.S. passport holders. Then, the TSA people were rude, inefficient, and achingly slow. Overall, it was a horrible experience."
Fordeler: "On time good entertainment"
Ulemper: "The seats were horrible"
Fordeler: "One of the crew members, a male, was very nice."
Ulemper: "•We boarded and consequently landed late, which caused my cousin to miss his connecting flight, coupled with the long customs process upon landing. There was no accommodation given to my cousin so I have to take him back home with me and then drive 2 hours tomorrow morning to bring him back for his new flight. •The charger ports for our seats were not working, which means we were 8 hours + without a phone. •One female flight attendant had a bad attitude and dropped pretzels in my lap after I turned to quickly ask my cousin a question regarding what drink he wanted. •The plane landing was one of the most reckless I’d ever witnessed."
Fordeler: "Upgraded from premium to Business class. Very good service and a good night slep."
Fordeler: "I liked having the option to upgrade to a Premium Economy seat for this long flight. It made a big difference in my comfort during the flight."
Fordeler: "everything - especially the way they treat their customers."
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordeler: "Same as above."
Ulemper: "Same as above."
Fordeler: "Everything"
Ulemper: "Xxxxxxx"
Fordeler: "Clean and efficient. Great service."
Ulemper: "Crowded seating. Need better headphones."
Fordeler: "No complaints - quick flight."
Fordeler: "It was ok"
Ulemper: "Two flights were both late Had to run to gate Luggage delayed"
Fordeler: "Good service."
Fordeler: "Convenient connections, fantastic airport, new aircraft with many large toilets in lower deck, super professional crew, really make a big difference when travelling 9 hours with 3 young kids."
Fordeler: "Efficient and pleasant service."
Fordeler: "Top notch in-flight entertainment. Chicken meal was not bad. Friendly crew"
Ulemper: "These flights in and out of Newark have the tightest leg room I've been on. I feel bad for tall passengers. The boarding gate from Düsseldorf was way too crowded."
Fordeler: "crew, food, seat location, service."
Ulemper: "Entertainment selections were limited."
Fordeler: "great service and flight"
Fordeler: "Comfortable, timely and pleasant overall."
Ulemper: "N/A"
Fordeler: "The most professional and helpful crew"
Fordeler: "more than 2 hours spent in the plane which was the reason for waiting at the airport taxi and extra pay."
Fordeler: "Smooth flight. Competent crew. Excellent service."
Fordeler: "Everything was good."
Ulemper: "everthing was good!"
Ulemper: "My entertainment screen was barely functional. Also, I was in a window seat and the space under the seat in front of me had a white metal box taking up part of my legroom. Not anything I would have seen on a seating diagram."
Fordeler: "Love crew & very clean"
Ulemper: "Need better food options for vegans"
Fordeler: "Exceptional staff, service."
Ulemper: "Excellent service"
Ulemper: "The whole trip was a nightmare. I go out of my way to NOT fly United, In this case Lufthansa somehow just sold the ticket and United was flying it and as usual it was horrendous. We had to be re-routed via 3 separate flights jus to make our international connection thanks to our initial flight being moved up 2 hours EARLY. They closed the door in our faces. That added 8 hours of travel time to our trip which I had booked to minimize travel time as I was traveling with pets. United is the WORST."
Fordeler: "Crew was nice"
Ulemper: "Flight was delayed which caused us to miss our next flight. This was a huge inconvenience. When we were in line to get our hotel they did not help the people who were first in line. We were in the middle of the line, but got everything organized for us LAST."
Fordeler: "Entertainment options were good and varied."
Ulemper: "We were significantly delayed on take-off, landing, and taxi to our gate, and the staff was very rude about the whole ordeal. One flight attended shouted at us over the intercom several times. I won't be flying Lufthansa again. The food was inedible and the seats were horrible."
Fordeler: "excellent service"
Ulemper: "very long wait for baggage"
Fordeler: "The flight from Frankfurt to Newark, NJ was good. Flight crew was courteous and movies made the time go quickly. Food and drinks were also plentiful. I have no complaints other than having to pay extra for seat assignments."
Fordeler: "see above"
Ulemper: "see above"
Fordeler: "excellent seats, service, food, entertainment."
Fordeler: "Everything"
Ulemper: "Was not poker game :("
Fordeler: "Clean, entertainement"
Ulemper: "Food was not that great."
Ulemper: "Because of a family illness I had to reschedule my flight 2 weeks before. Because the flight was booked through a secondary company, rebooking the outgoing flight ended upp: a) costing me as much as the whole original return flight; b) was no longer a 1 stop flight as I also had to stop in Frankfurt plus the company would not allow me to choose directly, I sent them details and then they booked what they could find; and c) I lost both the outgoing flight ( which was charged) and the return flight ( which was not changed) premium seat bookings both of which I had to pay for a second time. If I had booked directly with the airline this would have cost a transfer fee and I would not have lost the premium seat bookings. This was therefore a great expense and inconvenience. I will no longer book flights indirectly when using kayak. In future I will search using google flights and then go straight to the airline sites to book. Very disappointed. I never had this problem when booking with kayak before"

Not sure why the gate information would show "boarding" and then "gate closing" before anyone had actually started boarding. Was ultimately sat before the scheduled takeoff time, although takeoff was after the schedule. Favourable flying conditions allowed us to land 5 minutes early, although as there was another plane still sitting at our gate on arrival meant we were ultimately late to the gate (giving gate / disboarding times would be more honest than just the scheduled landing time). Somehow, even though there was a plane sitting at our gate on arrival, when we were allowed to taxi to the gate, there were apparently no ground staff there. What? Even though there was an incoming plane, they went elsewhere? Staff on the plane and the meal service were fine.

Reisen ble kansellert begge veier pga streiken. Snakk om sevice

Billettene våre ble kansellert pga streiken. Nye billetter tur/retur Barcelona kom på 19.500,-

SAS er i ferd med å bli håpløst utdatert for business reisende, dessverre. Man kaller det Plus og selger det inn som en business class, men det er jo bare tull... Reise fra CPH til Island var med Icelandair, full business og topp service, reise fra Reykjavik til Oslo, med SAS, var et svært gammelt fly, gamle og dårlige seter, fullt av mennesker som sild i tønne og dårlig mat. Mens flyet fra Oslo til Stavanger var nytt, alt var bedre men det burde vært motsatt; lengre distanser, bedre komfort, for fullt betalende passasjerer, men det tenker ikke SAS på. Jeg faser ut SAS fra nå av og vil fly mest mulig med andre selskap ut fra Stavanger, så det blir nok mer KLM fra nå av..

Fordeler: "Yes"
Fordeler: "comfortable plane"
Ulemper: "small pastry with coffee"
Fordeler: "Friendly crew. Good food. Uneventful flight."
Ulemper: "Flight was slightly delayed in departure."
Fordeler: "the diverse amount of films"
Ulemper: "the food could have been better."
Fordeler: "Good service"
Ulemper: "That we had to pay for checked bagage on the return flight (Copenhagen to Newark) was an unpleasant and expensive surprise. In the 25+ years I have flown trans Atlantic with SAS, this is the first time that I’ve had to pay for luggage. No pre-warning .... :-(."
Ulemper: "Requested a window seat, got a middle seat. No food, ither than coffee or tea had to pay for everything. Late departure, nearly missed my connecting flight."
Ulemper: "Seats weren't that comfortable."
Ulemper: "When we checked in for the return flight in CPH we learned that our return ticket was “light” ie it did not include luggage. we were not informed about this, we did not request a ‘light” return ticket, and...why would we when we checked luggage flying over? We’d like the usd100 refunded"
Fordeler: "Crew was amazing. Seat was better then usual."
Ulemper: "Don’t make us pay for our drinks."
Fordeler: "The food was amazing"
Ulemper: "The seats could have more space"
Fordeler: "SAS oversjøisk er nesten alltid veldig bra"
Ulemper: "Don't remember this flight"
Fordeler: "Service"
Fordeler: "Great food, excellent crew, pillow, blanket, water bottle... what more could i ask for?"
Ulemper: "Mildly annoying advertisements for the in- flight shopping during the movies and overhead"
Ulemper: "Spørsmål om underholdning og mat bør få et valg med «ikke relevant»"
Fordeler: "Love the service on Alaska. Crew were incredibly nice!"
Ulemper: "the staff constantly refused to help when they could and provided wrong information that caused me to miss my flight. i will never book through kayak because of this experience."
Fordeler: "Business class lounge excellent. People who helped with the wheelchair were excellent."
Ulemper: "In a wheelchair. Check in was terrible and rude. The fact that SAS did not allow us to bring my electric chair directly to the gate was absurd (only airline in the world that did that). The fact that it was not at the gate when we arrived in Newark surprised even the SAS Gate agents. Had to go to baggage and collect it in oversize baggage. Will not fly SAS again until that policy has changed."
Fordeler: "Alt"
Ulemper: "Ingenting."
Fordeler: "The food was great and the staff were excellent."
Ulemper: "The entertainment selection was limited and there were no live channels - just prerecorded content"
Fordeler: "Good movies and food good. Seats wide enough and mostly enough bathrooms."
Fordeler: "Everything about the flight was wonderful except baggage claim, in BOTH directions."
Ulemper: "It could have been the perfect trip, but I am not sure why SAS baggage handling is so mediocre. In both the flights from EWR to OSLO and back, every aspect of the trip was super, except for the wait for baggage. In Oslo, I estimate having waited at least a half an hour at the carousel before the bags started showing up, and the same in Newark. We had long cleared Immigration, which normally is not a speedy process, and yet still had to wait at least 20 minutes for the FIRST bag to appear on the carousel. Most annoying, particularly after a relatively long flight, and especially for transfer passengers who needed to recheck their bags to continue to other destinations."
Fordeler: "On time, movies, service staff"
Fordeler: "Staff efficient."
Ulemper: "Leg room is tight. No free alcohol. Dinner was very good. Lunch snack was tasteless."
Ulemper: "The crew passed by me TWICE while serving food and I was not sleeping at that time. I had to go and ask for food myself. Also there was a delay about 40 minutes when taking off in CPH (CPH-EWR) because of a fuel-screen malfunction or smth. The pilot was very nice and kept us informed all the time. I still didn't make my connection flight due to the delay and SAS rebooked me which made my already long trip 8 hrs longer."
Fordeler: "Food was good and so was the entertainment on board"
Ulemper: "Issues with boarding due to problems with brakes so flight was delayed by 3 hours. No food or drinks were offered"
Fordeler: "The entire experience was great. Smooth flight, good food and friendly crew."
Fordeler: "Seat was much more comfortable than the first flight, flight attendants were more polite, food was ok, entertainment was adequate, overall not bad."
Ulemper: "No major complaints on this flight."
Fordeler: "Nice planes with all the basics you need"
Ulemper: "Terrible food"
Fordeler: "They were very accommodating to alternate diets. All staff were very friendly and helpful"
Fordeler: "Plane was clean, flight staff was friendly."
Ulemper: "No problems!"
Fordeler: "Comfy seats. Good good service. Great video options."
Ulemper: "SAS staff seems sort of cold and cranky."
Fordeler: "The food was excellent and the flight was smooth."
Ulemper: "No entertainment. They didn't notify us that there was no wifi until 5 minutes before we boarded. Being older than the electronic age, I did not have movies or games on my phone. Had we had earlier notice, I would have had time to hit the book store. Since the flight was delayed an hour, they had plenty of time to notify us earlier than just before boarding. An 8.5 hour flight without entertainment made the experience unpleasant."
Fordeler: "Flights on time"
Ulemper: "The flight to Sweden was very very bumpy. Lots of turbulence very scary"
Fordeler: "Setene er behagelige, og selv i SAS Go er det mulig å legge setene lenger ned enn jeg er vant til hos en del andre flyselskaper i samme seteklasse."
Ulemper: "Det er ikke mulig å bestille spesialmåltid samtidig med billettene, man må ringe. Dette virker unødvendig tungvint, spesielt med tanke på at det var ekstra lang ventetid hos kundeservice i den aktuelle perioden. Heldigvis var det mulig å få hjelp via Facebook, men det er visst ikke vanlig."
Fordeler: "Real meals"
Fordeler: "Super"
Ulemper: "Forsinkelse Lite utvalg av mat"
Ulemper: "Planes are getting old. Seats are not the most comfortable."
Fordeler: "The crew"
Ulemper: "The flight was delayed well over an hour. I was unable to check in the night before. I was finally able to check in online the afternoon of the flight, but no seats were left, so had a boarding pass with no seat assignment. Got to the gate and they sent me and about 25 other folks with no seat assignment to wait for a "colleague" who finally appeared after almost everyone else had boarded. I did get a seat, but I was one of the last to board. They ran out of salmon dinners, so the stewardess plopped a chicken dish in front of me--didn't eat since I am vegetarian. The stewardess did give me a free mini bottle of wine, which is normally free on Lufthansa. I am just not all that impressed with SAS. I will try to avoid them in the future."
Fordeler: "The plane was neat, clean and well maintained. The food was very good. The crew was professional and friendly. Based on my experience this is a top-notch airline."
Fordeler: "SAS tilbyr forutsigbart god o tilstrekkelig service i alle avseende."
Ulemper: "Der var alt for litt mat å kjøpe ombord, tok slutt ... unødvendig irriterende på morgenfly."
Ulemper: "Spørsmål om mat og underholdning bør få et alternativ med "ikke relevant" eller lignende, siden det mat evt må kjøpes og siden underholdning ikke alltid er et tilbud."
Ulemper: "Mat og underholdning er enten valgfritt (kan kjøpes) eller ikke-eksisterende og spørsmålene bør derfor kunne besvarer med "ikke relevant" eller lignende"
Fordeler: "SAS is the best airlines !!"
Fordeler: "Hyggelig personale"
Ulemper: "Dårlig luft."
Fordeler: "Fast boarding and on time"
Fordeler: "Flights were on time"
Ulemper: "Crews were rude, no free snacks, they even charge you for headphones"
Fordeler: "Crew efficient and friendly."
Ulemper: "For tall people there are few comfortable flights"
Ulemper: "They need to start checking in people earlier and have more people."
Ulemper: "The boarding had no organization what so ever. No food service either."
Ulemper: "iceland air was disappointing. i paid for a seat with extra leg room in the front of the plane and as i was boarding i got reassigned to the very last row of the plane. not cool at all. i probably will not fly iceland air again."
Ulemper: "Changed seats and scattered our family well after we have checked in and got seats confirmation on boarding passes."
Ulemper: "If my entertainment screen would have worked."
Fordeler: "everything"
Ulemper: "boarding"
Fordeler: "Great crew friendly and helpful."
Fordeler: "Boarding at front and back of plane or am I confusing with Wideroe flight?"
Ulemper: "Repeatedly asked the same questions while trying to make flight. Very small gate area for number of passengers. Only one person at gate asking two questions re bags. Long wait for bus to plane."
Ulemper: "Luggage check-in terrible! None upon arrival. Then 1-hour+ wait w no staff help. Those behind us told by non-staff of new counter opened but not us (we are 72 and 69 years of age). Should be one line with customers directed to the next open counter to be fair. Lots of confusion. Same at boarding."
Fordeler: "It got me home. OK, in the no frills or anything else world."
Ulemper: "Do not count on getting food in Rekjavik due to crowds and tight connections. Buy in the originating city and pack it on, or go without."
Fordeler: "Iceland Air is surprisingly adequate for the value that it offers"
Ulemper: "The boarding for the U.S.-bound flight in Iceland was a mess, but I guess that's the airport's/security fault; it was crowded, confusing, and disorganized"
Fordeler: "The movie options made the flight much more managable."
Ulemper: "All was well - maybe free peanuts or pretzels would have been good."
Fordeler: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "Seats didn’t recline, no food horrible airline to fly"
Fordeler: "Exit row with extra leg room was very comfortable, fairly recent entertainment system with lots of options"
Ulemper: "Boarding process is chaotic and gate area cramped, had to stay in line to board."
Fordeler: "Good movies/tv and awesome sandwich. Loved the extra legroom, too!"
Ulemper: "No organization for how to line up to board. Got through a line, went to another waiting area, and than another line to the plane."
Fordeler: "Great options for entertainment"
Ulemper: "Boarding procedures in Iceland. A bit chaotic."
Fordeler: "I was so tired during my day flight that I put on my eye mask and neck pillow and went to sleep. A flight attendant was thoughtful enough to put a blanket on me, which I appreciated as it was quite cold."
Fordeler: "Flight crew does well to get everything settled and up in the air ASAP. Cabin crew attentive to needs. Wonderful touch on Iceland Day to have little pieces of chocolate cake."
Ulemper: "Seats aren’t the most comfortable, but then whose seats in economy class are comfortable? Also, some thought should be given to NOT letting economy seats recline; the impact to the passenger behind the seat is more harmful than the benefit to the “recliner”."
Fordeler: "Easy check-in, welcoming crew, landed on time, no problems."
Fordeler: "The price of the flight."
Ulemper: "A 2 hour layover turned into a 6 hr layover. Delays were announced 30 minutes at a time. They are flying so many flights thru Reykjavik that there isn't room for all the people. The weather was perfect, but a number of flights were delayed for various reasons. People were lined up everywhere, there isn't enough gate space, people just fill the hallways. The cafeteria ran out of bread for sandwiches given so many people needed to eat during the delays. In the future, I will look to avoid IcelandicAir flights thru Reykjavik despite the attractive price. They haven't scaled the airport to handle the traffic they are bringing in."
Ulemper: "Boarding seemed disorganized and took longer than expected; however I think this had more to do with the airport."
Fordeler: "Great flight , no issues whatsoever"
Ulemper: "Wish there was some free food!"
Ulemper: "No kosher food."
Fordeler: "Let’s just hope that you could runI like the fact that the airport was small, because if it was any bigger out of missed my flight"
Ulemper: "I did not like the fact that that where bus was too fast couple of people almost fell also the stairs to get in the airplane were very slippery"
Fordeler: "Quick check in, friendly crew"
Ulemper: "Tickets booked together but seats given separately on our bound flight. While coming back to Newark seats were together but off duty crew members were sitting across and chatted loudly for the whole flight insensitive to needs of passengers"
Fordeler: "There was entertainment and free water (unlike Wow airlines)"
Ulemper: "The last bite of my oatmeal included a rock, it looked like quartz."
Fordeler: "The staff was very pleasant and helpful."
Ulemper: "Airline should provide a free snack such as a small sandwich, a small salad or a pastry. It is not right that during a long flight no free refreshments are offered."
Ulemper: "Very bad connection in Reykjavic. Airport overcrowded, flight delayed. On-boarding messy. Could not check-in online. Seated separetely from my wife. Inflight Beverages and food is not free."
Fordeler: "Friendly staff"
Ulemper: "Old movies. Only allowed one small bottle of water. The gate was packed, hugely overcrowded."
Fordeler: "Entertainment and crew were fine"
Ulemper: "as above : Arrival in Iceland :Airport is like a cattle pen. Very crowded. The bus to and from aircraft is also uncomfortable and time consuming especially with tight connections. Anyone with disabilities needs to avoid this airport. Seat pitch is a bit tight and window and center seat passengers can have a tough time getting out when seats in front are fully reclined"
Fordeler: "Crew was great, Courteous and cheerful. Uniforms looked sharp and well maintained."
Ulemper: "Connecting flight transfer very rushed."
Ulemper: "Our first flight arrived very late to Reykjavik from Munich and the gate for the connection was changed while we were rushing to the new one. It was very hard to get to the gate because there was people all over the place, big crowds that didn't know if they were in the right lines for their flights. There was no space to get there, just hundreds of passengers all over the place who didn't know what to do and no announcements were made until the very moment that they started boarding. Very bad experience. The final approach to Newark airport was terrible with the plane going down in bumps and the landing was also bad."
Fordeler: "the flight was only a little delayed"
Ulemper: "you had to buy meals and the ear phones on economy flights"
Ulemper: "Unfortunately we were herded into a tiny waiting area, pushed up against one another waiting for a bus to take us to the plane. The wait was unnecessarily long and the room very hot. Then again we were held in a crampt and very warm bus to the aircraft. Passengers inside the bus, pushed open some of the windows to give us a little fresh cool air. Finally we exited into the rain and wind to very slowly board the aircraft in no order, which led to people standing out on a slick staircase getting rather wet prior to entering. One of the worst boarding plans I've experienced."
Fordeler: "the water bottle on boarding the aircraft and multiple offers for rehydrating. the crew was very professional and friendly"
Ulemper: "absolute chaos on boarding in Iceland. no room to sit and no method to boarding"
Fordeler: "Entertainment was ok"
Ulemper: "Food for purchase, expensive as in the terminal and plane It's a good idea to bring your own food Boarding was a real mess. No organization"
Fordeler: "The plane was clean, the flight attendants were friendly and made sure that the passengers were ready for take off and landings (both of these areas were a problem on the last airline on which I flew)."
Fordeler: "As always, entertainment options were excellent. Flight was smooth and comfortable."
Ulemper: "Icelandair really needs to provide food on flights. This was a 6-hour flight through dinner time and we did not even get a bag of pretzels. The only food options were for a fee. Boarding took a long time as it seems that one of the boarding pass scanners was not working."
Ulemper: "Had to pay for food , tv stopped working mid flight , no organization for boarding on to plane"
Ulemper: "Airport in Iceland is chaos. Both flights were late, which put us in Newark later than expected, which could have caused us to miss our connector to mid-west. No control to boarding in Iceland."
Fordeler: "Icelandair is a great airline. The staff is friendly and helpful and the planes are clean and comfortable."
Ulemper: "The entertainment could be better."
Fordeler: "Boarding process in Reykjavik was a nightmare. There were five or six flights leaving within a half hour of each other and hundreds of people were crammed into a very small waiting area with nowhere to sit."
Ulemper: "There were no announcements explaining why our flight was not boarding on time. We waited about 50 minutes at the gate while other flights that had later boarding times were boarding. Besides being squished in a crowd with nowhere to sit for such a long time and no explanation about why we weren't boarding made for very grumpy passengers even before we got on the plane!"
Ulemper: "No free meal, constant duty free sales runs up and down the aisle by flight attendants, broken seats and headphone jacks, slow and clumsy boarding process"
Ulemper: "Luggage was left in Amsterdam. The A'dam flight was an hour late, which didn't leave enough time to have dinner."
Fordeler: "As above"
Ulemper: "Issue at Reykvevik airport delayed flight and missed connection... Very chaotic at airport... lostt bags for 2 days...i think operation side Icelandic air still needs some work but the plane amenities and crew were good"
Fordeler: "Crew are professional and friendly."
Ulemper: "Neither my husbands nor I had volume on our video. So no movie no music no nothing."
Fordeler: "Planes to US waited for late arrivals from Europe/Paris Bagage was not lost."
Ulemper: "No announcement that planes to US were delayed to wait for the late arrival from Paris"

Honestly it was worth experience of traveling for last 50 years. Thx

Fordeler: "Empty middle seat so more room."
Fordeler: "Flight was delayed 2.5hr and all they did was give meal vouchers for $10 CAD while we were shut in the airport since it closed around us."
Ulemper: "Problems with the emergency lightning caused the flight to depart two hours late"
Fordeler: "The boarding was good and effective, Entertainment was good."
Ulemper: "The crew did not pay attention to my requests for beverages and forgot to bring me what I have asked."
Fordeler: "Great plane B 787"
Ulemper: "Paid online for food and most choices gone Overpriced"
Fordeler: "Efficient and quick, no issues."
Ulemper: "flight was too bumpy"
Fordeler: "Service"
Fordeler: "I loved everything!"
Fordeler: "We got there without crashing."
Ulemper: "Checking in and luggage drop off was chaos. One useless staff person failed to tell people where to line up to drop bags off until the end. She just stood there and if you asked a question she gave you the wrong answer. In Newerk we had to wait 2 hours for our bags. The man st the AC office had no idea why the bags were not coming and could not get someone to tell him and emotionally dithered and then fell apart. I will avoid travelling on AC again if I can. Worst flight ever. They did not have enough food on board either. At least the pilots were competent."
Ulemper: "Entertainment options are old. Food in unaccomodating for Vegetarians."
Ulemper: "Flight was on time"
Ulemper: "Time is money. Instead of telling customers to arrive 3 hours before departure and it is their problems if they can make it, a better way to be helpful is to have representatives ready to spend 3 minutes to look at customers' status, offer feasible options and point people to the right directions right away. Be a part of the solution! Don't be such a pain when you can offer a helping hand."
Fordeler: "Friendly staff"
Ulemper: "No food selections available Better movie selections"
Fordeler: "Some of the roomiest most comfortable seats out there. Lovely staff."
Fordeler: "N/A"
Ulemper: "Incredibly disorganized"
Fordeler: "The crew was outstanding - pleasant and efficient."
Ulemper: "Entertainment: movie selection very limited."
Fordeler: "Very good overall."
Ulemper: "Entertainment selection poor and dated."
Fordeler: "All of it"
Fordeler: "Entertainment system. Flight crew."
Ulemper: "The flight was delayed which is fine. I attempted to go to the desk for a food voucher but they didn't have enough workers and were focused on getting people with connections onto another flight and told me to wait. When we reboarded, we were offered vouchers for the airport we were leaving that would expire the next day, which is essentially useless."
Fordeler: "The flight back to Newark was good. Boarding was smooth and crew kept walking around with water to keep everyone hydrated."
Ulemper: "The plane was old and cramped and entertainment system had issues. Movie choices were not that great."
Fordeler: "I liked having Nexus get me through air Canada's malfunctioning Website to airport chaotic check-in otherwise may have missed my flight! Actual flight was smooth,quick and comfortable. Flight attendants were friendly and helpful. Airplane interior open and bright. Bathrooms clean and well supplied."
Ulemper: "Customer's time is valuable too! Air Canada website check-in malfunctioning causes anger, frustration and chaos at home and continues through airport check-in. HUNDREDS of angry, frustrated customers paid for their tickets, tried to check-in online and arrived early all converged into one CHAOTIC crowd. ADDRESS these issues, FIX YOUR WEBSITE, TREAT YOUR HARDWORKING, PAYING CUSTOMERS with DIGNITY and RESPECT they DESERVE. Competing Airlines are waiting for your dissatisfied customers."
Fordeler: "The cabin service was amazing, the staff was so prompt and courteous, I am a frequent flyer on Air Canada and I love flying Air Canada."
Fordeler: "Nothing special."
Ulemper: "Not apply."
Ulemper: "There was no wi-fi!!!"
Ulemper: "Never on time"
Ulemper: "Flight sat on the tarmac at both yyz and EWR without any communication re why or how long"
Ulemper: "The flight was as can be expected. That said, having liquid drip on you from the air vent above is hardly reassuring and certainly not comfortable"
Fordeler: "Got to fly on a brand-new 787, which was terrific! And service was excellent by all crew members. We had an overall great experience!"
Ulemper: "1 hour 35min delay for a 1 hour 40 minute flight!!"
Fordeler: "Everything was fine. It was a very short flight."
Fordeler: "the service was excellent"
Fordeler: "Short trip, nothing too much to complain about or sing about."
Ulemper: "the entertainment system not functioning tjhat well."
Fordeler: "Tv options"
Ulemper: "I'm only 5'10" and my knees were digging into chair in front of me. Also, we had everyone boarded about ten minutes early (which is awesome) and we were told we would leave a bit early, but then sat there for about 15 minutes and departed even later due to long line for take off."
Fordeler: "Flawless flight and friendly staff and roomy seating on Air Canada flight"
Ulemper: "Did not have food options I wanted - ran out."
Ulemper: "They wouldn't seat us together"
Fordeler: "Everything was great I had a Blast"
Fordeler: "The crew handled things well in spite of some turbulence closer to EWR. Thanks for a smooth and easy ride into NYC/NJ."
Fordeler: "wonderful plane"
Ulemper: "NO WIFI!!!"
Ulemper: "Horrible to say the least Never made it to Toronto"
Fordeler: "Short flight, crew is friendly, and easy boarding process."
Ulemper: "I find the Air Canada flights between Toronto and Newark are frequently delayed."
Ulemper: "it was delayed for 1 hour"
Ulemper: "No TV service on an 11 hour flight. Really? It's 2016 can we get Air Canada into this decade please."
Fordeler: "Air Canada has good service. Our flight was delayed and I only got one announcement. I think next time it should be more."
Ulemper: "Nothing"
Fordeler: "Boarding of children at the beginning of boarding operations. Double thumbs up."
Ulemper: "At 2 hours into the flight I was most of the way through a movie. The crew then announced that some passengers were unable to view the entertainment system so they were resetting the entire system. Crew said passengers would be able to resume watching entertainment at the point they left off. Needless to say this was not the case. The entertainment system never got reset properly and did not function for the rest of the 4+ hour flight."
Fordeler: "Movies"
Ulemper: "Plane edges were rather dirty with lots of debris. A little gross."
Fordeler: "Got on flight"
Ulemper: "Got boarding pass but no signs to differentiate Air Canada counters (US-bound, domestic, international). Went to wrong counter and had to run to right one Booked flight. When I checked bag, I got a standby with hope that I could get on flight. Fortunately, I was able to make it. If I had connecting flights, it would have been a nightmare Same boring old movies and TV - 2 broke girls episodes. Just drink, nothing else for morning flight. Something to eat? It is an international (Can-US) flight Slow unloading of luggage"
Ulemper: "The airport crew lacked professionalism & courtesy when relaying information on the flight being delayed. Bad attitude from airport crew & lack of communication with delayed flight."
Ulemper: "The flight was delayed twice, and then when we boarded, were told that the flight would be delayed again . . . and then informed that the flight was canceled. The staff did not know what was happening, and kept us on the plane for almost 2 hours, before letting us off and telling us there were no hotels available. It was a nightmare experience transferring in Toronto. The crew did what they could, but they were largely kept in the dark too."

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9t 50mBGO-EWR
5 717 kr
2 stoppTurkish Airlines
20t 55mBGO-EWR
8 874 kr

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Flybilletter fra Bergen til New York Newark


Bergen (BGO)Norge


New York Newark (EWR)USA

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New York Newark - Bergen

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