Finn billige flyvninger fra Oslo Gardermoen til T'bilisi


Finn billige flyvninger fra Oslo Gardermoen til T'bilisi

Søk blant hundrevis av reisenettsteder i ett søk for å finne tilbud på flyreiser til T'bilisi. Samle fly + hotell og spar penger!

Oslo (OSL)
T'bilisi Tbilisi Intl
man.. 18.10.
man.. 25.10.
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februarDe beste tidspunktene å unngå folkemassene på, med et prisfall på i gjennomsnitt 16 %.


DesemberDe mest populære tidspunktene å fly på, med en prisøkning på i gjennomsnitt 26 %.

Gjennomsnittlig pris for tur/retur

2 469 kr(gjennomsnittspris over de siste 2 ukene)

Godt tilbud for tur/retur

2 225 kreller mindre

Godt tilbud for en vei

1 259 kreller mindre

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Topp tips for å finne en billig flyvning

  • Ser du etter en billig flyvning? 25 % av brukerne våre fant flyvninger for denne ruten for 1 259 kr eller mindre for én vei, og 2 225 kr eller mindre for tur/retur.
  • Den billigste flyvningen fra Oslo Gardermoen til T'bilisi ble funnet 32 dager før avgang i gjennomsnitt.
  • Bestill minst 1 uke før avgang for å få en pris under gjennomsnittet.
  • Høysesong er i November, Desember og Januar. Den billigste måneden for å fly er i februar.

Spørsmål og Svar for bestilling av fly fra Oslo Gardermoen til T'bilisi

Hvor lang tid tar det med fly fra Oslo Gardermoen til T'bilisi?

Hvilke flyselskap tilbyr den billigste flyvningen fra Oslo Gardermoen til T'bilisi?

Hvordan klarer KAYAK å finne så lave priser på flyvninger fra Oslo Gardermoen til T'bilisi?

Hvordan kan KAYAK sitt prognoseverktøy for flypriser hjelpe meg med å finne ut når det er best å bestille flybilletten min fra Oslo Gardermoen til T'bilisi?

Hva er KAYAK Mix-alternativet for flyvninger fra Oslo Gardermoen til T'bilisi?

Hva innebærer KAYAK-funksjonen «fleksible datoer», og hvorfor bør jeg ha den i bakhodet når jeg ser etter en flyvning fra Oslo Gardermoen til T'bilisi?

Mest populære flyselskaper som flyr Oslo Gardermoen til T'bilisi Tbilisi Intl

Score ifølge vurderinger fra KAYAK-kunder

Turkish Airlines
Gjennomsnittlig score basert på 23 332 vurderinger

Fordeler: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "Worst ever airline in the world charged me for Cary on bag $430 for weight 8.7kg from Oslo Norway to adiss ababa Ethiopia I recommend no one has to fly with Turkish airline poor customer service"

Fordeler: "Crew was super 5 stars, airplane 0 stars, narrow and ugly, change planes , who gave any star to that Airline don't belief ."
Ulemper: "Bigger seats for 10 hour flights"

Fordeler: "Timelines of flight and courtesy of staff"
Ulemper: "Less waiting at Istanbul airport for next flight"

Fordeler: "Crew amazing, seats were comfortable."

Fordeler: "The crew itself was great and very attentive. Based off checking in I didn't expect the flight experience itself to be so great."
Ulemper: "Checking in was awful in SF. My downloaded boarding pass didn't work at the security gate and a lady checking boarding passes made snide comments about me not being TSA pre check. Had to go and wait in the line to have them print the pass and of course. Make the downloaded passes work."

Ulemper: "Flight was delayed - missed connection in Istanbul"

Fordeler: "Stay away from Turkish airline"
Ulemper: "$1000 for new date. Will never flight Turkish airline again"

Fordeler: "I was travelling with two cats, one in cargo and one in the cabin. The crew were excellent in letting me know how the one in cargo was doing and everyone was very nice to my other cat as well. They both came through the flight happy and healthy!"

Ulemper: "No flat bed in business class. Flight delayed and 1 hour 10 minutes late; my bag did not make the connection in Istanbul. My bad is due to be delivered tonight."

Fordeler: "Good movie selection. Good (airline) food."
Ulemper: "Not much legroom."

Fordeler: "The crew members were really nice"
Ulemper: "Everything was great"

Fordeler: "Food was very good and the flight attendants very friendly."

Fordeler: "Very nice"

Fordeler: "Crew very pleasant. No delay."
Ulemper: "None."

Ulemper: "Having trailer, but not movie"

Ulemper: "The men’s bathroom near gate 226 smelled awful and the floor was very wet. In addition, I am handicapped and my gate changed from 226 to 208. NO ONE was there to help. There was no one at all at Turkish Care. I asked two different transportation representatives at the sky club and they refused to help in any way. I merely asked them to call Turkish Airlines, and they said they didn’t have the number. I begged both of them to call someone to help me, and they just laughed and said it wasn’t part of their job. I was horrified! I almost missed my plane.!"

Fordeler: "I'll recommend Turkish airline to anyone because of the cabin crew and the pilots. I enjoyed the service and we had a safe trip. I also like the entertainment service. I was able to watch the live TV news to keep me update."
Ulemper: "I didn't like the food. It's taste sour. The foods needs improvement."

Fordeler: "As always from Turkish Airlines, you get good service even for a relatively short flight. Puts other national carriers to shame."

Fordeler: "Everything was more than perfect. Thanks Turkish Airlines."
Ulemper: "On board internet must be faster."

Fordeler: "I enjoyed the flight!"
Ulemper: "Not applicable"

Fordeler: "Good time"
Ulemper: "Food"

Fordeler: "We weren't seated together at first but they helped once we were on the plane"

Fordeler: "I can't remember the flight experience, so I assume it was fine."
Ulemper: "I can't remember the flight experience, so I assume it was fine."

Fordeler: "again crue was best"
Ulemper: "boarding gate was Mile away , you need Taxi to get there, whats wrong"

Fordeler: "Prompt, departure"
Ulemper: "the food"

Fordeler: "I was delivered from point A to point B"
Ulemper: "Airplane was changed, seats was changed. Crew was helpful but ground staff wasn’t very much like to help"

Fordeler: "Quick check in. Nice staff."

Fordeler: "Fantastic food and service"

Fordeler: "Food was great"
Ulemper: "Took long time to board. Entertainment system showed no content."

Fordeler: "Very nice crew and not at all crowded flight, also the flight was extremely fast."
Ulemper: "Very loud plane so that I couldn't watch a movie and understand the audio."

Fordeler: "On time"
Ulemper: "Nothing"

Ulemper: "I was told that I can get a free Hotel since I had to wait for my next flight almost 16 hours. But when I got outside the airport at the Hotel Desk they told me that I couldn't. They told me one thing but in the end they didn't keep their word. I find it unprofessional and cheating. And on the way back I had food poisoning. Really disappointed about the whole trip."

Fordeler: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "Would not refund my ticket or make changes. Turkey is full of terrorism and all Americans have been evacuated from this country and the airline would not refund me. They kept my money and robbed me."

Ulemper: "Missed connection and Turkish ground staff were horrible. Endless run around followed by insistence my ticket was worthless despite arriving on a late inbound Turkish airlines flight."

Ulemper: "On of stewardess was very rude ."

Ulemper: "uncomfortable seats, food, lateness compare with shedule, no information provided about lateness, crea was not enough looking on pasangers: some work with laptops and mobile during landing"

Fordeler: "Turkish airlines are the best when it comes to long flights."

Fordeler: "Everything was great, on time and safe. I love flying Turkish Airlines."

Fordeler: "The seats were comfortable"
Ulemper: "The entertainment system was not operational"

Ulemper: "I didn't like the fact that I was not able to change the flight for the earlier flight which had many free seats. Despite this, I had to wait 7 hours in the airport, it was really bad..."

Fordeler: "Na"
Ulemper: "Na"

Fordeler: "Newer plane"
Ulemper: "Horrible boarding process. Unorganized- mayhem!!"

Fordeler: "THENK YOU!"

Ulemper: "My bag was lot on my way to Europe and was delivered 3 days later. My claim for the expenses was not processed yet. My same bag was lost when I arrived to Abu Dhabi. It's been one week and I didn't hear about it"

Fordeler: "THY is no doubts the best in flights and services. The place, seats, food, entertainment is top. My frequent choice! Crew is very friendly and responds to requests quickly."

Fordeler: "It is very bad all flights been cancelled!"
Ulemper: "Didn't like any thing zero bad I wanna come back to the state! I'm was born in 1946 I couldn't stand on my feet any more!"

Fordeler: "Good food, great crew."
Ulemper: "Both coming and going my transatlantic flights were delayed. first time to address a mechanical problem with the heating/cooling system of the aircraft (1 hour +) and the return flight was delayed for more than 2.5 hours with no explanation."

Fordeler: "The service was good and all attendants were polite"
Ulemper: "They took so long to take away trash after food/drinks"

Fordeler: "All"

Fordeler: "Premium class is awesome. Nice size and comfortable seats with a foot rest. Food as tasty and hot. Attentive attendants."
Ulemper: "Honestly can’t think of anything!!"

Ulemper: "We had a three hour departure delay in Munich"

Fordeler: "Great food. Nice staff."
Ulemper: "Make a rule that people cannot put their seats back. People in front of us were rude and kept their seats back the entire flight, even after we nicely asked them to not have the seats back so far. Would prefer that seats did not move at all. I would never recline my seat in consideration for the person behind me. On an 11 hour flight, this is a big deal."

Ulemper: "Only reason I chose Lufthansa was that I was informed that 23kg of checked in luggage was included. It was NOT. I don't care whose fault it is. Lufthansa still says that this is included on their website. I demand reimbursement."

Ulemper: "The arm rests on either side of my seat where closed so I had limited mobility in my seat (by closed I mean they didn’t move and had no open space between where your arm sits and the top of the chair)"

Fordeler: "The wheel chair service at Munich airport was excellent. She received us at the door, helped us find a connection after we lost our flight and communicating every step and giving us First Class service on coach. Thank you!"
Ulemper: "The brownies for dessert were terrible. Maybe fruit next time?"

Fordeler: "Friendly crew, great in flight beverage and snack service, bassinets for babies, comfortable flight"
Ulemper: "Play area for babies in economy class"

Fordeler: "it was great the crew was very friendly and the food was also good to my surprise definitely fly Lufthansa again"
Ulemper: "the seating is small there is not much room without touching the other person it is so small the one has a hard time to eat"

Fordeler: "Nice crew."
Ulemper: "Very cold. Always very cold in premium economy section on LH 747-8."

Ulemper: "Missed my flight by 2 minutes and couldn’t find any representatives to help me determine my options. Was left to figure it out in my own."

Fordeler: "Food was great!"

Fordeler: "Other than being too late it was everything ok."
Ulemper: "We had a very late departure but it wasn't anything Lufthansa could control"

Fordeler: "Crew and flight and service were fine"
Ulemper: "Economy seats are cramped"

Ulemper: "Didn't like the fruit dish or the liverwurst type meat."

Fordeler: "Everything was fine except for the comfort."
Ulemper: "The rows were so close together it was hard to get in and out of your row. If the seat in front of you reclined, the t.v. was 9 inches in front of your face."

Fordeler: "We were treated very well by all staff. Very nice crew"

Fordeler: "Lufthansa and SAS. A great combination."
Ulemper: "Nothing to not like."

Fordeler: "Food was pretty good,Lufthansa one of the best companies to fly with."

Fordeler: "Upgraded from premium to Business class. Very good service and a good night slep."

Fordeler: "Easy boarding comfort seats"
Ulemper: "No entertainment at all it is 2017 not from all countries but still need any kind of entertainment for a 3.20min flight"

Fordeler: "Smooth ride. Almost made up some flight time......"
Ulemper: "No entertainment, Two hour delay......almost missed our connecting flight."

Fordeler: "This was my first time to fly Lufthansa, and I was very impressed! Great service, staff, meals, experience."
Ulemper: "I prefer boarding at the terminal; we had to take a shuttle to the plane a ways out in the lot, but it wasn't a big deal."

Fordeler: "The entire crew was very professional and friendly, and I could tell that each one of them really liked their job. I am a seasoned traveler and have flown in the past on every major and minor airline, and I have to rate my flight LH424 from Munich to Boston as one of the best."
Ulemper: "I cannot think of a thing that I did not like."

Fordeler: "entertainment organized boarding at O'Hare airport"
Ulemper: "1. I was in economy class. The rows are too close. Passenger in front of me leaned his chair back and the tablet/tv was IN MY FACE. 2. The passenger behind me was trying to move his legs and constantly was pushing my chair. 3. Announcements were not loud enough. Barely heard it."

Fordeler: "Quick loading and departure."
Ulemper: "The gate changing 3 times."

Fordeler: "The food and service is always good. In flight entertainment and nice planes!"
Ulemper: "To board- it's just a long queue - any way to shorten line so we don't have to stand for so long?"

Fordeler: "Service for economy class was what you would expect from other airlines in business class. Lufthansa has the best service of any airline I have ever flown with."
Ulemper: "Nothing."

Fordeler: "I liked the food and courteous staff. Our flight was on time in order to connect to our next flight. They assisted us to our waiting wee Lchairs."
Ulemper: "Everything was ok. Nothing I did not like on that flight"

Ulemper: "Plane was delayed forcing me to run to my connecting flight"

Ulemper: "Not there. Still in germany"

Fordeler: "Short flight, not much to say about it."

Ulemper: "Incredibly racist crew and pilot, who did not help us after a fellow passenger touched and molested my girlfriend on board the aircraft. The groundstaff were as rude and unhelpful. I am neither gonna book any flights on Lufthansa ever and will avoid Kayak as well."

Fordeler: "Crew are very helpful, but some how looked unorganized"
Ulemper: "Complete unorganization during boarding. Not enough staff. Plane is small and no entertainment for a 4:30 out trip."

Fordeler: "Food was good Flight was smooth Pilot described flight path"
Ulemper: "Schedule not ideal - left Munich at 9:45pm arrived Tbilisi 3:30am"

Fordeler: "This leg of light was good. Service on board was very good."
Ulemper: "no complaints."

Fordeler: "It was on time :)"
Ulemper: "I booked wheelchair at Oslo airport, but my father did not get it at Frankfurt."

Ulemper: "Food was served burning hot, and nobody came over to collect the trays in for minutes"

Ulemper: "We couldn't check in for the next flight when we departed from Oslo. Disappointed we had to wait until arriving in Frankfurt. Something about not being partner airlines."

Fordeler: "On a flight from Oslo to Germany to Charlotte, we only had 55 minutes to connect in Germany. Lufthansa held our plane due to their error in some runway and docking issues and we, as well as 25 other were escorted to our connection by Lufthansa staff. Excellent customer service even though it was their fault. They just did the right thing and did it well."
Ulemper: "I would have expected that there be much more time for gate connections. If you have ever been in the Munich airport, it is very large and navigation takes time.."

Fordeler: "Very professional, attentive, friendly flight attendants, clean aircraft (even the restrooms), surprisingly good food. I appreciate the complimentary wine, beer and after meal cordials. Boarding was quick, easy and on time."
Ulemper: "Economy seat room feels even smaller which, I guess, is to be expected. My husband is 6'2' and his knees touched the seat in front of him. When the person in front leans their seat back it is very claustrophobic. Over all an excellent flight though."

Fordeler: "Our flight from Frankfort to Munich was late. Luftansa sent a representative to our flight to make sure we and others from our flight got on to the flight to Charlotte. How awesome! Plane needs more leg room."

Fordeler: "Flight was on schedule, food was good."
Ulemper: "Could add more to the entertainment list"

Fordeler: "After so many domestic flights of being shuffled around and interacting with flight attendants that seem to not like their jobs much and passenger's are just an annoyance, flying abroad on Luftansa was quite a different experience! The flight attendants were polished, professional, and actually wanted to provide a service. Their interactions made me feel like I was cared about and that they wanted my unique needs to be met. This made a 10 hour flight an enjoyable experience which I certainly didn't anticipate."

Fordeler: "Great airline with friendly crew, good food and entertainment."

Fordeler: "very little"
Ulemper: "lousy food. poor movie selection. uncomfortable seats."

Fordeler: "flight crew was very nice,"

Fordeler: "Thank you for the great experience!"

Fordeler: "Lufthansa is one of few airlines in Europe with pure class and excellent service. Even in economy!"

Fordeler: "Enough room for short flight, flight staff was fabulous. No recommendations or complaints."
Ulemper: "Everything was great"

Ulemper: "There was a 4.5 hr delay due to "technical difficulties". We had to switch planes. This caused me to miss my flight to Tucson out of LAX. When I asked them to help rebook my flight that Lufthansa caused ne to miss, i was told there is nothing they can do. Seeing as how that last flight was not booked through Lufthansa. This is absolutely ridiculous! There were no Lufthansa flights into Tucson so I had no choice but to go with another carrier! So after a long grueling 4.5 hr delay and 11+hr flight now I have to stay in a hotel because my flight out via Southwest was the last one out for the day and The only nonstop flight departs at 12:35 tomorrow. Thank goodness Southwest booked me on another flight at no charge! They take care of their customers. It was not their fault I missed the flight. It was dur to the "techincal difficulties" with Lufthansa. And every hotel within a 8 mile radius has been sold out. And at one point I booked online only to find out upon my arrival, after paying for taxi and havig him leave, thAt this hotel is sold out and should not have allowed me to book online. So after landing at 7:15 pm at LAX I am just now in bed at a hotel after searching and paying for cabs etc. And on my dime! Absolutely ridiculous !!"

Ulemper: "missed the connecting flight"

Fordeler: "Boarding fast and easy"
Ulemper: "Legroom and better cooling, it was too hot, and I did not find the possibility to underline"

Fordeler: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "All"

Fordeler: "Friendly crew."
Ulemper: "Not being delayed :)"

Ulemper: "Polish airline Should not be allowed to fly tomUs"

Fordeler: "Nothing."
Ulemper: "Punctuality. My flight was delayed over 1.5 hour."

Ulemper: "Delayed 1:15hr"

Ulemper: "My entertainment stopped working mid flight. There was someone sitting behind me who was heavier and I was asked not to let my seat back. I was provided no compensation for this discomfort."

Fordeler: "All went smooth bH"

Fordeler: "The crew was good"
Ulemper: "Our flight was delayed both ways and we were late for connecting flight and stayed at hotel for 1 night"

Ulemper: "The flight got canceled"

Fordeler: "All was good. Have to pay for food. Really?"
Ulemper: "Have sandwich included in the price."

Fordeler: "The flight crew!"
Ulemper: "Missed my original flight, it actually left 10 minutes early! Came late from NYC and had no info or assistance on that flight at all!"

Fordeler: "Cabin crew were very nice, boarding was quick and efficient."
Ulemper: "Plane was extremely cold, the heating only worked after the engines were started."

Ulemper: "Lines for checking in and for boarding were very disorganized and people were butting in front of people who were there longer. The plane seating was too close to each other. More room is needed."

Fordeler: "My fourth experience with LOT in a month. The airline gotta be renamed from LOT to LATE. Also the airport is a complete mess, especially the incredibly long security check lines for transfer passengers."
Ulemper: "Crews are usually polite an professional. Anyway, my complaints refer to the problems with the Chopin airport and the airline/ certainly, not any crews."

Fordeler: "The food was good."
Ulemper: "The flight was delayed in both ways. Very crowded, not comfortable to sit. Just 11 movie selection with a terrible sound."

Ulemper: "Every time Lot plane delayed!!!"

Fordeler: "Flight was smooth, stewardess we're very friendly, and accommodating."
Ulemper: "Flight was delayed (not their fault) however when we land their was no one to help with transfers or new arrangements with flights that were missed. Had to get 3rd party involved in order to get to destination."

Fordeler: "I liked the plane, smooth landing."
Ulemper: "They lost my daughter’s luggage!Not good since we will only be in Krakow for 4 days!"

Ulemper: "Cramped seating! I was hoping a European airline in a 787 "Dreamliner would be more spacious, no such luck."

Fordeler: "Flight attendants were very helpful."
Ulemper: "The flight was delayed by 30 min. There was no announcement to passengers on the matter."

Fordeler: "Arrived to Toronto on time. Flight attendants provided excellent customer service."
Ulemper: "Nothing to mention."

Fordeler: "good"

Fordeler: "The food and entertainment"
Ulemper: "I did not like the terrible services!"

Ulemper: "Flight attendance kept waking me up to lift my seat so the passenger behind me can "enjoy their vegetarian meal". After I requested not to be disturbed ever again with that kind of requests, they woke me up for breakfast again. I was the only passenger around that they requested to pull my seat."

Fordeler: "Flight on time... arrived on time.... food was great...."

Fordeler: "In Frankfurt it went through Lufthansa and the extra suitcase costed me $40 more as I’ve been told on the LOT website. Paid €107 where the web page of lot said $75"
Ulemper: "After check in luggage I had to wait one hour to take care of the luggage price so I get my tickets. All this should have been do e before without going to different counter. Also I didn’t liked that I had to check in on the automated machine."

Fordeler: "On time... great service.... will use it again!"
Ulemper: "Good food, great staff, pleasent flight"

Fordeler: "Nothing."
Ulemper: "I travel internationally regularly on business. Lot Airlines was hands down the worst airline I have ever flown with. They charged me twice for the same exact tickets and then would not refund me the entire fare. The deducted $300 to process back the credit. Personnel, at both the airport and in flight, were curt, uncommodating and lacked customer service. On my return flight from Warsaw there was a large, disruptive group with a number of unruly children & airline staff did nothing to address the children running across seats, screaming and wreaking havoc for over 8 hours. Passengers could not sleep & the noise was unbearable."

Fordeler: "Flight was on time, the crew was very pleasant. No complaints"

Fordeler: "Nice crew and polite"
Ulemper: "Bathrooms, not clean and not functioning Delays"

Fordeler: "Airport was small and quick to get through."

Ulemper: "the flight was 2 hours delay and messed up all the arrangements we have to be picked up also the whole plans needed to be changed and inconvenient for the person supposed to pick us up from airport"

Fordeler: "Ok"

Ulemper: "Flight was late by an hour"

Ulemper: "Adding a checked bag was complicated and difficult. Website was hard to use and had to add bag at airport through reservation desk, not at check in."

Fordeler: "I liked that I had an open seat beside me, but it was taken by someone else who didnt like their seat almost immediately."
Ulemper: "Stewardesses pretended I was not there. Seats were minute. My video/movie player did not work (the only one not working on the plane so movies were out). Had people with way too much baggage next to me. Overall flight was terrible, although my flight home with LOT was very good."

Fordeler: "Very comfortable"
Ulemper: "N:a"

Fordeler: "Attendants were nice. Flight was okay."
Ulemper: "Lost my bag. Didn't have vegetarian sandwich from the menu. Delayed by 30mins."

Fordeler: "New dream liner from Boeing."
Ulemper: "Food."

Fordeler: "Their online boarding passes failed to work at TSA. Instead of apologizing for the issue, they refused to give us paper passes so we missed the flight."

Fordeler: "The staff was amazing on the flight"

Ulemper: "the plane was 45 min late"

Ulemper: "WAR -FRA Flight cold air blew in all the time. LOT should use no buses for that flight all the time"

Fordeler: "No fuss, everything was easy"
Ulemper: "Airport staff seems rather brusque, but I don't think they really were bad. Boarding would be a drag in bad weather as you have to take a shuttle to the plane and then climb stairs."

Fordeler: "easy check in"
Ulemper: "took off late and boarding was kinda messy"

Ulemper: "The jerk in front of me putting his seat all the way back"

Fordeler: "no problems"

Ulemper: "It was cancelled and the return was a 20 hour ordeal."

Fordeler: "Smooth flight. Perfect service."

Fordeler: "Not much to say here. It was a short flight, and it went smoothly."
Ulemper: "I’ll say the same thing about almost every flight I have, and this is mostly for the airlines. People might fly more and pay a bit more if you give us more room. Being crammed into a tiny seat with a bunch of strangers is never pleasant. Same in this flight. Nothing terrible, just the usual. Also, to the other passengers, sit down until it’s your turn to exit. What is wrong with you that you can’t sit five more minutes? Be polite and let the people in front of you go first, let them have room to grab their bags instead of having your elbows in their face."

Fordeler: "All was super!"
Ulemper: "All was great!"

Ulemper: "The flight was late by half an hour and I had to pay 60€ because my cabin bag was 2kg heavier than allowed."

Fordeler: "Clean airplane nice pretty stewardess in short dress."
Ulemper: "Probably private jet whit hot tub."

Fordeler: "The crew, plane and airport was great!"
Ulemper: "Part of our luggage was disassembled and not delivered to the final destination."

Ulemper: "Sēdvieta neērta un nepiemērota gulēšanai."

Ulemper: "Being on time"

Fordeler: "Good, friendly crew. Plane was quite clean, although not perfect. Smooth flight."
Ulemper: "No food included in the price of my very expensive ticket, and to make it worse, I was not informed. There was no info while booking, no info while buying the ticket, no email after buying, no email from the airline, nothing. I’ve never even heard of a transatlantic flight without a meal included."

Fordeler: "Food offered on flight even though short trip"
Ulemper: "Was delayed so being on time"

Fordeler: "Very nice and comfortable place by Air Baltic. Nice and polite crew."
Ulemper: "Flight was delayed"

Fordeler: "Small compliment from Air France was lovely and unexpected"

Fordeler: "Simple no frills airline"

Ulemper: "Ок"

Fordeler: "Crews on Air France are outstanding!"
Ulemper: "Baggage was lost and was delivered 2 days later."

Fordeler: "Instructions for connected flights at airpotr were clear"
Ulemper: "Connection time 10 minutes instead of planned 30"

Ulemper: "would not check my bag to final destination"

Ulemper: "When I got to the check-in desk, I was told to get out of line and check in online. It wasn't a big deal, but it would have been good to know that it was necessary to do this so I didn't wait in line for a long time."

Fordeler: "My checked in bag did not arrive to HEL... Nedless to say I did check the bag tag was properly labeled RIX to HEL... oh well ... bad score for Baltic Air ... truly hope to see my bag in CGK when I arrived. Qatar airways pls come to the rescue."

Fordeler: "Nothing."
Ulemper: "Abigail in MLA (Luqa Intl Malta), one of the sassiest and unhelpful agents I have met. Ask for payment for baggage, does something with my credit card- then tells me I need to go to another desk to pay. So inefficient. This on top of her and her gate buddy screwing around at the desk throwing things at each other. Professionalism is not here. To top it off, the plane sat on the tarmac for 40 minutes and we just about missed our connection. Dirty plane too, gum stains on carpet and dirty seats. Will not fly with these clowns again."

Fordeler: "Newer plane."
Ulemper: "The plane we were supposed to be on from Riga to Helisinki had mechanical problems so they switched our plane. We had an hour delay do to that. Then when we got to Helsinki our luggage never made it."

Fordeler: "Quick boarding, pleasant crew"
Ulemper: "Small propeller plane with very limited room, no in-flight service,"

Fordeler: "Pleasant crew, efficient boarding, flight was on time"
Ulemper: "No in-flight service"

Fordeler: "Nice new propeller plane on time"
Ulemper: "No free water or coffee. Luggage fee not told about when I booked. No entertainment."

Fordeler: "New planes"
Ulemper: "I wasn’t asked to prepay luggage & it cost me double. That makes me very annoyed."

Fordeler: "The plane was very clean and new. The crew who worked this flight were most friendly, professional and quite articulate in three languages including the captain. I highly recommend them."


Fordeler: "Everything was in time. Baggage I handked in the Riga airport and received it in Larnaca, no problems"

Fordeler: "Nothing"
Ulemper: "The flight was cancelled, so I did not make to the my connection flight with different carrier. I had to reschedule the flight and stay in the hotel overnight. AirBaltic refused to compensate for my looses due to thair fault, castomer service is very poor, they took refusal position right away. Air Baltic planes are very old and no air conditioning, avoid air Baltic."

Ulemper: "No food or entertainment."

Ulemper: "I was flying transit, but I had to go through the check-in in Paris. At the check-in they started to make problems about my carry-on luggage. I had just two flights from the United States behind me and no problems at all and suddenly I can't fly with my carry-on luggage? I didn't like the AirBaltic check-in service."

Fordeler: "Enough said"

Fordeler: "Boarding went well and crew was nice."
Ulemper: "The air conditioning was not working properly on the 3 hour flight which made it a bit sweaty and unfortable. The purchase of a cold beer was a must."

Fordeler: "Everything was very smooth and the crew was very attentive."

Ulemper: "paying for water!"

Ulemper: "surprised i had to pay for coffee"

Ulemper: "No fee food or beverages at all. Attendants were very pleasant. Since this is an economy airline there reallly is no complaint. Our flight was full and boarding went smoothly."

Ulemper: "Who charges for coffee, jeez"

Ulemper: "Check in staff at Riga airport were rude. Check in Maine issued the same boarding pass twice, so one of us had no boarding pass. Security line was insanely long--30+ minutes! On board you pay for everything, even a glass of water. Tiny seats and the person behind me kept pushing on the back of my seat. Very uncomfortable! Will never fly airbaltic again."

Fordeler: "The equipment used for the trip to latvia. the cs300 was superb and I enjoyed my seat. It was comfortable. The boarding was quick and efficient. spacious and quite lovely. the food was ok . i enjoyed the grilled pork."
Ulemper: "the customer service rep stopped only me, the only black man travelling from riga to russia and was scrutinizing my passport for some long agonizing minutes. My russian visa is in the passport and updated and quite visible to see on the third page of my passport and being from Grenada I am able to travel to latvia visa free for up to 90 days. I stood there whilst others walked past me and went to the aircraft. that sucked. may 09 2017 at around 9 am."

Fordeler: "New Planes, crew"
Ulemper: "Entertainment cost !!!"

Fordeler: "Booked on kayak and wasn't clear at all about check in or tickets, I looked many times. No way of checking in or getting boarding passes had to pay an arm and a leg at the gate. Also had to pay to check my bag on a half full flight. Have never had to check same bag with Ryanair on over 10 flights now. Will never use this airline again."

Fordeler: "The flights were on time, and the Riga airport was efficient."
Ulemper: "The planes seemed very old and rickety. One was an old propeller plane that looked like it had a large patch. The second plane was so old that It was very difficult to open the overhead storage compartments. Both planes rocked side to side during takeoff and landing. I couldn't figure out how to check baggage online through Kayak, and it cost €40 at the airport. It got me where I needs to go, but with the baggage fees, it turned out to be about the same price as other airlines, and I wouldn't recommend the planes for people with any flying anxiety."

Ulemper: "After barely making too tight a connection, all food and beverage needed Euros or European credit card. My Visa wouldn't work. Finally after I broke down (blood sugar way too high) the stewardess gave me a glass of water. Never will I use the money grubbing airline again"

Fordeler: "Smooth flight"

Fordeler: "Clean and modern airport in Riga Baggage well handled on connection"

Ulemper: "Riga to vilnius delayed 2 hours"

Ulemper: "The flight from Zurich to Riga and especially the landing was terrible. I travel a lot and this was among the worst flights I have had. I felt as if the pilot was not in control of the plane."

Fordeler: "I liked absolutely nothing!"
Ulemper: "I didn't like anything about AirBaltic and will never fly with them again!!! If you can avoid them, do yourself the favor and do so. They forced me to check in my bag at the gate claiming that my luggage was too large to be a carry-on, even though I have traveled the world with the same carry-on and the person at the check in counter did not mention anything about the size of my carry-on when I checked in for this flight. This seemed like a stupid pathetic scheme to get more money from their customers. The in flight experience proceeded to be even more pathetic: they don't even serve you water, you have to purchase even such "luxury". What kind of airline doesn't even offer free water to their customers??? It is simply called a human courtesy! This was by far the most pathetic airline business I have ever come across."

Ulemper: "I didn't like have to spend 3 hrs. 45 minutes in Riga just to get to Tallinn."

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Sikkerhetstiltak for flyselskaper som flyr fra Oslo Gardermoen til T'bilisi

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